What Can “The Hobbit” Tell Us About Christmas?


But check out the Pope’s new ride:

"...and also, from now on I will be driving myself..."

The new Popemobile is a customized Mercedes 500matic in “Mother of pearl” white, 5.63 meters long, 1.93 metres wide and 2.75 metres high, with a 4.600 cc engine, a V6, and a total weight of about  4.700 kilos.

Which is the metric system way of saying that the Pontiff has a really nice new set of wheels.



  • Grisha357

    What better ad for Mercedes than “The Pope Rides in One?” Seriously, the main reason the Holy Father needs a specialized ride is security. After the two assasination attempts on John Paul II, I hope the thing as very heavy armor. ~ Greg Smith

  • abadilla

    John, and now that you wrote this, will you inform the ignorant (a spiritual work of mercy) the Pope did not pay for this expensive car. I am sure many Catholics are not aware he didn’t pay for it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Greenpoint/100002755784850 Bob Greenpoint

      Right. The pope didn’t pay for it…all the other Catholics did.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Greenpoint/100002755784850 Bob Greenpoint

        And regardless, that’s an awful lot of food for the poor.

        • abadilla

          And Our Lord said, “And the poor you will always have with you.” Sell all the treasures of the Vatican, better yet, all the treasures of the Church, and the poor we will always have with us.
          I always find it amusing that the people who never or rarely contribute a penny to the Church, are the first ones to criticize the Pope and the Church for what they have.

      • abadilla

        Would you deny an 85 year old man the comfort of a Mercedes? You’re are wrong. We didn’t pay a penny, the Marcedes company did. Every Pope of the 20th century with the exception of Leo XIII has gotten a brand new car from a company as a courtesy for the Pope. The Pope has never paid for one. The same with papal tiaras. They have all been donated to the Popes through the centuries by Emperors, kings and queens, but no matter what, some folks like you MUST criticize the Pope. That’s why John should have made the clarification before he wrote the story.



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