What Now?


Trump won. Cruz lost. Kasich is bowing out tonight.

Donald Trump is now the likely Republican nominee.

So what should Catholic voters do?

The counsel of our Church in this situation provides three choices for November: 1) don’t vote, 2) write-in/vote for a third party candidate, or 3) vote for the candidate likely to do the least harm.

Not voting is not an option. We need to be in the fight.

Catholics of good will disagree about Trump. On the one hand he has pledged to nominate a qualified replacement for the Scalia vacancy. He has pledged to replace Obamacare and restore American jobs. Some even believe his brash style will help break the stranglehold of the “Establishment” on Washington D.C.

We continue to have our doubts. Until recently Trump was publicly pro-abortion and a major financier of the enemies of the Church. His character and moral judgement remain suspect. He denigrates and ridicules his opponents, and has no foundational principles from which he proposes to govern. In our opinion, Donald Trump is a big roll of the dice that could backfire, and potentially have disastrous consequences on the House, the Senate, and on our politics more generally.

Then there is Hillary Clinton. Feeling the pressure from her left-wing base, Hillary will be hostile to nearly everything we believe in — from the sanctity of life to religious liberty. She is certain to tip the Supreme Court decidedly to the left. The American family will have no bigger enemy than a President Hillary Clinton and the wreckage she will impose on us from Washington D.C. Hillary Clinton must be opposed by every conscientious Catholic voter.

Well that was depressing. So what then?

Here is where CatholicVote.org (CV) stands today:

  • We will not endorse Donald Trump for President at this time. As much as we oppose Clinton, Trump remains problematic in too many ways to receive our endorsement. With a suspect record, no clear guiding principles, and a history of unpredictability, all we can do for now is take him at his word and hope for the best.
  • Does this mean we will work to defeat Trump? Not necessarily. The general election race has barely begun to take shape. Trump has not selected his Vice President, nor been specific on his Supreme Court nominee options yet. There will be more specific discussions about policy priorities and personnel that will provide some perspective in the coming weeks and months. For now, we will continue to work to shape the debates on issues we care about — Trump or not. You can count on CV to be there.
  • So what about a third party? We’ve talked extensively about this idea with allies and friends. While the idea intrigues, there is no viable third-party strategy, and more importantly, no viable third partycandidate at this time. If the worst fears of some prove true, a third party may be necessary soon. But as of today, we have no plans to spend any resources on such an effort.
  • Where will we focus now? While everyone is focused on the White House, there remain 435 House and 34 Senate elections on the ballot this November — including thousands of other important state and local races. CatholicVote will now shift our strategy and resources to 4-5 critical Senate races along with as many as 10+ House seats. Catholic voters in these states will be pivotal to the outcome of these races.

Here’s why: If you care about repealing Obamacare, protecting religious liberty, defunding Planned Parenthood, and creating real economic reform for families — it all begins in Congress. Meanwhile the confirmation of new justices on the Supreme Court all go through the Senate, which today hangs by a thread.

The House and Senate will either be an insulating firewall against the excesses of a Hillary or Trump presidency… or the House and Senate could be a key part in helping Trump achieve some important victories. If you are a Trump supporter — your worst nightmare is two words: Speaker Pelosi.

That’s why we need everyone to stay in the fight. Your votes truly still matter.

Before this roller coaster election year, our mission was to be a faithful voice for the laity in the Church. Our role is to help organize and mobilize Catholic voters for political change at the ballot box, in the halls of Congress, and in the courts. Our guiding focus is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the teachings of His Church. The Church is true, good and beautiful — and America needs the witness of her believers in public life now more than ever.

That remains our calling today.

It may be helpful to remember that while many things are in disarray, many good things are thriving. The Catholic Church continues to be a source of goodness and truth that shines for the world. The Church never loses long term.

Every challenge is a new adventure. Out of chaos often comes some clarity.

If you love your country, fight for it.

The views expressed here are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent the views of CatholicVote.org


About Author

CatholicVote.org is a lay-led movement of committed Catholics who are passionate about living out the truths proclaimed by Christ and His Church in the modern world. We are joined in this mission by many individuals of other faith traditions (and no faith tradition) because the common good we seek is universal to all men and women of goodwill. As patriotic Americans, we believe that life, faith, and freedom are precious rights, and that the family is the foundational unit of society.


  1. JMO, but “the GOP Voters” have spoken and Trump will be the most likely nominee. CatholicVote needs to support him. If Hillary is elected, then she will be far worse for Catholicism than Trump. And she may even nominate Obama to the Supreme Court which would be another nightmare.

