We stand with Richard Mourdock

Contact: Joshua Mercer, mercer@catholicvote.org

We Stand with Richard Mourdock

CHICAGO – Joshua Mercer, Executive Director of the CatholicVote.org Candidate Fund, issued the following statement:

“At the Indiana Senate debate, Richard Mourdock explained his strong commitment to protecting all innocent human life.

“Richard Mourdock is right: Rape is horrible. It is a deplorable evil and all efforts must be made to bring the criminal to justice. Victims should always be treated the utmost love and compassion.

“A child conceived in rape still deserves legal protections like all children. No child should be punished for the crime of her father.

“Joe Donnelly is trying to twist Richard Mourdock’s words to make it sound like Mourdock claimed God intended rape to happen. Joe Donnelly is practicing politics at its absolute worst. He is intentionally distorting Mourdock’s words to score political points. Hoosiers deserve much better than the shameful tactics of Joe Donnelly.

“Now there can be no doubt that Catholics in Indiana have only one pro-life candidate for the United States Senate. The men and women of CatholicVote.org are proud to stand with Richard Mourdock.”



  • Hoosierber

    Have you lost your mind? Richard Mourdoch stand as rape being a “gift” from god is giving every man in the world an excuse to violate a women. Fetuses don’t have any rights. Fetuses don’t have any rights the mother does.

  • BufordJr

    Of COURSE you stand with Mourdock, I would expect nothing else from this garbage dump of a Catholic Falangist website. When you had the chance to support a Catholic Democrat who by your own definition is “pro-life” (i.e., has the SAME views as Mitt Romney on abortion), Joe Donnelly, you, being the dishonest GOP hacks that you are, sided with the evangelical Mourdock, because he is the Republican.

    • Trudy Jenkins

      How many comments have you made on just this one blog? Seriously, you appear to be some kind of demented stalker. Why do you resort to name-calling? I suspect you are also the foul-mouthed commentor. I also think you are the infamous Rich. Get a life. Surely you must be able to find some happiness somewhere. I suggest going to confession. It will be good for your soul.

      • BufordJr

        @37b3429469cd7dc94bfa0b843604cc40:disqus (posing as Trudy Jenkins): “Get a life”
        Impersonator Troll, I cordially invite you to ESAD.

        • Stg

          You are acting crazed, dude! I am not your “impersonator troll” and I doubt Randall is , either. You may want to look to Rich- he is a huge trouble maker. Anyway, I used to think you were an adult, but I can tell from your ESAD that you are a high school prankster. Because you have made so many comments, you have a lot of free time. Why don’t you crack the books and get off the computer. It will do you some good. Take an anger management class, too.

        • Trudy Jenkins

          I am not a troll and I am not Randall. My real name is Trudy Jenkins. I am an old lady, but I still can reason with the best of them. You, on the other hand, are a juvenille, angry idiot. You really do need to go to confession. You also need to be put on some meds- you are getting downright manic and obsessed with being impersonated! And don’t think you are fooling anybody- because you have impersonated many on this site and we know it! Someone is just giving you a taste of your own medicine and you cry like a baby because you don’t like it. I hope you grow up soon. Seek Jesus. Jesus heals.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Zimmerman/672603088 William Zimmerman

    I have been a Catholic for 63 years. And I don’t believe that life begins at conception. Neither did Aquinas or Augustine. Remember them? If you think you can say when “life” begins then you need a lesson in humility. As do the Catholic Bishops. The two doctors of the Catholic Church I mentioned did not have a knee-jerk reaction to abortion either. If you are “pro life” then you must be “pro choice”. I will take no responsibility for Catholics who do not understand their own religion. And I would never vote for a man like Richard Mourdock.

    • Steven Todd Kaster

      The Scholastic debates about animation of the body are peculiar to the Western Church of the late medieval period. While the Church Fathers, and the Church’s conciliar tradition, always taught that life begins at conception, because that is the moment when the incarnation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ began. The liturgy itself makes all this clear when it emphasizes that the incarnation commenced at the Annunciation after the Holy Spirit overshadowed the Theotokos causing the conception of the Son of God in her womb. Finally, if a person rejects the apostolic and conciliar Tradition on this matter (i.e., that life begins at conception) it follows that he has fallen into a type of Christological heresy, a heresy that in the final analysis entails a rejection of the dogma of the incarnation. So maybe you have not been a Catholic for 63 years, but have instead followed your own bizarre non-Catholic Christological views, and should reconsider those views before you meet your Creator.

    • William Zimmerman

      Correction: I have been catholyc for 63 years.

  • Rape is Evil

    Rape is evil. I think it’s high time we started calling these politicians and religious zealots who promote it in the name of God exactly what they are: perverts and deviants. I can’t even imagine what kind of twisted and disgusting ideology crawls through a person’s mind in order to make them think that it is God’s will for a young girl to be raped just so she can produce a baby. That’s just sick.

  • Peter

    God should, if He had any moral inclinations at all, throw down a thunderbolt at the rapist and kill him dead. Then He should prevent a fetus from developing in the first place. He should not force a rape victim to raise the child of the rapist. He should be protecting the women from rapists. He should be protecting the family, and a man’s wife, a daughter, a sister, a mother. We have to fight rapists. We can’t let them have their way. We can’t let them alter a whole family because of an immoral crime. Healing means restoring a woman back to her health, as she was before the crime.

  • Daisy

    After raping her, he said to her, “Be happy, if you have my child, that is God’s will.”

    • Daisy

      I have been diagnosed as bipolar. Sometimes I post comments as Rich, or other male characters, sometimes I pretend I am one of the Saints, and sometimes I pretend I am a female. In reality, I wish I were born female. I wanted to undergo surgery but backed out. I guess you can say I am a bipolar transgender.



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