Why Defunding the UNFPA Will Do More Good Than We Can Know

I was excited when HR 2059, a bill designed to eliminate taxpayer funding of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) won the GOP-sponsored “YouCut” contest back in May (showing again that the grassroots are strongly pro-life).

The UNFPA sends money from American taxpayers to the United Nations population control agency that supports China’s brutal one child policy, for instance, as well as a whole host of international efforts aimed at destroying natural fertility and bodily integrity. The UNFPA is often directly at-odds with the Catholic Church, lobbying on opposite sides of issues, for instance in the Philippines. UNFPA funding also goes to U.S.-based propaganda groups, such as Reproductive Health Care Reality Check.

In other words, American taxpayers are funding an organization that supports inhuman practices such as China’s one-child policy, that directly opposes the Catholic Church’s moral voice internationally, and that sponsors third-party groups to disseminate falsehoods about human sexuality, abortion, and contraception (Steven Moser, president of the Population Research Institute, has an excellent book on the subject of international “population control” groups like the UNFPA, and the incredible tragedy they have caused).

Bottom line: we know all the reasons why the UNFPA should be defunded completely. We know many of the things they are doing are worthy of censure. What scares me is wondering how many things they’re doing we don’t know about. All the more reason, I say, to defund them completely.

Recently, the GOP, pro-life controlled House approved cutting the $40 million funding of the UNFPA, and then the Democrat, pro-abortion controlled Senate promptly restored the funding.

As active pro-lifers, we need to get into the habit of encouraging our representatives in Congress to not only defund Planned Parenthood, but to defund groups like the UNFPA that pose a domestic and global threat to creating a culture of life.

Please contact your Representatives in the House and Congress and demand that they defund the UNFPA. If you have the CatholicVote App on Android or iPhone, it will automatically put you in touch with your reps.

You can also take action through CatholicVote’s action page dedicated to ending taxpayer funding of the UN Population Fund here.

Finally, this seems like a good place to embed the latest video in PRI’s Overpopulation Is A Myth series, because this pervasive myth is one of the ideological driving forces behind the UNFPA:





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