Why Abortion Is A Live Issue This Election

Liberal Catholics often deemphasize abortion around election time. That’s especially true this year, when they claim that even if Republicans take a house or two in Congress they won’t be able to do anything because (thanks to them) Obama is still President and can veto pro-life legislation.

However, this thinking is erroneous. Abortion is extremely relevant to tomorrow’s election for many reasons, despite and in some instances because Obama is President. Here are just a few examples.

1) The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act. Rep. Chris Smith’s bill would ban federal funding for abortion, not only in Obamacare but throughout the federal government, and permanently. Many Democrats will not vote against this bill, but when the Democrats are in charge they will make sure it goes nowhere. If it is part of a budget bill Obama will have a very hard time vetoing it, and if he does issue a veto he would show how extremely pro-abortion he really is.

2) Conscience protections. Republicans will likely bolster conscience protections for pro-life physicians, professionals and hospitals. Again, if Democrats are in charge they will not let the bill get off the ground, but they will have a hard time voting against it. Obama, for his part, has been able to talk as if he is in favor of conscience protections, while he acts wholly against them by his rescission of the most important conscience protection to pass in the last decade. He will either sign conscience protections, or betray his extremism in vetoing them, but only with Republicans in charge.

3) DC abortion funding. Thanks to Republicans abortion funding by tax dollars was illegal in DC, but President Obama and his party changed that in 2009 and unleashed unlimited baby-killing tax dollars in our nation’s capital. Republicans can and will likely change it back, and Obama will have a hard time vetoing it as part of the budget.

4) Embryo destruction. Democrats are on the verge of changing federal law to lift the ban on taxpayer funding of embryo destructive research. But even with some Republicans supporting such research, tomorrow’s election would change the situation. Solid embryo-destructive Democratic votes would be lost, recent scientific advances rendering embryo destruction obselete would bring some Republicans back into the pro-life fold, and tea party aversion to government spending would deter a movement to spend-spend-spend on fruitless, unethical research.

5) Overseas tax dollars to abortionists. Obama changed the Mexico City policy that had, under Republicans, stopped federal money from going to overseas abortionists like Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes. Moreover, Democrats are trying to codify Obama’s indernational abortion funding position. Republicans would stop such codification of evil, and could try to codify the pro-life policy.

6) Military abortions. The Democrats are on the verge of changing (Republican) laws to put abortions into military hospitals. Republicans will likely stop this and/or fix it if Democrats do it during the lame duck session.

7) Obamacare oversight. Obamacare gives HHS massive discretionary power to create rules that mandate abortion, abortifacient drugs and birth control by health providers and insurance plans. Republicans can and will likely stop this in various ways, as a way to call attention to the real flaws in the Obamacare regime.

These are just the tip of the iceburg, and other core Catholic issues are at stake with Republican control (like protecting marriage from judicial activism that is arrogantly creating constitutional rights). Abortion is indeed a core issue in tomorrow’s election, one that weighs as heavily as it ever has.



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  • JohnE

    Good points. Whether or not Roe v. Wade is ever overturned, the pro-death camp will not be finished until abortion, embryonic stem cell research, contraception, euthanasia, gay “marriage”, etc., is approved, funded, accepted, and expanded.



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