    • Absolutely correct. I am voting for Trump We KNOW Hillary is a liar and pro abortion.
      She has lied to the parents of the murdered victims of BenGhazi. She claims she uses the money from the Clinton foundation for charity and almost 90% goes to her not any charity.
      She compromised our country’s security with her email server and lied under oath.
      She disparaged the rape victims of her husbands infidelity. She pays her female employees less. She is laughed at by leaders of other countries. How much worse can Trump be????
      He offers us jobs. He is not a socialist. He can relate to the common person. Yes we all swear at one time or another. She can not and most not be elected. Sorry but I don’t believe in globalism.
      We can’t afford the illegal immigrants. We the working people have to pay for all their benefits and we are having a hard time making ends meet. If our country prospers we can help other countries but if we fall there will be no one to help anyone out. Socialism makes everyone poor.

      • Janet Coleman on

        She is not laughed at! Who did you hear that one from???????? Why don’t you fact check things before you say them.well I guess you believe every thing Trump tells you!

      • I understand the hesitation…this election has been disturbing to say the least. Politicians will say and do anything to gain power and to enrich themselves. I voted for TRUMP/PENCE after I read the document posted by the bishops on forming our conscience. For me it come down to the Supreme court justices (more than 20 conservative judges that Trump has vetted and promised to nominate). Hillary will NEVER be a person I would cast my vote for. She clearly gives full support to Planned Parenthood and agrees with the progressive thinking that a woman has the right to abort a baby at any time and is a supporter of marriage equality. Her corruption has not only been exposed but it is now well documented. Giving my vote to a 3rd party candidate would be a waste. We have two choices and two different paths in front of us- you have a liberal secular agenda that is more than progressive- it is corrupted beyond what we have seen in our country OR you have a wild card (Trump) that has more conservatives values….do you remember what he told Hillary in the last debate? “Taking a baby from the wound may be ok for Hillary but it is not ok with me!” He is promoting jobs for our country- he is promoting bringing law and order, protecting our borders and its calling things by their names without the disgusting political correctness that has blinded our eyes -Terrorist Radical Islam! So- although he was not my first choice-I put all the facts on a balance and my choice tilted to the right all the way! Catholics need to think very hard- there is a priest from Phoenix who is saying things as they got to be- google him-he went viral and I wish priests across our nation would have the COURAGE to speak the truth as he did.

    • Marcia Vandermus on

      I don’t understand Catholic Trump supporters AT ALL. How can you support him knowing he is basically living an immoral life. He obviously cares more about money than people! Take a deep look into his lifestyle and understand WHAT you are supporting. He lavishes himself with gold and marble. I know it looks appealing but what are the trade-offs? Perhaps our very souls? I don’t think so for me. I will find a candidate with the values, morals and good judgement that would make Christ say to me that His servant has done well and right by His Kingdom.

    • This is terrifying. I will never vote for Trump…EVER. He is a runaway train with a load of napalm aimed right at the heart of our White House. He has brought all those who hid in the bushes with their hate, insecurities and false WE LOVE AMERICA dogma. He has openly said he approves of atrocities like water boarding…if you don’t know what that is here is a description – Waterboarding is a form of water torture in which water is poured over a cloth covering the face and breathing passages of an immobilized captive, causing the individual to experience the sensation of drowning. And the man who wants to sit in our White House endorses this. Do you really want that hate-filled visage to be the face of YOUR AMERICA? I don’t…and I won’t.

    • If Cathics refuse to support Trump they have the blood on their hands of every aborted child and euthanized person abetted by a Clinton administration.

  2. Patricia Kottke on

    I am also disappointed that Ted Cruz will not be the Republican candidate. Trump has displayed bad manners, meaness and a general bad attitude. More importantly, he has been unwilling to do his homework or doesn’t believe he has to tell us what his policies will be. This bothers me. He is an unknown as far as who he will appoint and how he will handle the business of the office. However, we DO know how Hillary will operate. I will hold my nose and take my chances with Trump.
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    • Janet Coleman on

      I think people like you have a brain hold! Get with it! Christ was married. Do you think he would want anyone speaking of women like that!!!!

  3. Any opinions on any of the Libertarian candidates? I’d really like to see more about the other equally valid candidates beyond the ones the media wants to shove down our throats…

  4. Steve Williams on

    I’m a good Catholic and supported, Carson, Carley, Cruz and all have dropped out. I’m not a fan of Trump, but I just can’t support any Democrat because of their pro-abortion stand. I am a Rebublican and will vote that way for whomever gets the bid. I’m hoping Trump picks one of my previous candidates, like Ben Carson.

  5. Kevin Rilott on

    Not voting is clearly an option…….no decent person can vote for someone who praises planned parenthood.

