Why do we support marriage as a union of one man and one woman?


It’s not about romance. And it’s not about the desires of adults.

Speaking before lawmakers in Indiana yesterday, Ryan Anderson eloquently stated why the state has an interest in marriage that goes beyond our feelings and emotions:

“Whenever a child is born, a mother will always be close by. That’s a fact of biology. The question for culture and the question for law is: Will a father be close by? And if so, for how long? Marriage is the institution that different cultures and societies across time and place developed to maximize the likelihood that that man commits to that woman, and that the two of them take responsibility to raise that child….” 

“The state’s interest in marriage is not that it cares about my love life, or your love life, or anyone’s love life just for the sake of romance. The state’s interest in marriage is ensuring that those kids have fathers who are involved in their lives.

Well stated.

Actually, I encourage you all to watch Ryan Anderson’s testimony to the Indiana House Judiciary. Take 11 minutes to brush up on the best and most sound defenses of why the state should define marriage as a man and a woman.




  • danny c. serrano

    common sense well articulated on marriage can not be redefined by men’s passion or romance and emotional attachment of same sexes by nature and purpose, biologically, sociologically father and mother can only be performed and attributed by man and woman.

  • Chris

    Excellent, excellent, excellent. I love to hear common sense articulated so well.

  • John Barge

    Wouldn’t a marriage between a man and a woman still happen if gay marriage happens? Or would men and women stop marrying

    • Bill

      John, Gay couples also want to bring up children. But every child deserves to have a mom and a dad. Gay adoption automatically starts with either a mom or a dad missing.

  • nanette rogers

    because of sin people will always try to change Gods design for life.
    whether it is marriage or gender. man thinks he has the answer to life. God is patient but will not be mocked. He made us and defined us and created marriage. the Bible speaks the truth about how we want to go our own way. it seems right to us. but He warns us it leads to death. our own way is a wide road. many others will be on that road with us. so it seems right. God’s road is narrow. not everyone wants to obey Him or believe him. this road is far less traveled. this is my road. John 1:9 is the only way to get you on this road. confess our sins to Jesus and believe on His name and accept the gift of grace that He gave at the cross. there is no other way. many have tried to redefine how to get to God. there is only one way. God bless those who are standing for the truth. there is mercy and grace at the cross. Jesus is alive and well and ready to forgive. He loves you. stop going your own way,…it only leads to destruction. Go to the Bible and read and ask for forgiveness today.

  • Steve

    Marriage is union between two people. If two people of the same sex aren’t allowed to marry then I give up on America. Land of the free? Yeah right.

    • Gene Church

      OK. Then bye Steve. America has always stood in favor of matrimony between a man and a woman. You wish to redefine the terms, and call that freedom. You have a handful of countries available to you now.

      • Rob

        Uh, America also stood for no interracial marriage. You can leave too, please.

        • RocketQueen

          Uhh, interracial marriage doesn’t violate natural law. People of different races can reproduce. People of the same sex cannot. That’s the difference.

    • Bill

      What has the world come to when people actually believe two men or two woman should get married. What strange notion will be next? And how odd that people think it strange to support marriage between only a man and a woman. This is not progress. It is falling back into hedonism.

  • Thomas

    Okay, Thank you; Any questions? (didn’t think so)



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