Which Catholic VP?

Liberal Catholics tell us we should vote for Obama despite the fact that he promotes pro-abortion polices and Supreme Court justices.

Joe Biden, the Catholic, just told us we should vote for Obama BECAUSE he promotes pro-abortion polices and Supreme Court justices.

The response from “Catholics for Obama” tomorrow? Accusing Paul Ryan of being a bad Catholic.

Yeah, that’s grounded in reality.



115 thoughts on “Which Catholic VP?

  1. David says:

    There is a big difference in saying you are a
    Christian, a Catholic or a Religious and actually trying to live by
    those precepts. We all are sinners but when we deliberately lie about
    who we are and what we believe in and intentionally pla
    to violate those beliefs we have little right to call ourselves
    something that we just are not. No Mr. Biden you are not likely to be
    considered a practicing Catholic. What else you are is known only to God
    but you present something very offensive to me on a religious as well
    as a public level. You are a fraud pretending to be a public servant in
    my opinion and a disagreeable fraud at that.

  2. Monty says:

    Why hasn’t the Church publicly admonished (so-called Catholic) politicians that are promoting anti-Catholic policies? What happened to excommunication? Why the double standard? Is it a money issue? Do these liberal politicians who are steering our country in the wrong direction give so much money that the Church remains silent for economic reasons? I’m baffled and not very happy about the Church not calling these impostors out. We are in this mess because the Church swallowed Obama’s rhetoric 4 years ago that he would remain neutral in the abortion debate. Now look what’s happening…

    1. Jan says:

      I’m with you on most of this Monty, but there’s a couple things you need to remember: first, no, the money isn’t an issue. The Church, while she needs money to upkeep her buildings and pay the bills doesn’t depend on money to be the Body of Christ. Second – it’s true that CATHOLICS are a huge part of what got that man elected president. And that’s because the Church has failed abysmally in the last century to educate us. Consequently, most of us don’t attend Mass at all, much less regularly, yet Catholic guilt goes a looonnnggg way in assuaging our consciences in voting for liberals. People who are easily swayed “swallowed” the rhetoric of “well what about the babies that are already born and starving? What about all the poor people?” Well, we don’t let babies starve in the United States. And if you read the paper, you’ll see photographic evidence that most “poor” people are obese and have more tv’s and cell phones in their homes than many in the middle class. And don’t EVEN get me started on the travesty that is the health-care LIE.

      Yeah – the bishops like to hobnob. Sad but true, they are human and sometimes act like it! On the other hand, to not take public action against people like Pelosi, Biden, the Kennedys, etc etc etc is disgraceful. It gives the rest of us the idea that it’s all about money or status, or that “everything” is really just cool.

      1. Lazerus Long says:

        I agree completely. The Church should be telling their parishioners that this government and Democratic Party and Congress is out to take away their religious freedoms. This Obamacare mandate is just the 1st step and it it isn’t stopped we are all in trouble.

        1. Jan says:

          My parish just tells us that “social justice” i,e, immigrants, income disparity, etc are the only things that count. Nothing else is mentioned except a gratuitous slam about each party calling the other evil. I mean, I know they have to be careful what they say, but most priests still make their political viewpoints crystal clear, if you know what you’re listening to. Most of them are libs.

          1. Monty says:

            That’s what I’m talking about! What has been labeled as so-called “social justice” seems to be more critical to many of the clergy than the killing of babies. Not reaffirming to the masses that life should trump all other factors when considering who to vote for is a travesty. No way priests, bishops, preachers, anyone can claim to be pro-life and not be hammering this as being the number one factor to consider when casting their vote in November. Many of the issues we are dealing with today may be debatable, but life is not, in my opinion.

          2. irishrink says:

            Well, my parish has been talking about the “sensitive” stuff, for sure! Have any of you asked your priests why not/where they stand?

        2. The Catholic diocese that I belong to have been speaking about our religious freedom being jeopardized for a long time and we parishoners have been sending letters to our senators and representives for a long time. I also know that some of the Catholic bishops have meet with clergy of other Christian faiths to fight this battle throughout the country.