    • Janet Coleman on

      I think people like you have a brain hold! Get with it! Christ was married. Do you think he would want anyone speaking of women like that!!!!She is pro-life for your info! Quit calling other people pro-abortion, planned parenthood helps women avoid that! And quit letting a bunch of men tell you what to think.the Bible was written by man!!!

      • The bible was written by God yes man wrote it down but it was under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that he wrote it. These were men Baptized in the Holy Spirit.. And Jesus was not married to anyone except his Church He is king of kings and the Alpha and Omega. Amen

  6. James Hill on

    Vote for trump. There is no realistic options left. We do not want any Democratic candidate available and a vote for some unknown third party is a waste of a vote. Lets hope Trump comes up with a great team that includes pro-life. We need to start being realistic. Its the only hope left to save or Country!

  7. Steve Drapalik on

    Our way out of this mess: In short, Sanders & Republicans ought to collude and simultaneously launch respective third & fourth party bids. No one’s giving up their values or settling for anyone for the mere purpose of stopping another. Keeps Sanders relevant to a very young and loyal support base, and allows an opportunity for authentic Republicans to offer an alternative to Trump.

    NeverTrump and NeverHillary CAN work together for the common good. But it WILL require opposing parties to temporarily work together. Let’s stop the flawed, fear-based approach of thinking “well if i don’t vote for candidate A, then its a guarenteed win for candidate B”. It’s time to ditch the two-party monopoly of US politics and start voting for values instead of settling for one unfavorable candidate merely to stop another’s opposing or unfavorable values.

    • Sanders is a socialist. Do you know what that means????
      Check out Cuba. They have free school and free medical care. But they have NO jobs.
      Everyone earns the same amount of money, but they are all educated. WooHoo.
      Ask yourself if everyone got free college what jobs would they get??? Free college is NOT a right.
      When you go to work you pay taxes – if you have no job how will you be able to live when no one else has jobs or money. Check out Greece. Wake up.

  8. Irene Swanson on

    I hope you will coordinate plans after this election to form a third party. It is long past time. Further, I agree there are still too many other candidates/offices on the ballot to ignore so I intend to go and vote for THEM but I cannot in good conscience vote for Donald Trump under any circumstances. Your instincts are right on and time will prove them true. I am not willing to take that chance by attaching my good name or good will to his election as President. Hillary Clinton can do no more harm than a Trump presidency. I think they are one and the same beast.

    • Irene – I understand and appreciate your concerns about Donald Trump. Personally I supported Dr. Ben Carson early on because of his Christian Conviction and Conservative stance re. our Political system. I now weight Trump’s ‘positives and negatives’ as I consider the alternative. His positives far out weight any negatives especially when compared to Hillary. Actually he is a breath of fresh air on the established and corrupt political scene. I feel he has already made a more positive and dynamic impact on our Nation than Obama has over the past 7 years.

      This is a pivotal election year for our Nation which will literally decide our future as a Free, Democratic, Constitutional Republic. Three major challenges and numerous other issues await our next President. If Hillery Clinton wins, expect more of what we’ve endured for the past seven plus years. The New World Order awaits and I assure it will not be Christian or Jewish based. I think all true Patriots now understand and agree Obama is a Muslim and is quietly guiding our Nation to become a Muslim Caliphate.

      Considering the many challenges we face, the most important being the growing threat of Islam and a sympathetic President supporting their cause, we must support the candidate who is best qualified to deal with this and all the other issues such as a pending US economic collaspe.

      Dr. Ben Carson has endorsed and given testimony for Trump as have a growing number of renown Christian Clergy. That’s good enough for me. I understand your concerns, however, Trump is the right guy for the job at this point in time.
      God Bless

    • Hillary will be a disaster for our country. A lot of people say they can’t trust Trump. Does that mean you do trust Hillary. Trust her to fill our supreme court with liberal activist judges who will bring about an end to any sanity of our Catholic beliefs

  9. you supported ted, because you didn’t want hilary!!! and what you’re telling everyone to do, is help hilary, so she can handpick 3, maybe even 4 new supreme court judges, and decide everything against your beliefs, for decades to come, affecting your children and theirs!!! do you really think trump is that bad??? rumor has it, ted is on trumps short list of judges to be!!!

  10. Peter Parks on

    At this point, to vote for anyone but Trump elects a woman that supports the murder of babies.

    • Janet Coleman on

      I was raised Catholic, but finally saw thru all the bigotry within the org. Woman have no say, nuns live in more or less poverty if they can ever retire and there are very few wars that were not in one way or another caused by religious beliefs. By the way , did you know how christianity was pushed on peace loving Muslims? Do some research on the crusades and you might have an awakening!!

