Which Catholic VP?

Liberal Catholics tell us we should vote for Obama despite the fact that he promotes pro-abortion polices and Supreme Court justices.

Joe Biden, the Catholic, just told us we should vote for Obama BECAUSE he promotes pro-abortion polices and Supreme Court justices.

The response from “Catholics for Obama” tomorrow? Accusing Paul Ryan of being a bad Catholic.

Yeah, that’s grounded in reality.



  • Bonnie

    Anyone catch what SNL did with Biden’s answer? This is what Biden said in the SNL version: “Look, Martha, I’m a Catholic, I’m a real wold Catholic. Now when it comes to church, I may not go to church every Sunday, but on Christmas eve I am front row center singing ‘Joy to the World’ as loudly and as off-key as I can. I accept the teachings of the Catholic Church, but then, like most Catholics, I ignore them and do what I want. Now, I feel kinda guilty about that, but … yeah, whatever.” They wrote a blog about the skit here on Catholic vote…. It’s pretty spot on of how he feels. #RomneyRyan2012

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1035901649 John Guzman Sr.

    To Buford, Jr. who wrote: ” To you people, she is “dead weight,” ”

    This statement is a complete misunderstanding of Catholic, Christian and Conservative values.

    Conservatives are the people who provide jobs, give freely of their time and energy for good works, and give generously to charitable causes. These are the “givers” of our society.

    Please do not buy into the hateful, hurtful lies of those who would deceive you. Rather reason with your mind and have love in your heart. This is what true conservatives do.

  • obieone

    WHOA! and possibly WOE! to all of my fellow Catholics, both liberals and moderates. If it were not for the policy of “subsidiarity” a “true” Catholic could vote for neither SINCE both support unfettered abortions for all. Now, before the Republicans, of which group I am one, jump my case, Ryan has publicly stated that “we are against abortion EXCEPT in cases of rape or incest or WHEN THE HEALTH OR LIFE OF THE MOTHER IS AT RISK!” That is the loophole that allows abortions since HEALTH includes mental health and that could mean anxiety over carrying a CHILD to full term and allowing a birth to occur. A slippery slope indeed, one which unfortunately we are all sliding down to the abyss. Death panels, anyone?

  • BufordJr

    At least Joe Biden never shot his best friend in the face!

  • Teatime

    Why call yourself a Catholic if you are pro-choice? Except for in the case of rape, a woman has a choice to keep her legs together and prevent an unwanted pregnancy before it happens. To physically rip apart an innocent child, limb from limb, because a pregnancy is inconvenient for you…I wouldn’t want to be them come judgement day. And people like Biden? Well, he will also answer to the Almighty.



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