What’s Really Scary about Weiner Is …

I have a post called The Weinerization of America over at National Review.

My point: In the modern media world, technology is warping human interaction. What is scary about Anthony Weiner isn’t that he is a high-ranking pervert, but that he is an expression of the zeitgeist.



  • beverly

    dear Greg what he-vitter-our x-president’S(much more than one)did is not for us to judge GOD will/is i agree he should resign but not just for his wife (in my opinion is an idiot to stay with him)(which is one reason in the BIBLE is a reason for divorce) but to repent and find his way to God as we all should then our country would not be headed toward diaster.our country has thrive because we had GOD we ALL need to get back to HIM

  • Patricia

    What is so depressing is that ordiary Americans don’t care. My sister’s response was: What’s the big deal. He is like all the other politicians. Why are people making such a big deal about this? Now if it were her neighbor or someone in our family who did this, she would be mortified and appalled, but she just doesn’t think we should expect anything better from our Congress. I think many Americans have given up on anything better.

    • beverly

      a pat on the back to u pat very true we have to take a stand thats whats wrong with america we just sit back and let things happen until they directly effect us dont they realize it does STAND UP AMERICA



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