What about 40 Days?

082310-40days510This piece from Christianity Today, chronicling the surge in pro-life activity around the country has been getting a lot of attention in the past few days. Among the contributing factors are new state legislation, activism and changing opinions.

However, it seems the article is missing two paragraphs, which should have featured the work of 40 Days for Life.

The only reference to the pro-life group started in Texas is a photo credit, which would indicate that the author is at least vaguely familiar with their work.

40 Days for Life has grown from a small local effort to a global effort reaching more than 300 locations in the U.S. and beyond, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Romania, Russia, etc. Their efforts focus upon the simple recommendation of Christ: pray and fast. And the fruits have been abundant.

While some of the closures of abortions clinics have been linked to new legislation, especially in Texas, a majority of them have closed after the prayer and fasting pressure imposed by 40 Day’s peaceful protests.

And while a pro-life surge is great news, it seems important to give credit where credit is due.



5 thoughts on “What about 40 Days?

  1. Joannie says:

    Obviously you are not quite up on your news on this event. The Australian diocese of Adelaide has decides not only not to allow it but worse has told his faithful not to take part in it. What are they to do? Obey this bishop or go against his wishes and go anyway?

    1. JohnE says:

      My understanding is that this came from an email to the parishes of the archdiocese. Do you have a copy of the email? Or is it published somewhere? What I have seen is that the archdiocese has prohibited 40 Days for Life from being promoted or advertised in parish bulletins. Where are you seeing that they are also asking Catholics not to take part in it?

      1. Beth says:



        The first is a blog post on the situation by an Aussie, the second link is a pdf of the memo that the diocese sent out.

  2. Rose Mimms says:

    Yes, I believe in giving all the credit and glory to God who makes all things possible!

    1. Quanah says:

      And who works through His instruments here on earth. In this case a big one is 40 Days for Life.

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