We stand with Richard Mourdock

Contact: Joshua Mercer, mercer@catholicvote.org

We Stand with Richard Mourdock

CHICAGO – Joshua Mercer, Executive Director of the CatholicVote.org Candidate Fund, issued the following statement:

“At the Indiana Senate debate, Richard Mourdock explained his strong commitment to protecting all innocent human life.

“Richard Mourdock is right: Rape is horrible. It is a deplorable evil and all efforts must be made to bring the criminal to justice. Victims should always be treated the utmost love and compassion.

“A child conceived in rape still deserves legal protections like all children. No child should be punished for the crime of her father.

“Joe Donnelly is trying to twist Richard Mourdock’s words to make it sound like Mourdock claimed God intended rape to happen. Joe Donnelly is practicing politics at its absolute worst. He is intentionally distorting Mourdock’s words to score political points. Hoosiers deserve much better than the shameful tactics of Joe Donnelly.

“Now there can be no doubt that Catholics in Indiana have only one pro-life candidate for the United States Senate. The men and women of CatholicVote.org are proud to stand with Richard Mourdock.”



  • The REAL Brian A. Cook

    Okay, I will say one more thing before bowing out of this thread for good. Upon looking at Murdoch’s comment again, I can concede that he was referring to the conception, not the rape itself. Still, his phrasing made it look like God willed that a child be born into such a tragic scenario. Clearly that is not the case. Apparently, he has refused to apologize for making it seem like it is. Apparently, he has refused to apologize for apparently callously disregarding what women experience both before and after rape. Pay attention to the qualifier “apparently,” which I used before, which should show that I really am trying to find the truth.

    Most likely I’ll still be smeared as who-knows-what, but now I’ve done all that I believe I could. Thank you. Any further posts claimed to be mine ARE NOT MINE.

  • Mrs Donald

    how can I crime be solve with another crime….an innocent baby having to be killed would not erase what happen for the mother it would only bring more pain to her. Please I ask all of you look it up see what really happen to the baby…how can someone have the heart to kill them like that…I still dont understand.



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