Weiner’s Women & Other Gals Who Behave Badly

LZ Granderson, the journalist who recently suggested that parents are idiots for allowing their girls to dress immodestly, has another provocative column.

This time, he’s raising the excellent question of why we never question the integrity of the women involved in high-profile sex scandals with men like Rep. Weiner. I’ve been wondering the same:

Yes, the men in these scandals all made stupid mistakes and deserve what they got.

But their girlfriends — cyber or real — are not all innocent victims. Particularly the ones now coming out of hiding, seeking cameras in the wake of their playmate’s public demise.

As the saying goes, it takes two. When Governor Spitzer was caught at his call girl antics, the expensive prostitute Ashley Dupre became a minor celebrity. She now writes a regular column for the NY Post. Soon after the scandal, she “graced” the cover of Playboy. Apparently laws against prostitution in NY don’t apply to either party if the john is the state governor.

The women involved with Tiger Woods all knew that he was married and that he had children. They all chose to have a sexual relationship with him. However, it’s Woods who was demonized, while several of the women pursued a short run at b-level celebrity status, complete with a nude photo shoot in Vanity Fair. Classy, very classy.

I don’t agree with the actions of men who cheat on their spouses or significant others. I understand why the public fixates on high profile sex scandals. But I don’t understand why both parties are not held accountable.

As Granderson notes, these are consensual relationships and, after the story breaks, these women choose to go public because of the celebrity incentives. They choose to not keep quiet. Mind you, they are not victims except perhaps of their own doing (or undoing).

Instead of helping these women to their two minutes of celebrity, why not treat them the same as the men when they decide to go public?

It seems that if you didn’t want people to know you were involved with a married man before TMZ came knocking at the door, revealing explicit pictures and e-mails and text messages after the fact makes you just as questionable as the Weiners and Woodses and Edwardses.

If cheating men don’t deserve a break, why are we giving their camera-chasing mistresses one?

Women can behave just as badly as men, but equality stops there. Once someone gets caught, if it’s a woman, we’re supposed to treat her differently, gently and kindly…like a girl. If it’s a high-profile man, it’s no holds barred.

So much for equality.



  • enness

    Pia, it has been my understanding that some of these women did NOT ask to receive lewd pictures, but that they were in fact unsolicited, in some cases if not all. If I am incorrect, please show me.

  • Francis

    Well, the message isn’t so much that men are evil and women are good. It’s more like, “What the heck were these guys thinking in this age of electronic communication, that they would use such poor judgment in addition to pursuing their ridiculous sexual fantasies? Did they really think that photos sent over a phone were private? Did they really think that inappropriate texts would not surface to create a huge scandal?” The sexual scandals are one element, the extreme stupidity is another. It seems like they attain a certain level of power and celebrity and think they can just do anything they want to do.

  • Ted Seeber

    And once again the message little boys learn, as they’ve been taught over and over since the early 1970s: Men are evil, women are good. Is it any wonder why in most parishes today, the majority of people serving on the altar other than father are female, and why 75% of the congregation is?

  • Bill

    May I throw out a general comment? As we return, albeit slowly, to genuine (orthodox) Catholicism, we will return to the permanent teaching on Heaven and Hell. We will recall that some of us are sheep and others goats, wheat and cockles, and “Narrow the gate, and difficult the road that leads to eternal life AND FEW THERE ARE THAT FIND IT.” The goats and the cockle are damned for eternity. On May 13, 1917 the Mother of God appeared to three children (the oldest was nine!) at Fatima and showed them a vision of Hell. They saw souls in human form and devils as well. Do you know when we will truly become Catholic? When this world and all its celebrity have become irrelevant to us as the fear of Hell will have us constantly in some form of prayer, including mental prayer.

  • Brad Poston

    I’ve thought the same thing. I heard a democrat say that what he did was disrespectful to women. How? These women willing engaged in the “chat” with him. The only way that notion can be supported is if you think women are helpless victims that can’t fend for themselves and are too stupid to block some perverted guy who is saying creepy things to them on Twitter.

  • Davide

    I was not a fan of Anthony Wiener. However, I think we need to let it lay now, since he has resigned. I can not speak for other Catholics, I can only speak for myself-but I have multitudes of faults and I have my own sins. I think as good Catholics we should show him love, charity and maybe some compassion. His wife and family also deserves our respect. Let’s drop this whole thing-I think our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ would ask nothing less from us.

    • Pamela

      Beautifully said, Davide.



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