  3. Jim Dennis says:

    So VP
    Biden will not impose his view on Christians or Muslims or Jews who believe in
    abortion but will allow the government to impose their views on the liberty of
    all religious institution that disagree with him? This is as logical as a
    Catholic that believes in abortion.
    I will vote for the Catholic in good standing with the Church, Ryan!!!

    1. I’m with you, Jim. A few words for Biden’s description of his belief regarding pre-born life: Insincere, dishonest, political
      Biden can’t possibly believe pre-born life has value and at the same time say he’d be o.k. with his grandchild being murdered and re-assembled on a surgical tray. The impact to women and families of looking the other way for 40 years has just about done us in as a country.

    2. Robert Morin says:

      Agreed to that Jim. I think it’s about time more Catholics follow the
      way of Paul Ryan, Rick Santorum, and the like. We’re tired of those so
      called “Catholics” on the liberal side that think they know how we
      should think. I don’t even bother listening to Biden, Pelosi, Kerry,
      etc… If anything, those guys just want to tear our faith apart. We
      will not let that happen.

  4. BufordJr says:

    (chuckle) Say CV, how’d that Biden “comedy gold” go last night, huh?

    1. Janis Aleris says:

      Biden’s laughing and guffawing made him look like the FOOL that he is. As for “comedy gold” – Biden’s behaviour was comedic, and sad, pathetically sad for an old man to act so immaturely.

    2. Joe M says:

      BufordJr. I definitely got some laughs out of it. For example, when Biden tried to make himself sound like King Henry V because he visited Afghanistan in a helicopter “and sometimes in a vehicle!”

      I guess you have a point though. The real comedy has been reserved for the post-analysis from liberals, trying to stretch laughing, yelling and interrupting as equating to merit.

  5. BufordJr says:

    All that Vice President Biden reminded Americans is that America does not have a “Roman Catholic” government; we have a _secular_ government. You see, you anti-democratic theocrat admins at “Catholic” Vote dot org, Vice President Biden has it right. We are not all Catholics here in the United States, America also includes Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, non-believers and countless other strains of belief. The president has to be a president of ALL AMERICANS, not just a few. Can’t you reconcile yourselves to being at PEACE with that FACT?

    1. Randall says:

      If America did indeed have a “Roman Catholic” government, God’s blessings on this country would be endless. Instead we have atheists and Muslims running the government, and it shows. We are a few short years away from God forsaking this land and it’s all 0bama’s fault. The president is the leader of ALL AMERICANS Buford, but no one can effectively lead that many people (morally and otherwise) unless they do so by enforcing the One True Faith and all its requirements.

      1. Jan says:

        Just to be fair Randall – it’s not ALL Obama’s fault. The corrosion of morals and ethics of the last 50 years culminated in Obama. He just is what he is – the fruit of all that immorality and corruption. Biden, on the other hand, is a puke and he came by that naturally.

    2. John Presley says:

      Abortion is not a “Catholic” issue. It is a human rights issue for the
      unborn, and all people, religious or otherwise, have to decide where
      they stand on the basis of informed humanism at least, just as they
      would regarding apartheid, racism, slavery, and economic injustice, just
      to name a few other similar issues.

      1. AME says:

        Yep, there are pro-life atheists, feminists, secularists, socialists, Democrats, Libertarians, even pro-life gays & lesbians. The right to life is the first of all rights. As Bryan Kemper would say, “Social justice begins in the womb.” Pro-abortion history, on the other hand, has been long entrenched with racism, classism, sexism, able-ism, and eugenics.

  6. Chris says:

    Who is anyone to accuse Biden of being a bad Catholic? I didn’t realize it was up to us to decide who is “better” at practicing his faith. Keep in mind the company Jesus kept. Can anyone honestly say they can’t see the similarites between the Pharisees and the Conservative religious establishment? People tend to forget how revoltionary Jesus was. Didn’t get the memo that Catholics were the exception to the rule of a separation between church and state. I am Catholic but I do understand my personal beliefs shouldn’t dictate public policy. There are other religious traditions in this country and it’s vain and naive to be completely ignore that.

    1. de_Maistre says:

      “Didn’t get the memo that Catholics were the exception to the rule of a separation between church and state. I am Catholic but I do understand my personal beliefs shouldn’t dictate public policy.”

      Do you apply the same rationale when Catholics support large entitlement programs because they feel compelled to do so by their faith?