  11. I am Catholic. I do not appreciate being told what my choices are for voting. You have a right to your opinion and now this is my opinion.

    • “S” you could call the CV call to arms a LITMUS test. They use the tax exempt “.ORG”, but directly influence political decisions. Is there a conflict?

  12. Not voting is a terrible idea. Writing in a third party is a terrible idea. This blog post is a terrible idea suggesting such things. Basically what it is saying is ” Come on in Hillary!” But not voting, by casting a third person vote, all of these things ensure a Democratic President. So think very, very hard before you decide to do any of these things.

    What we need to do is unite and get these socialists out of office and do what our Founding Fathers intended our country to be in the first place.

    • Voting third party is not a bad idea. If you vote for conscience for a strong pro-life candidate, you are supporting life. who is to say that God will not inspire millions of people to vote for the same third party candidate? Voting for the candidate you best think supports life is not wrong

  13. Rick Mills on

    Please do not EVER endorse Donald Trump, CatholicVote, if you want to remain the credible voice of faithful Catholics. No Catholic can vote for Trump in good conscience.

    • Why??? Do you realize what Hillary and Bernie stand for??? Educate yourself please.
      Socialism and communism are the same ideology. It violates personal freedom. It transfers the rights and responsibilities from individuals and families to the State. It violates human nature. It destroys personal initiative. It opposes traditional marriage. It sees no moral reason for people to restrict sex to marriage, that is, to an indissoluble union between a man and a woman. It calls for redistribution of wealth by taking from the “rich” to give to the poor. It imposes taxes that punish those who have been able to take greater advantage of their productive talents, capacity to work or thrift. Socialism opposes parental rights in education. It has the state and not the parent controlling the education of children. It promotes atheism. It mocks religion MAY GOD PROTECT AMERICA FROM SOCIALISM.

  14. He is also for making education local and an advocate of parental rights, which are my biggest issues. He was not my first choice for obvious reasons, but he has my vote in November.

  15. Who are you to speak for catholics, Trump, is the man to vote for at this time in history and whoever you are whose writing this article, wake up and get on the trump train with the millions of catholics who plan on voting for donald trump,

  16. Trump has also promised to continue to fund Planned Parenthood. He says he’ll repeal Obamacare but he’ll replace it with a government run, single-payer system which would be just as bad. He’s being sued by a woman who claims Trump raped her when she was 13 years old. He’s being sued on charges of fraud and racketeering for having bilked millions of dollars from thousands of people. One of those law suits goes to try either this summer or this fall. The only possible reason to vote for Trump would be to try to prevent Hillary, or even Sanders, from winning the White House and the Supreme Court. Even if we write in a candidate, they have to file petitions very soon to be on the ballot and have those votes counted. The deadline for those requirements in 5/9. This truly is a case of voting for the lesser of the two evils. We’d still be voting for evil.

    • Trump is anti abortion & will appoint anti abortion Supreme Court judges if elected. Catholics must vote for him.

      • Janet Coleman on

        It just kills me that the only subject you can think of is planned parenthood. well maybe start with the men who instigate the problem! You would rather have a president who did’nt even know that Putin was in the Ukraine! I think the only geography he knows is where he picked up a couple of his wives! I’m also happy that the rich just can’t understand that maybe mother’s of the middle and lower economic status need to work! Also maybe they want to so that they don’t become brain dead and can teach their children to become hard working and independent!!!

  17. I don’t understand this article. There are seven pillars of Catholic Social Teaching. Abortion being only 1/2 of the first of seven. Weigh each candidate on all seven of them and then go vote with a clear conscious!

  18. If we know that Hillary is going to take us down the same road Obama has been taking us why why would you not support Trump and hope for the best? Voting for a third party candidate is throwing your vote away at best or electing Hillary at worst.

    • Janet Coleman on

      I guess the same road means an the greatest economy since Bill Clinton? Do you really know what public service means? Well Hillary clinton has done more for the poor and oppressed than any religion I’ve heard of. Do some research. I think a lot of uneducated voters are for king donald. I mean look into facts, not hearsay! I am ashamed to be a Caucasian after seeing all the hate at the Republican ADOLF, I mean Trump convention.At least the Nazi party and white supremacy groups are not hiding behind a veil of godliness and religion. I try to be the best I can be without a promise of a reward(heaven).

  19. Trump has celebrated historical examples of war crimes (religiously desecrating and executing prisoners of war), advocated war crimes (killing family members of terrorists) as US military policy, promised wholesale discrimination against Muslims, by his own admission does not listen to his foreign policy advisers, has flip-flopped on questions relating to abortion several times just in the last few weeks (indicating that he has not given abortion any serious thought), has advocated conspiracy theories (Cruz’s father’s relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald), defended his campaign manager after he assaulted a female reporter… need I go on?

