Welcome to the new CatholicVote design!

Pretty nifty, eh?

The CatholicVote team has been hard at work for months preparing this comprehensive redesign, and in my completely unbiased opinion, they’ve done a marvelous job.

The new design is slick, intuitive, and chock full of new information and resources!

CatholicVote will be firing on all cylinders in the coming days, so stay tuned for (even more) exciting developments.

If you have any questions or feedback about the new design, visit this page.


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  • John

    The graphics and visuals are well done, but it also takes longer for the pages to load.

    Also each post is a separate link and you can no longer scroll down and read the stories one after another. As on some days you have quite a few posts this means a lot more time to look at them as the calendar link for the day only say, say 7 posts, and then you click and there is only the title and you have to click on each one and wait for the page to load each time. I’m not sure I have enough time to do all this clicking and waiting.

  • keith

    Truth be told, I preferred your former site because, no matter what I try, my bookmarks always force me to the main page. I can’t come directly to your blog. This may be what you want, but it’s the kind of thing likely to cause me to stop visiting because I don’t particularly like computers telling me what I intend.

    • Thomas Peters

      Keith – we’re looking at an easier way to filter and bookmark a particular channel. Thanks for your patience!

      • keith

        It’s official, Thomas, you’ve lost me. I am pulling you from my list of regular sites to which I go. This new format is obviously intended to put a bunch of people I have never heard of in my daily routine. I can’t get to your posts conveniently without going through theirs, and frankly, I don’t really care what they have to say.

        I enjoyed your work in the past, but I think it’s clear that you are looking to wind down your own activity (not that I blame you) and Catholic Vote has wisely gotten you to tie in with them in the hopes of coopting your readership for their blog.

        If you return to blogging without these others shoved in for my consideration, drop me a line and I will return. If, however, you remain in this format, I wish you all the best, but I’m not following you anymore.

        • Thomas Peters

          keith, sorry to hear about your frustration. As I’ve said before, the link to my posts and my posts alone can be fond at http://www.catholicvote.org/discuss/amp

          I’m not sure where you got the impression I intend to “wind down my activity.” In fact, I’m going strong (I think). There are high and low points in the news cycle and right now there are no MAJOR stories I am currently obsessing about right now. That will soon change I’m sure. Life is predictable, that way. :)

  • Jeff Stevens

    Actually, no, Tom, it’s not nifty. Not at all. Whatever you’re now using for a backend has a horrible RSS feed. Whereas I used to be able to read your blogs in Google Reader, I now have to click and visit the site. Sorry, I’m not doing that for every story.

    Your old site was much more effective for RSS readers. Sorry, until I can read the whole story in the RSS feeds, not interested.

    God Bless.

    • Thomas Peters

      Hi Jeff, if you are patient, our team will be fixing the syndicated RSS feed early next week. They were working around the clock in the days leading up the launch of the new design and are taking a little time to rest. They also have a long post-launch to-do list. I have made sure to include this issue in their punch list. Thanks.



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