      Also, all public policy is dictated by personal beliefs. Those beliefs shape our value judgments, which in turn shape our political preferences. To demand that they can be separated is naive and, frankly, unjust.

      1. Chris says:

        ‘To demand that they be separated is ludicrous’. How ludicrous is our constitution? America isn’t a Christian religious oligarchy. Lets take gay marriage for instance. Can we force a supposed Christian world view on those who want the basic human rights that a man on woman can share? There is the sacrament of marriage and there is the civil union of marriage. To say they are the same is asinine. You don’t have to be a Christian to be married, so why should anyone have to be straight? I bring this up only because it directly relates to the separation of church and state.

        1. Chris says:

          Question de_Maistre:

          Considering the quote above and if you do in fact agree with President Obama- Would it be so wrong if someone from a faith tradition that wasn’t judeo- Christian used religious language to argue their cause? I can’t imagine the backlash a serious Muslim presidential candidate would face. Funny. It would be very similar to a Christian running for president in say, Egypt. It’s something to think about. Is how we Christians treat others from different faith traditions any different than how some Christians are treated when they are the minority? I may be off topic at this point but its something for us all to think about.

        2. Randall says:

          WE cannot force a Christian world view on non-Christians… but God certainly can. And He can do so through His Church… in fact, that’s exactly what He has charged us to do. Cheers!

        3. Tony says:

          If gay marriage is acceptable as a civil union, what’s next? Where is the line drawn. Palimony? Incest? Why are there laws against those? Laws against gay marriage are slowly being removed under the idea of the “new normal”. What’s next?

    2. de_Maistre says:


      “Secularists are wrong when they ask believers to leave their religion at
      the door before entering into the public square. Frederick Douglas,
      Abraham Lincoln, Williams Jennings Bryant, Dorothy Day, Martin Luther
      King – indeed, the majority of great reformers in American history –
      were not only motivated by faith, but repeatedly used religious language
      to argue for their cause. So to say that men and women should not
      inject their ‘personal morality’ into public policy debates is a
      practical absurdity. Our law is by definition a codification of
      morality, much of it grounded in the Judeo-Christian tradition.”

      – Barack Obama

    3. BufordJr says:

      Amen Chris. You are a wise person, unlike the vast majority of cultists that this Republican Party front-page is trying to brainwash before the election.

    4. Randall says:

      Comparing Biden to Jesus???? LOL! Welcome Soros troll, you must be brand new at this job because I give you a 1.5/10 on that one. Not even close enough to pretend taking seriously. And yes, Catholic beliefs SHOULD dictate public policy. Catholicism is the perfect moral code. There is no reason whatsoever we should replace it with an imperfect one (i.e. anything the Dem-o-rats can come up with) just to mollify the few non Catholics who live in this country.

    5. Mara says:

      Well said Chris.

    6. Cheri says:

      “My ‘personal’ beliefs shouldn’t dictate public policy?” I just love when people throw out that line. Where do your “personal” beliefs come from, do you suppose? We are all human, and in that, we are brothers and sisters. We are all a part of the human family. And, believe it or not, we come from the same Creator, whatever you want to call Him/Her/It. But regardless, there is a natural moral law out there that we all must hold up as some kind of standard. Even logically – never mind religiously – this only makes sense. Otherwise, there would be utter chaos (hmm… maybe that’s why there is so much of that today? Because people want to defy this law, and they wonder why the world is in such a mess). But my point is, we all know in our hearts what is truly right and wrong if we just take the time and trouble to get past all the propaganda and political rhetoric and take a look inside ourselves. I agree with Paul Ryan when he says that you can’t separate your beliefs from the rest of your life (paraphrasing, since my mind can’t find the right words at the moment…). You can’t separate who you are and what you do from what you believe in. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Let’s call it like it is and stop all this relativism that only obscures and confuses the Truth. Think about it. Does anyone truly believe that murder is OK? That there’s nothing wrong with, for instance, going out on a killing spree and annihilating anyone at will? No, of course not. Well, logically, scientifically, religiously and in any other way (except politically, apparently), we all know that life begins at conception. In what world – other than the sick one in which we live – is it OK to murder innocent babies in the very womb which is designed to protect them?

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