    If the “Catholic” part of Catholic Vote means anything, you guys need to do better than saying that you aren’t going to endorse Trump “at this time”. The man is completely unqualified for office. There is no further information needed. It doesn’t matter who his running mate is, because Trump will be calling the shots and is notorious for not listening to his advisers. It doesn’t matter what else he promises he will do, because the man is not trustworthy and has a track record of flipping his political positions when it suits him. It is very disheartening to read this post and see that you are still holding out the possibility of endorsing him in the future.

    • John Stephens on

      Not to mention that Trump is a lifelong Democrat by practice. He grew up and lives in NYC. How many Conservatives grew up in NYC? Zero.

    • I think we cannot, as Catholics, choose Hillary – she stands against almost every Catholic belief which is so precious to our faith. Trump is not a good choice either – and yes we don’t know for sure where he stands. He is unreliable… but if it comes between a person guaranteed to do a tin of damage and a person who says they are pro life but you can’t trust them, we have a responsibility to go with the leader evil because no Catholic should ever vote for some one pro abortion unless all candidates are GUARANTEED to be pro abortion.

      My 2 cents anyhow

    • Mabel J. Welleriumom on

      Your man JFK was certainly no angel. A lot of the above is political hogwash. Just being Catholic doesn’t mean you are squeaky clean. The ones in Congress now have not been very productive, hence the revolution that helped Trump to win. I agree we need a man of faith in the Whitehouse. If being Catholic is your only criteria, that is foolish.That is REALLY the disheartening thing.

    • Oh come off it. McCain celebrated and advocated war crimes, Bush actually committed them, every candidate flip-flops, Romney was a pro-choice governor, and the “assault” on the female reporter was bogus. Half of your claims are baseless.

      It’s more nuanced than you make it out to be.

    • Do you really really believe that about Ted Cruz’ father? How trustworthy are the Clintons. Hmm I did not have …and mrs. saying to the parents of the dead soldier at the coffin that was just flown it “we’ll get that person who made the offensive video” knowing full and well there was not video.

    • I totally agree. Hitler would not have been able to conduct his horrible crimes against humanity without Christian support.

  20. Kristin Tallis on

    Please look into Darryl Glenn who is a Christian Constitutional Conservative running for Michael Bennett’s (D) Colo. US Senate seat. He’s the real deal.

  21. tim heller on

    Catholic Vote- you should not endorse Trump or for that matter any candidate. You just a web site that nobody really knows who is behind it and what other motives you have. If you do endorse Trump, you my as well endorse Ayn Rand and Hitler if they were running for POTUS.


    I have been told by some that I must vote for the GOP nominee no matter what. “A vote for a third party candidate is a vote for Hilary.” “A vote for a third party candidate is a vote thrown away.” “A vote for a third party candidate means one is not really pro-life.” I do not intend to vote for Clinton. But vote for DT? DT is the person we want for president? That can’t be right.

    It can’t be right that the president of the United States, the man representing us to the world

    1. Is/was part owner of a strip club.
    2. Has earned a significant amount of money from his ownership of casinos.
    3. Speaks in a most vulgar manner of anyone who dares oppose him.
    4. Consistently uses four-letter words.
    5. Has left two wives for mistresses.
    6. Appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine with a woman, not his wife, who was clad in a highly provocative outfit and exhibiting offensive deportment
    7. Has bragged about the women he has had affairs with, with emphasis on those who were married.
    8. On numerous recent occasions, after claiming to be pro-life, has praised Planned Parenthood.
    9. Has encouraged violence against citizens who disagree with him.
    10. Mocks and insults his opponents and applies derogatory labels on them.
    11. Posted a very unflattering photo of his opponent’s wife in order to humiliate both her and his opponent, Ted Cruz.
    12. Bragged repeatedly about personal areas.
    13. Insulted the pope twice.
    14. Shows very little comprehension of major issues.
    15. After pro-life advocates fought hard to put into the Republican platform “life with no exceptions” DT says that he would edit that to make exceptions for rape and incest.
    16. Has cheated to get where he is. Example: He knows that Cruz has been true to his wife, yet he promoted the idea that Cruz has had at least 5 affairs. He knows that Cruz’s father had nothing to do with the assassination of Kennedy, yet he promoted the idea that he was hanging around with Oswald shortly before the assassination. Trump knows that there will always be people who believe these kind of allegations, even in the face of clear refutation.
    17. Cannot properly speak. Frequently repeats words like “horrible” and “thing;” leaves out words; uses words out of context, etc.

