What’s Really Scary about Weiner Is …

I have a post called The Weinerization of America over at National Review.

My point: In the modern media world, technology is warping human interaction. What is scary about Anthony Weiner isn’t that he is a high-ranking pervert, but that he is an expression of the zeitgeist.



  • greg smith

    Dear Whitney ~ Does that mean I can pressure my attractive bookkeeper into having an affair with me, visit a prostitute and then excuse myself to my priest and my wife by saying “I’m a Godly man but society made me do it?” Somehow I don’t think either one of them would buy it. ~ Pax ~ Greg

  • Tom Hoopes

    Men have been behaving badly since Adam. They have only been able to text since 1992. My point is that the media revolution has changed the moral playing field. It allows the kind of guy who (presumably) would never commit real-world creeper-crimes to be a world-class virtual creeper. And no, this is in no way a partisan phenomenon.

    • Bruce

      Yup. See, Greg, this is how you should have phrased it. If you meant the same, no worries. If you didn’t, take note.

  • James

    Please stop using the word “zeitgeist”. It sure sounds nifty, I agree, but it signifies a woefully outmoded, gravely flawed, and continually damaging notion about the cultural interaction among people.

    • I might be Davide …

      @James, for Saint Peter’s sake..talk layman terms for us who are intelligential inferior folk, otherwise you appear to be babbling nursery rhymes. Okay thanks, Davide

  • Bruce

    Well, considering his penis picture is making the rounds on the internet, maybe it is time to consider Mr. Weiner as the first porn star congressman.

  • Greg Smith

    Tom: Really! Why arn’t you equally worried about the Foleyization (stalking teenagers), the Vitterization (patronizing hookers) or the Ensignization (pressing an affair on a subordinate)or Craigization (soliciting a lewd act)as much as the Weinerization. Really! Are sex scandals worthy of this kind of over coverage as long as they don’t involve conservatve Republicans? ~ Pax ~ Greg

    • Bruce

      Greg, we all know how much you love Democrats, so your knee-jerk reaction to every negative post on a Democrat is not really necessary anymore.

      • Greg Smith

        Dear Bruce ~ My point is simply what is good for the goose ought to be good for the gander and asking for intelectual consistancy. What’s wrong with that? BTW, I do think that Rep. Weiner ought to resign for the good of his wife, thier unborn child, himself and his country. Perhaps he and Senator Vitter could, in the the bipartisan sprit, make a joint announcement. ~ Pax tucem ~ Greg

    • Whitney

      The Foleys, Vitters, and Ensigns of the world would not exist if it were not for people like Anthony Weiner. He and his liberal comrades have spent the last 50 years degrading the moral fabric of society through forced tolerance and acceptance of anti-family lifestyles. Is it any wonder that even godly men like the Republicans you called out (two of them Catholic!) have fallen prey to the temptations that have been embedded in society? I ask you, who are the ones who struggle to rewrite our country’s religious moral codes into secular, amoral ones? Democrats. Republicans like Newt Gingrich repent and apologize to their Christian God when a sin is committed. Democrats like Anthony Weiner apologize to their liberal media idols for getting caught.

    • pejn

      Greg if you look at all the people that you mention, foley, vitter, craig etal… they all resigned. That is all we are asking of weiner. No more no less. Just do what they did.

    • Joe

      Greg Smith. This “you don’t criticize Republicans enough to post this” argument you are pitching is a form of the Tu quoque fallacy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tu_quoque

  • Davide

    I wish he just resigned



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