Why Do Liberals Love to Hate Catholic Schools?

A former Catholic school teacher, Christa Dias, is suing the Archdiocese of Cincinnati for firing her after she artificially inseminated herself to conceive a child out of wedlock, which is a violation of the teachings of the Church and of her employment contract. Meanwhile, Carla Hale continues her battle against the Diocese of Columbus after being dismissed for her making her lesbian “spousal” relationship public knowledge. In both cases, the question must be asked, why have these cases attracted so much furor on the Left? The answer may have something to do with the dreadful state of public education in our inner cities.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that Hale had a divorce and now cohabits with her lesbian partner leaving her children with a “blended” (i.e., broken) family of mom, dad, and two step-moms–or perhaps a step-aunt? The study of genealogy is notably silent on the terminology for such creative arrangements. Apparently the extended Hale family lives by the apocryphal African proverb that “it takes a village to raise a child.” Meanwhile, the AFL-CIO has vowed to join in the public intimidation of the Catholic Church, undoubtedly with their usual thuggish tactics.

These liberal forces that are attacking the Church are biting the hand that feeds the people they claim to represent. Catholic schools provide an indispensible service, especially to inner city families that cannot afford secular private schools. After decades of neglect and mismanagement under one-party rule, inner city public schools are so bad that even by the third grade, urban students are already far behind their suburban peers. Catholic schools, on the other hand, are consistently awarded for their high standards while at the same time providing tuition assistance to underprivileged youths as part of the Church’s mission of Christian charity.

Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery by Alessandro Turchi, c. 1600

Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery by Alessandro Turchi, c. 1600

Charity does not mean that the Catholic Church must abandon its most sacred and central mission, which is the salvation of mankind. Contrary to the blabbering of dissidents who claim the Catholic Church is in need of liberal reforms, the Church has always been most concerned with the repentance and forgiveness of sin from the beginning when Jesus poured out the Holy Spirit upon the disciples in the upper room. However, the confession of sin must arise from a contrite heart. Jesus tells us to “go and sin no more.” He does not tell us, “do whatever makes you feel happy.” Grace alone is not enough. We must also do good works.

There is no question whatsoever that both women violated Church teachings or their contractual obligations. They certainly are not living according to the commandment of Jesus that the sacred matrimonial bond between one man and woman which is consummated in the act of procreation–the literal and figurative union of two into one flesh–must never be broken. Furthermore, the case of Christa Dias puts paid to the absurd argument offered by Carla Hale’s defenders that the Catholic Church would never fire a straight teacher for immoral conduct. Man or woman, gay or straight, sex outside of marriage is always immoral. It doesn’t matter who is doing what to whom.

However, instead of leaving this as an internal disciplinary matter, liberals are obsessed with enforcing secular values on the Catholic Church because Catholic institutions provide essential public services that threaten their power–especially in the inner city where liberals are accustomed to wielding absolute and unchallenged control. True charity given freely undermines the social engineering through coercive force which is the centerpiece of modern liberalism. Liberals believe what they say about diversity and inclusion, but they reserve a special enmity towards the Catholic Church precisely because its insistence on good works and subsidiarity is a glorious and brilliant inconvenience to the entire liberal project.

  • Delphin

    Same-o, same-o, whenever a Faithful Catholic has an opinion contrary to unfaithful Catholics agenda, they are called haters. When the liberals whine-record is finally worn out, what song will then be sung? It’s get in line with the liberals or be labeled a hater. Nothing new to see here, move long.


    Politics aside, I think Sheesh makes a good point. There’s a lot of negativity on this site that seems counter-productive. The author brings up some good points here about what good things Catholic schools/hospitals do but somehow has to point out that “liberals are accustomed to wielding absolute and unchallenged control”. On the front page of this site there’s an article that talks about how many BAD cities there are for Catholics and also ridicules Obama for having someone hold an umbrella for him. Can we take a step back from the negativity please? I really think it just turns people off from what should be a very positive message.

  • Seamus

    People on the left more than on the right tend to call anyone who disagrees with them a hater. They believe that calling someone a hater will stop you from giving your view. Those people must hate free speech.

  • Peter

    Sheesh says,

  • Nicolas McAfee

    Not sure what you mean bro. An explanation of Church teachings (in which the author stresses the proper use of compassion–not hate) doesn’t seem to be hateful. If you find some sort of ad-hom or low blow that is “hateful,” point it out. There are plenty of positive articles on this site, but it’s primary purpose would appear to be informing Catholic voters, not necessarily evangelization. And the fact that the Democratic Party platform of today (not that of our yesteryear Catholic immigrant families) stands in direct opposition to many unchangeable Church teachings isn’t the Church’s fault.

  • Sheesh

    Why do conservative “Catholics” love to hate liberals? Why do you “hate” anyone? Everything I read on this “Catholic” site is mean-spirited and just angry. I don’t imagine people would come to this site and see the beauty of being Catholic, just thinly veiled Republican talking points.

    • breidenc

      The Beauty of being Catholic is its teachings, which include the solidarity of going into the poor neighborhoods and teaching the poor, thus lifting them out of poverty; and relying on subsidiarity to accomplish these goals because human interaction is always far better than bureaucratic ineffectiveness. Jesus said that we, personally, will be held accountable for our actions towards the poor, not the government. Just because this site utters a truth, does not mean that it is “mean-spirited” or “angry.” That you do not engage the points and contradict them with evidence shows you have not thought through the implications of Church teaching on everyday life. There is no indication that these writers “hate” liberals, only that they believe liberals to be mistaken about the beauty of Catholicism. That is the goal, is it not? To share the beauty of Christ in the world and changing it for the better? What is “mean-spirited” about upholding Christ’s teachings without ever calling them names?



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