    If ever there was a sign that we are living in troubled times, it is that the Republican Party, considered the stalwart of conservative ideals and moral values, is nominating for President of the United States a man with no moral base, an ill-mannered presence, and a highly aggressive demeanor.

  23. You forgot to mention that Donald Trump said on national television during two Republican debates that “Planned Parenthood does WONDERFUL things for millions of women”. Why would you forget to mention that???

  24. Jessica M. on

    Trump is NOT a politician!!!! There’s not a way to “FLIP-FLOP” when you have never been in an office.

    As “conservatives” we did not want another politician, and we have our candidate. If you choose to NOT support the party’s nominee, you ARE supporting Hillary, which means Pro-choice, pro-terrorism on our own soil, pro-sharia law right here in America (sodomy, rape, sex slaves all exemplified in Europe right now), it means supporting murder, and I’m sorry, but America was founded on Christian principles and none of THAT sounds Christian at all.

    While Trump is an unknown in office, we do know he is passionate about restoring our country to the strong CHRISTIAN land we once were!

    John Washburn was just hired to his campaign, so you might want to stop judging his past and start looking at his present and our future or there may not be one for Christians, Catholic or otherwise!

  25. John Stephens on

    Can someone please (not being confrontational) give an intelligent and logic based argument for why a Christian group would oppose Obamacare?

  26. I dont know how you can say there is no viable third party candidate. Did you research this?

    Austin Petersen is pro-life and stands for everything the GOP should be standing for, but isn’t.

    Check out the Libertarian party, because there is a lot you should learn. And our worst fears have come true…so it’s time we start looking for other options.

    You speak about the GOP having control of the house and senate, yet they have not helped our country. Spending and debt has gone through the roof. They had their chance and have not improved anything.

  27. Rosemary d Heinsch on

    the only other option should be in jail…I am sure all my catholic friends and family will vote for Trump

  28. Jeff Hughes on

    Here is where I am confused. forget the large issues of this election, let me just concentrate on one small comment from your post. If you cannot do this one thing, why does your opinion have any credibility at all, and why should any Christian, let alone Catholics, listen to anything you say. Some years ago I remember the Pope making a strongly worded comment about legislators in the US that are Catholic Democrats who support abortion. There are a lot of them, but let’s talk about one in particular, as mentioned in your article as the biggest nightmare, Nancy Pelosi. As far as I know she is still welcomed in the Catholic Church. If you want to send a strong message, and not just rhetoric, do what your pope said and excommunicate her. she is instrumental in the slaughter of million of unborn children, yet she is still allowed to receive the Eucharist in your churches. Until your church takes care of that bit of business, all I hear is empty words. Essentially you are saying that she can be an accessory in millions of murders, in violation of what your church purports to believe, and still receive dispensation for her sins. Wow, what hypocrites. Trump is what Trump is, but refusing to support him is like saying vote for the murderer Clinton. We already know where she stands from the strong works of Billary years ago to keep abortion completely available in all situations. You whitewashed sepulchers. Jesus has a lot of words for your religiosity.

    • I agree with you. I am so tired of catholics in name only. Abortion is murder, and you cannot be a
      Catholic if you support it. I wish all bishops would stand by pro life catholics.

      God Bless You

  29. Doyle Peterson on

    Why don’t we give Trump a chance before we jump to conclusions about
    How he will deal with the Catholic Community. He is Pro-Life & that’s a
    Great place to start!
    I firmly believe that He is the only Candidate that even has a chance to
    Save America!
    The alternative candidate, Clinton is
    Related to the devil as far as I’m
    I’m leaving it up to God to fix this Country and bring it back to the
    Christian Values it was founded on!
    In God We Trust & if He chooses Trinp,
    So will I!
    Doyle Peterson

  30. The ultimate question though is who will be worse overall, Hilary or Donald. To not vote for one or the other is by default a vote for the other. It is a terribly sad situation. But sitting it out is not the answer. Maybe someday a third party will be the answer.

  31. I intend to fight for my country, but now I am taking a hard look at the Republican party which espouses pro-life rhetoric but does so little to support it. I refuse to bow to any pressure to support the lesser evil in Trump. Forget it. I’ll vote, but for the first time in a long time, I feel no guilt at supporting a candidate who actually represents me – and not the one who is my best shot to win.

  32. Former senator Kay Bily Hutcheson was interviewed and was asked if she would support Donald Trump for president. She gave an answer similar of that of CV and Speaker Paul Ryan… “not at this time”. For CV and Ryan, a Catholic, it is “core values”. For the senator it is character and control.

