Which Catholic VP?

Liberal Catholics tell us we should vote for Obama despite the fact that he promotes pro-abortion polices and Supreme Court justices.

Joe Biden, the Catholic, just told us we should vote for Obama BECAUSE he promotes pro-abortion polices and Supreme Court justices.

The response from “Catholics for Obama” tomorrow? Accusing Paul Ryan of being a bad Catholic.

Yeah, that’s grounded in reality.



  • Vixen27

    We have a problem here in the US. Our priests don’t talk to us about issues like gay marriage, abortion, or any other controversial issue. And they wonder why politicians and parishioners are apathetic,reluctant to defend their faith or worse, aren’t really sure the church is serious about its teachings on such issues. When they let these issues go unaddressed week after week, when they speak in such generalities that we would never make the connection to sensitive subjects, they bear some of the responsibility when politicians, doctors, nurses, counselors and even the majority of the parish leave their faith at home every day. They take up the big cop out- While I’m personally opposed to ____, it’s legal and that’s that.” Well, slavery was legal once too.. but people of faith and conscience changed that. And preachers and priests spoke about it openly in church from the pulpit. Now it seems the government has sent letters to at least 60 black pastors telling them they can’t speak about the upcoming election from the pulpit or they will have to answer to the IRS. Is this what’s going on in our Catholic church as well? Don’t they realize we need to hear the right message from our shepherds? I wonder if the priests are afraid of offending someone yet they wonder where the people have gone, why church donations are down, why there are fewer people in the pews on Sunday. The answer is, in my humble opinion, related to their watered down ‘homilies’ at too many Masses. People come to church to be fed, nurtured.
    I’m happy we have priests who put some effort into the weekly homily on Sunday and believe me, when they hit on some of the more controversial issues they are practically mobbed after the recessional- people saying one after the other, “Great homily this morning!” “Thanks… we’ve needed to hear that for some time.” “That was inspired. Thank you for telling it like it is.” “You are helping us because you’re filled with the Holy Spirit and we’re listening” “When is your next Mass, Father?” These are all comments I’ve heard after Father talked candidly about the wily ways of the foe, how evil weaves its way through the social issues we hear about every day and deceives us so easily, making us feel ‘uncool’ for defending our faith. To put this into a different perspective, some of the non-denominational churches are much more engaged with the congregation than many priests. They talk directly to faith as it’s lived in daily activity and interaction with those who would make us think denial of gay marriage somehow makes us intolerant or discriminatory, or that being prolife makes us anti-women. They speak openly about lifestyles of the youth and being engaged as parents.
    It doesn’t help that we have openly liberal priests preaching about social justice and redistribution of the wealth and connecting it to the government at the same time they’re telling us to be ‘tolerant’, non-judgmental on issues like same sex marriage and abortion but unfortunately giving the impression if it were up to them, these things would be ‘allowed’. It’s confusing to the flock and makes it very difficult to navigate the waters.
    So when we see Vice President Biden and Nancy Pelosi on stage telling people what good Catholics they are, you have to wonder where they go to church. Who are their shepherds and what are they teaching them?

    • irishrink

      I read some time ago that Pelosi’s bishop in her home state/parish said she was not to receive Communion & asked the bishops in D.C. to honor it; supposedly they have. I just read in the last day or two that Biden was also not allowed to receive…too bad they choose to separate themselves from our Lord. All in the name of power, control, greed, etc…

      • prolifeteen

        It is very sad to see this. We can just only pray for the conversion of their lost souls. Hopefully they convert immediately. Unlikely, but hope the best for someone, I always say.

  • Suzanne

    Wow. So Biden should be excommunicated from the church for standing up for a person’s right to choose, but you’ll all go to great extremes to protect the perverse pedophiles among you. The hypocrisy of the church is astounding.

    • Jude

      Ooh, ooh. Shea’s Law alert! Waiting to read further to find an occurrence of Godwin’s Law.

