White Sox manager blast actor Sean Penn for praising Marxist leader Hugo Chavez

Ozzie Guillen is a passionate manager of the Chicago White Sox. And he brought that fiery passion to Twitter, blasting actor Sean Penn for writing an op-ed in praise of Venezuela’s Marxist dictator Hugo Chavez.

Writing in the Huffington Post, Penn had said that it was a “defamation” to refer to Chavez as a dictator.

“This is not a dictator supported by the wealthy classes, but rather, a president elected by the impoverished and at the service of the Venezuelan constitution, a document not unlike our own. He is a flamboyant, passionate leader,” wrote Penn.

Ozzie Guillen would have none of this. Born in Ocumare Del Tuy, Venezuela, the manager of the White Sox slammed Penn:

“Sean penn if you love venezuela please move to venezuela for a year. But rent a house in guarenas or guatire to see how long you last clown.”

Most Americans are ignorant of Hugo Chavez’ outrageous actions. So they might be susceptible to believing Sean Penn’s wild assertions. I’m glad to see some push back from Ozzie Guillen.

For a great write-up on Hugo Chavez, don’t read Sean Penn. Instead opt for “Hugo Chavez: Anti-Catholic, Narcissist, Leninist” in The Catholic Thing written by George Marlin.



  • Brian C

    I agree with Ozzie Guillen’s decision to call out Sean Penn, and your praise of Guillen. However, please note that Guillen has not been the manager of the White Sox since 2011, and in fact has managed another team since then. I point this out not to draw focus to a minor point at the expense of the main point, but instead to remind you of the importance of fact checking; if the first sentence of your article is incorrect, some may miss its larger purpose, however well intentioned.

    • Joshua Mercer

      This article was written in 2011.

  • Laura

    Chavez is certainly not supported by the wealthy classes, but neither was Stalin and that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t a dictator either.

  • daniel

    Given the tweets that Guillen wrote, a more accurate headline would be something along the lines of: “White Sox manager blasts Sean Penn for praising Venezuela.” It’s clear that, for whatever reason, Guillen has a beef with his native country in general, not just with Chavez.

  • Dan

    One thing is detest is when narcissistic Hollywood cretins & liberal misfits gush platitudes for the exact type of leaders who would have squashed them like an insect in their own countries. It’s time that the so-called stars and media princes take a hint from the past. Hitler, Marx, Mussolini, Nero, Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and Stalin, to name a few, were all megalomaniacs who used liberals to gain a foot hold, then lined them up at the firing squad when the time was right. How stupid must the likes of “Lady Gag-Me”, Madonna, Bono and the rest of the latter-day “peace-nicks” be in order to fall for the tricks of dictators, thugs and murderers?

    • Doyle

      Dan — do your research on Marx before grouping him with the likes you have —



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