    Trump does not meet the Catholic litmus test that many would fail. He, like many other “Pro-lifers” he is Pro-life with the standard three exceptions. He would punish a woman who had an abortion. He wants all illegal immigrants sent home. Would BAN any and all Muslims from entering the country. Not very centered. But, lets face it, WE created the monster. We all agree that religion and politics don’t mix well. The Republican party, not the old GOP, has aligned itself with the religious right. That is when the party lost its’ identity with many of the old GOP base .being alienated.

    Today, we have a badly fractured party looking for a home..

    • re: “We all agree that religion and politics don’t mix well.”

      Actually we don’t all agree to that statement. In fact, it is an important part of Catholic teaching that our politics must be rooted in and compatible with our faith. What doesn’t mix well is Church and State. But separating Church and State is very different than separating religion and politics.

      • Vincent, I meant to say church and state. I should be more aware that my Mother’s family came from Ireland where there was no line of separation. I recall my grandmother saying how much of a theocracy the Irish government was. If the holiers can help us find our was, I may rescind all rhetoric on “What’s next”.

      • The Founding Fathers never called for a Separation of Church and State. The first amendment was to prevent the establishment of national denomination. This was in contrast to the European model of government selecting a national religion (i.e., Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, etc.) and using it as a political tool to gain allies and destroy enemies.

        “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” — John Adams

  33. What about Bernie??

    A much better alternative to Trump, and let’s face it: anyone is superior to Clinton. The Left may be big and scary but we have the choice between 2 “Lefts”.

  34. It would go against my conscience to ever vote for Trump. He is pro-abortion as he advocates for the killing of the innocent inside the womb-those conceived in rape or incest for example. His acidic language towards those who disagree with him and his rude actions (mocking a disabled person) make me cringe. He has said that he does not ask God for forgiveness. That is not in my Bible. I will not be voting for president as long as Trump, Clinton or even Sanders are the candidates. God is my King. I will always look to him.

  35. CV is absolutely right that politics is downstream of culture. We get the government we deserve. We have now sealed our fate to have another liberal president with no regard for the constitution or the rule of law come January, be it Trump or Clinton. The only thing Trump has been consistent on is building the wall, which he has a zero percent chance of doing. If you`re wondering how to vote, I offer this advice: with Hillary, we know what we`re in for–disaster. There`s every possibility of disaster with Trump, but at least we`ll be surprised since no one, not even him, knows his true views on anything.

  36. We have watched the House of Representatives and the Senate do nothing to stop the horror Planned Parenthood selling baby parts, the Affordable Care Act, illegal immigration, the assault on the traditional values and religious freedom.

    There is no doubt Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders will continue policies that are destroying this nation. Either one will also appoint federal judges and Supreme Court Justices that will continue to ignore the Constitution.

    Apart from an act of God, Trump is now the only hope to stop the march to godless tyranny.

  37. Jay McNally on

    Ummm… I generally hate anonymous commentary.

    This byline to this article says it was written by “Catholic Vote,” but at the end of it there is this disclaimer: “The views expressed here are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent the views of CatholicVote.org.”

    Somebody surely can man-up and take credit for this piece.

  38. We can alwYs write Paul Ryan in. But he is not interested to run. However he may do so to save the party and keep Trump at bay as a Catholic Church we have to come together and pray

  39. Amy martin on

    Where was the Catholic Church when Obama ran. I believe there were Catholic nuns there when he signed Obamacare hooraying it. I would say 50% plus of Catholics support Obama and Clinton. And now you speak against Trump. No wonder no one respects the church.
    Where is the church calling out the Catholic leaders in our government for being democrats.
    The social justice crowd has no worries or concerns for the aborted children lost daily. It’s all about he illegal immigrants. No concern for our own. Free school, free food, few housing , for the immigrants. Mean while they beg us to give to support while we break our backs to support our own families.

  40. Michael Skaggs on

    If I am reading things now, it’s not a third party that would be formed (John Anderson, Ross Perot), it would be an Independent Republican candidate for people to vote for in place of Trump while supporting the state and local candidate on the GOP ticket. While some third parties which are already on the ballot might be asked to name the Indy GOP candidate instead of their nominee, like the Constitution Party, the Reform Party, the New York State Conservative Party, ect, it would be for this election only. There are a number of people who are refusing to support Trump and a candidate might be found from one of them.

  41. Trump is fighting for this country. He is fighting for our sovereignty, our security, our very lives.

    Globalism leads to tyranny, and oligarchy of the rich and powerful. Globalism leads to dehumanization, we all become cogs in the great global corporate machine. Globalization leads to widespread poverty and death.

    Trump is not perfect, but he is the only one standing in front of the globalist agenda and yelling stop. That is why he is winning.

