What are you doing for the next 40 days?

It’s CatholicVote.org so, sure, we like to gab about politics. For Catholics, the primary consideration in voting for candidates should be their position on abortion, and we should work to reduce the number of abortions from its reprehensible 1.3 million annually down to zero.

But how to reduce that number? As an economist, the number of abortions is the result of supply and demand: supply of abortions by abortionists and demand for abortions by pregnant women (and the necessary men). Reducing either the supply or demand will reduce the number of abortions, and we should seek to do both.

Reducing the supply can involve more political steps: shutting down dangerous clinics and pushing for repeal of abortion laws via the legislature, President, or courts. Of course, reducing supply can be done outside the political arena too, like reaching out to clinic workers.

Reducing the demand, though, seems more important if we are interested not just in saved lives but in saved souls. Reducing the supply certainly will save the lives of the unborn, but it may do nothing to convert the souls of those who would procure an abortion if it were more readily accessible.

One of the more effective and immediate ways of reducing the demand for abortions begins this Wednesday, when the 40 Days for Life campaign starts in 316 locations worldwide. The 40 Days campaign focus on three “fronts:” 1) prayer and fasting to end abortions, 2) educational outreach to family, friends, and neighbors, and 3) prayerful, peaceful vigils outside of abortion clinics.

In my own town we were blessed to have Elizabeth McClung, the sidewalk counselor who was instrumental in the conversion of former Planned Parenthood darling Abby Johnson, come to speak to our local 40 Days organizers and volunteers. She stressed the need for a positive, prayerful presence outside our nation’s abortion mills, and to make clear to the women and men entering that there are alternatives, places where they and their babies will be cared for. She also relayed stories from former clinic workers that the “no-show” rate for women with abortion appointments increases almost 50% when people are praying outside of clinics, and the rate increases as the number of people praying increases.

So, yes, let’s be focused on voting in pro-life political candidates in November but let’s not forget that millions of people in crisis pregnancies need support, information, and prayer.



41 thoughts on “What are you doing for the next 40 days?

  1. Allen Troupe says:

    As Events Coordinator for the DBQ 40 Days for Live Fall campaign, I urge all those who have one going on nearby to partici[pate. Otherwise, please pray for the success of our campaigns.

  2. MLsouth says:

    I wil be disconnecting from all things political (including this page), cspan, news, blogs, and media, and praying/fasting for this nation, kinda like lent. I have done all I can to share the good news. My last words to y’all, until November 6: “What’s good for God – LIFE, MARRIAGE, FREEDOM – is good for America too”. God bless you for all your hard work. I pray that as the debates happen, Mitt’s vision for America outshine Obama’s socialist agenda and people come to realize that Obama’s America is not the America we all wish for us or for future generations. This election is no longer about democrats vs republicans, but about something greater.

    1. Like banning gay people from access to our civil marriage laws because you happen to disagree with their religious beliefs?

      1. MLsouth says:

        Not MY religious beliefs, but the plan that is imprinted in our human nature by being created male and female. Will be praying for you too Ragin(ex)catholic that one day you will not be raging. So sad. :0(

        1. No, it’s not. Our “human nature” includes people that are gay or lesbian. How many gay and lesbian people does God have to create before you admit that he wants them around?

          1. Joe M says:

            Our human nature includes people that commit murders. Do you think that is a sign from God that we should accept murder?

          2. DA says:

            Of course He does and He wants them to repent of their sins. Sounds like you may want your will to be done as opposed to Thy Will Be Done.

      2. Joe M says:

        Gay people are not banned from marriage.

        1. DA says:

          Look up definition of marriage in dictionary. So far it is still union between a man and a woman. Just as God intended. Adam + Eve.

    2. Mitt Romney is against “life” since he wants to abandon the uninsured and leave them to die if they have cancer: http://www.forbes.com/sites/rickungar/2012/09/24/no-health-insurance-no-problem-romney-says-that-freeloading-in-the-er-is-now-all-good/

      1. MLsouth says:

        dang, the media twists and turns are worse than I thought. Will be praying for you too Jamie. :0)

      2. KT1 says:

        What a lie.