    • Jan

      No, Suzanne, he should be excommunicated for advocating abortion on demand. He’s free to stand up for a woman’s right to choose – but its in conflict with his faith and therefore he must choose – his Church or his ego-driven politics.

      Gosh, I wonder if the Church is EVER gonna get around to dealing with the abuse problem??? taptaptap. FYI – it’s pretty clear that its a gay problem, not pedophilia. But y’all can’t say stuff like that can you? Cuz then you’d have to try and explain why it’s okay for your average homo but not the priest.

      Yeah – I said homo. You called my Church a hypocrite.

      • irishrink

        Jan–I disagree with your stooping to anyone’s level…for any reason. Btw, pedophiles are NOT homosexuals…they are attracted to CHILDREN! If you disagree or someone disparages our Faith or Church, it’s okay to correct them & pray for them, but not to call names back; please check that out in your catechism. I’ll pray for all involved & appreciate prayers from any-/everyone!

        • Jan

          Well of course you are right, irish, but ya know, it gets old to be continually disparaged and never fighting back. What I said was mild. I think there is a place for righteous anger, even in comboxes. And you will note that I didn’t expressly direct the homo comment to any particular individual.

          BTW, where did you get the idea that I don’t know the difference between gays and pedophiles? There is evidence galore that based on the dispositions of the priests involved and the ages of the victims – yes, they are victims even if they are teens and old enough to deck a priest in the mouth for even trying anything – it is a homosexual problem, not a pedophilia problem, which involves much younger children of both sexes.

          I sure could use your prayers for my ever-hardening heart, and you have mine as well!

    • BufordJr

      A terrific observation by a rare voice of reason at this site. Thanks Suzanne.

    • irishrink

      Suzanne–I would NEVER protect those who hurt ANYONE! However, we DO KNOW that the abortion holocaust has killed 50 MILLION innocent souls & is easier to prevent if it’s not allowed to flourish as it is.

      Plus, making it legal has sure NOT made it safer! Case in point: young women killed recently, due to abortion @ a Planned Parenthood in Chicago, leaving behind a (now-) motherless toddler! PP’s policy is to NEVER call 911! They release the female & tell HER to call if she has any problems! THAT & the more recent–and TRUE WAR ON WOMEN–is that babies are being aborted simply because they’re female! We’re only a couple decades behind (Godless) China: they have NO WOMEN to marry their sons, as they all aborted their baby girls!

  • Marc Miller

    Yes, I’m voting for the candidate who checks his personal values and beliefs at the door in exchange for power, position and fame. NOT! You either believe in something or you don’t. Men of character don’t compromise their beliefs.

    • Cheri

      Amen. There’s a quote I like: “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” Fellow Catholics, get out there and stand for what you believe in!

    • Cheri

      Amen. There’s a quote I like: “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” Fellow Catholics, get out there and stand for what you believe in!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.close.77 Jeff Close

    Biden should’ve qualified his faith claim by saying he was an APOSTATE Catholic.

    • BufordJr

      Clever. “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” (Mt. 7:1)

  • Gerald

    No matter if you are Muslim, Christian, or Jewish, no matter if you are catholic, protestant, baptist, or any other demonination that believes in God; If you truly believe in God(whatever Name you call), you cannot support abortion-on-demand. they are mutually exclusive. There is No argument for murdering the unborn compatible with Belief in God. Any One who claims you can support abortion & believe in God is wrong and a hypocrit. Abortion-on-demand is the willful murder of an unborn life; proven by Medical Science, with every in-vitro fertilization & every surrogate pregnancy, to be life. Innocent and vulnerable. To abort that life because of inconvenience, is Murder !

    • prolifeteen

      Well spoken sir. It is good to see someone very outspoken on this. God bless you and I am fighting this battle with you.

  • Jeff Mc

    Thank God, the truth about Joe Biden is coming out. We need to pray for him..



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