    The middle and working classes in the country are in trouble. Our jobs are disappearing, our wages are stagnant. Our small busninesses are harder and harder to maintain. Our schools have become little more than day cares that teach children how to be politically correct.

    Catholic Vote should support the people, who are being trampled under the boots of leadership of both parties. Stand up for our safety, our security, our economic future, our sovereignty, and our freedom. Stand up for a better future, and support Donald Trump.

  42. FYI. There is a Catholic candidate out there in the midst of our current political storm. That, by the way, would be me, Joe Schriner. My platform matches up with Catholic teaching across the board. My platform has been formed as a result of 25 years and 250,000 miles of cross country research. I have run in 5 successive election cycles and have appeared in a good number of Diocesan and secular publications. References: “This is the most consistent Catholic campaign I’ve ever seen, at least in the U.S.” — Moral Theology Professor Mark Ginter, St. Meinrad Seminary, Indiana. http://www.voteforjoe.com/#!catholic-president/cncn.

  43. Alex Majthenyi on

    Susan B. Anthony List Applauds Trump For Hiring Adviser With ‘Deep Pro-Life Roots’

    Pro-life organization Susan B. Anthony List praised Donald Trump for hiring John Mashburn as a campaign policy adviser, calling Mashburn an “excellent hire, especially for the pro-life movement and our legislative priorities.”

    “I have known and respected John Mashburn for many years,” SBA president Marjorie Dannenfelser said in a statement. “He is a smart strategist with deep pro-life roots. John is well-respected across every issue set. For him, the life issue is foundational and one which helped draw him into politics.”

    Mashburn, a North Carolina native who most recently worked as North Carolina Republican Rep. Thom Tillis’s chief of staff. He has also served in the leadership offices of other senior congressional Republicans.

    “If I were running for president, I would want John Mashburn as a top advisor, too. Congratulations on your new hire, Mr. Trump,” Dannenfelser continued. “If elected, no doubt John Mashburn will serve you well as you fulfill your campaign promises to defund Planned Parenthood, advance and sign into law the popular Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, and appoint Justices to the bench who will protect and defend the Constitution.”


  44. Mary Ellen Schick on

    Dear Hearts,
    Let’s just remember that Reagan was pro-choice before HE changed, and that a third party so-called
    conservative will ensure that The gal will win.
    I want to ask you all: will you, in time, publish Voter Guides? Years ago, when I lived in Md., I remember
    handing out Voter Guides in my neighborhood, with the two Presidential nominees on one side and
    thw two Senatorial nominees on the other side. God bless, Mary Ellen

  45. justathought on

    trump is the candidate!!! anything other then voting for trump, is supporting hilary, and her up to possibly 5 judges…let that sink in!!!

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    I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

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  47. I am concerned when I hear people debate this issue because I believe in life. An estimated 55 million babies aborted…let me say that again; an estimated 55 million babies aborted…and this is being debated!

    Please vote for the most pro-life candidate who has a chance to win…period.

    Pray, Pray, Pray

  48. Not supporting Trump is a very odd position for CV to take. It is based on perceptions and not fact. Trump is pro-life, his running mate said they will defund Planned Parenthood. He has pledged to very stringently enforce the pornography laws, which have not been enforced for years. He will help illegals avoid the sin of disobeying valid laws (1 Peter 2:13-17; Romans 13). He has created jobs and has a sound economic plan. He has offered a list of possible Supreme Court nominees that are a solid group of people.

    The Milquetoast Catholic opposition to Trump seems to be one of not liking his style. That is just plain flaky.

    When we consider the other choice, Hillary–who has actually stated that politics must change the way religions think (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/religious-beliefs-have-to-be-changed-new-video-highlights-hillarys-abortion) in order to better abort more children, the choice between Trump and Clinton become a no-brainer. Trump is the only candidate that a Catholic can vote for (unless he is demonically possessed).

  49. Jeffrey Missonellie on

    I am a Catholic, a Vietnam veteran and I will vote forTrump. How your organization can use the word Catholic in your name is beyond comprehension. You’d rather see another pro abortion POTUS like Obama & Billy Blyth (Clinton)? You people are nincompoops to the ultimate max. You should call yourselves pagans but that would insult pagans who don’t necessarily approve of abortion as you jerks must. You are catholic in name only. Just like people who live in republican towns and say they are republicans but are really democRATS. Regular phonies. You & your ilk need a good caning.

  50. I cannot believe there are Catholics supporting Trump, hypocrites! He goes against everything Jesus teaches us, we go to church every Sunday and apparently we ignore everything we learn. Do you just go to church to socialize or to look good on front of your friends? Do you really think he is pro-life?

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