    3. DA says:

      Thank you for your sacrifices on behalf of our nation. Surely your prayers will not fall on deaf ears. God is with us. Trust Him and Him alone.

  3. Joe says:

    How can you be so one sided? Yes, abortion is bad. Yes, it shouldn’t be happening. But to base the entirety of election voting on one issue is irresponsible at best. There are many other factors you should consider that are equally important. I’d be willing to wager that after after the election we won’t hear about abortion again politically until next election, simply because its used as a way to get votes on both sides of the board. Politicians realize that people get riled up about it (on both sides) and continue to use it.

    Another thing: it’s impossible to reduce the number of abortions to zero. They have happened for as long as people have been having babies. There is archaeological evidence of this. It might not be morally good, but that’s a fact. And it’s not some great increase that has happened since the 1950’s…it’s always been this high but people just didn’t talk about it or women went to some dark alley.

    1. Mara says:

      Very true Joe. I would like to add that the only real way to end abortions is to end unwanted pregnancies and the only way to do that is to raise our children in such a way as to help them achieve high self-esteem so that they make better choices for themselves. Embarrassing people so that they don’t enter Planned Parenthood Centers and making abortions illegal will never end abortions and calling the use of contraceptives a sin certainly doesn’t help either. In fact, doing that only causes more unwanted pregnancies and increases the spread of diseases.

      1. I agree 100%. I spend everyday at an abortion clinic trying to provide other options for women that are pregnant. I’m still waiting (22 years) for my priest to join me and see firsthand these women. He won’t come because he doesn’t want to face reality.

        1. DA says:

          What are those “other options” at the abortion mill? Abortion is Big Busine$$!!!

      2. abadilla says:

        Mara states, “Embarrassing people so that they don’t enter Planned Parenthood Centers and making abortions illegal will never end abortions and calling the use of contraceptives a sin certainly doesn’t help either”
        Embarrassing people or helping people whose mind is obviously not working right since they are about to butcher an unborn human being. “Embarrassment” is something anyone contemplating the murder of another should feel so, I’m not sure, I feel sorry for a “mother” who decides to murder her own child.
        BTW Mara, I thought many of you hold Planned Parenthood is not into abortions but into mamograms but are you not proving us – pro-lifers right with your words?

    2. molledar says:

      There indeed are other important issues to consider, but none equal the right to life. It’s that simple. That’s why the Church considers abortion an intrinsic evil.

    3. abadilla says:

      Joe, “How can you be so one sided? Yes, abortion is bad. Yes, it shouldn’t be happening. But to base the entirety of election voting on one issue is irresponsible at best.” Let’s say the issue is NOT abortion but slave ownership. Would you then vote for a candidate who believes “owning” slaves is O.K.? Why is it irresponsible to stand on a issue which is as central to America a the civil rights of the 50s?

      1. Joe says:

        Yeah, except this is different. It’s easy to say that looking over 100 years back, but how would you feel about it if that was an issue today? Wouldn’t abolition of slaves be a detriment to the economy?

        1. abadilla says:

          “Wouldn’t abolition of slaves be a detriment to the economy? ” Yes, but it would still be a moral issue we could not possible ignored if we claim to be Catholic.
          My point should be clear to you. This single issue happens to define every other issue. Without it, the right to life, all other issues become insignificant in comparison. Why would I want to fight for “human rights” or the economy or housing for the poor, if people are not even allowed to be born? For whom would we be fighting for if everyone is dead?

    4. KT1 says:

      I vote on the pro-life side, but also on the economy, on creating jobs, on giving someone a job before giving them a hand-out, on using our own energy resourses such as oil and coal, on religious freedom, on reducing government spending, on school choice, and on keeping the promised obligations to the poor, needy, and elderly (social security/medicaid) solvent for generations to come by making changes now instead of kicking the can down the road. I believe that a strong nation/military is the best deterent to terrorism and war. I believe we need to cap the greed- whether union or wallstreet- by utilizing our tax laws and cutting out loopholes. But I also believe we need to abolish the American Rule and replace it with “loser pays”. And we need TORT reform to reduce frivilous medical lawsuits which will lower health care costs. There are certian aspects of the ACA that I like- coverage of those with pre-existing conditions, keeping kids on policy until age 26, but the whole plan needs re-working and needs to have bi-partisan support.

  4. I know that I can’t vote for Romney. He used to support abortion, and I suspect he still does. He profits from disposing of aborted fetuses. He taught his son that it was acceptable to murder the unborn if they have a disease that you don’t want to be burdened with. It’s revolting.

    1. whart says:

      Is Romney mentioned anywhere in the article? This is about praying and fasting for 40 Days, begging God to close the abortion mills. Try it, you’ll be hooked.

      1. abadilla says:

        Some people “react” and don’t even bother to read the article. You just had a good example of such a case!

          1. abadilla says:

            If you read the article, then why did you say anything about Romney when the writer of the article did not even mention him?

    2. MLsouth says:

      If that’s the case, you must not be voting for Obama either since he is in favor of abortion all the way unitl full terms babies (parial birth abortion, you know, the one where the baby is deliveded up until the neck and then before the neck comes out the skull is punctured and the brains are sucked out). I would foward you the link but you probably would not bother to read it, about an interview where Romney stated that he used to be in favor of abortion until a bill reached his desk while he was governor, a bill that was in favor of pro-life legislation. He read the bill and this changed him from being pro-choice to being pro-life. At that moment he understood that an embryo was a life. Romney has clearly stated that he will defend life. Obama has clearly stated tha the will defend “choice” (abortion).

    3. DA says:

      Drinking the koolaid I see.

    4. DA says:

      Hey wait a minute. Don’t you say further down here that you spend each day working at an abortion mill???

  5. John son of John says:

    yay Mrs. McClung is going to teach sidewalk counseling to the pro-life group at my school : P

    1. You meant “sidewalk harassment”.

      1. John son of John says:

        nope sidewalk counseling is praying for someone most of the time and if they ask you to help decide if they should abort child one just talks about the mother and child
        sidewalk harassment is usually when a pro-choice person tackles, swears at, or shoots a pro-life person for praying for them
        also – http://liveaction.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=29a6cd4dfe5de029e2409972b&id=1f0514815a&e=73a1c4f69a
        planned parenthood is waging a war on women so it stands to reason that other women and some men want to support the woman and her living child with a heartbeat and all that is nessecary for life, because they are as concerned for the mother as the baby.
        God Bless you on your journey

      2. MLsouth says:

        ask any woman who has been affected by the horror of abortion and they will clearly state that the women and men praying for them and reaching out to them were a moment of grace. You should read Abby Johnsons’s book “Unplanned” and you will understand. Remember, you are here because your mother chose to have you. You were a life in her womb and are a life now. God bless you.

        1. abadilla says:

          “Remember, you are here because your mother chose to have you. You were a life in her womb and are a life now.” And this is something pro-abortionists like Jamie are too blind to see. If her mother thought the way she did, she would not be here to participate in this forum.

      3. abadilla says:

        Jamie, did you hear Justin Bieber’s mother last night? She almost aborted the kid. What would have happened if she did? The world would have been deprived of his talent. I don’t care for his music, but I’m glad the kid is alive. If Justin’s mom had been going into a death clinic and someone tried to convince her not to butcher her child, would you call that “harassment?”

        1. DA says:

          So glad she chose Life! I love his song, Baby Baby Baby Oh!!!

          1. abadilla says:

            I don’t care for his music but that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize the kid has talent and I thank God his mother brought him into the world. Jamie just does not get it. Everytime she praises abortion under the euphemism “reproductive rights” she is really supporting the butchering of the unborn. “Butchering” of the unborn is not my original phrase, that’s what Blessed Mother Teresa called abortion.

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