Why I’m Done Lobbying Obama: Because It’s Time to Focus on Defeating Him.

I am done lobbying this President. It is futile. I am now 100% focused on defeating and replacing him in 2012.

All the reports indicate that President Obama only issued his false compromise last Friday in an effort to placate far-left Catholics who he sees as essential to his re-election campaign. The combined outcry of basically every Catholic bishop in this country, on top of the massive grassroots effort undertaken by Catholics and other people of faith did not matter to him. This President is against us. That’s why we must defeat him in 2012.

I respect those who wish to continue lobbying the White House and I wish them well. But make no mistake: I believe their activity is pointless. This President will not listen. And last Friday’s false compromise was the last straw for me.

Let me be stronger: if we are not working actively to replace President Obama on November 6th and if we are not doing our utmost to create a Congress that will work with a new President to protect religious liberty we are complicit in this singular attack on our Catholic and American identity.

We’re going to be tempted in the next weeks and months to get distracted by a host of other things. We can’t let this happen. The President’s strategy is to delay and confuse us until after election day. Don’t be fooled. If we give President Obama four more years of unfettered opportunity to enact his agenda it will be terrible for the country and disastrous for us Catholics.

The President can do what he has done to us because a majority of Americans voted for him in 2008. The only thing that will stop the President is if we take away his elected power in 2012, and take away the power of those in Congress who have committed themselves to attacking the Church. It’s the only lesson they will ever remember: us defeating them because they trespassed on our sovereign right to religious freedom — on our right to live and be Catholic.

Everything we do as Catholics in this country — from fighting for the dignity of the unborn, to defending the sanctity of marriage, to operating our whole social services apparatus and growing our efforts to evangelize — is premised on our right to be, to live and to fully act Catholic.

This President has fired more than a warning shot across the bow of the bark of Peter: he’s put us on a path towards state-imposed dhimmitude.

Let me make a prediction. If nothing is done to replace this President and take back Congress, some bishop next year, like Bishop Robert Lynch who administers his own insurance plan for diocesan employees, will violate the Obama/HHS mandate by refusing to pay for contraception, sterilization, and pills that cause abortions. He will then be faced with massive fines that will either force him to bankrupt his diocese or go to jail. And he will not be alone. Other self-insured Catholics will face crippling penalties or they will go to jail, rather than violate their Catholic conscience. This will happen.

The only way to prevent this from happening is to change the law by defeating those who created the law – President Obama, his appointees and the Democrats in Congress.

That’s it. Catholics face a choice in 2012: will we stand up for our faith, or buckle?

I don’t intend to buckle, and I don’t intend to get distracted. I’m angered by what this President has done, but because of our democracy there is something I can do: I can organize myself and others to vote him and his anti-Catholic allies out of office in 2012.

That’s what I’ll be focusing on for the next 267 days, until November 6th. Because so many of the things I care about and have written about on these pages is in jeapordy if I do not focus on this task.

Some will argue that it’s misplaced for us to focus on politics and elections — that the battle is instead cultural and interpersonal. But our cultural and personal witness means nothing if we simultaneously surrender the political and electoral battle. The most powerful witness for our faith and convictions we can make is to fight for it publicly, in the public square and in our democratic institutions.

On the practical and immediate level, having followed the Republican primary since the very beginning, I believe Rick Santorum is the best candidate to beat Barack Obama in November. Others may disagree and I respect that. But I ask them to unite with me in supporting whoever the Republican nominee is in the more important struggle to defeat Obama.

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And please continue to pray for me, for the Church, and for America.



  • PBinFlorida

    Tom, thank you for the good work in compiling these lists. Appreciate your newly zealous dedication to removing this president and replacing him with one who WILL “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” but I hope all who are following you here realize that President Obama has been a dangerous, anti-life radical bent on “fundamentally transforming” this country, while despising all the Catholic Church stands for, since long before his election and throughout his entire term. Absolutely nothing new in this latest assault on our God-given, Constitutional rights. He’s simply doing us the “service” of being more brazenly open about it than ever before. I thank God for that, frankly, and pray He’ll now keep us WIDE AWAKE to these grave dangers and all we MUST do to turn them back once and for all.

  • Brian English

    So we are agreed, no one sits out the general election (and that is even if Romney is the GOP candidate).

  • ayoungcatholic

    I’m hoping that when the HHS mandate is in effect, that many Catholic institutions, will just flat out ignore the mandate, and that so many arrests will generate a great outcry from the people who have no idea what’s going on in Washington, and other people who don’t understand what the mandate means.

  • Fr Nick Mansell

    I live in middle Georgia and we are full of conservatives.
    I endorsed the defeating of Obama a few weekends ago from
    the podium (during the parish announcements) and received
    applause at all Masses. Then I received some not so nice
    letters from people, 4 of the five were black. These folks
    were extremely upset because I would dare suggest that we
    replace the first African-American president-for them it
    boiled down to one thing: I was a white racist bashing their
    president. I was horrified until I did some reading on the
    internet about a 98% approval rating among a group that largely
    does not approve of either abortion or same sex marriage.
    Obama is the worst that we’ve had in the White House in
    my lifetime and I would hope this HHS mandate will lead to his
    defeat Pray Pray Pray

  • Charles F.

    I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments expressed in this article. I have also felt the danger lurking, that we will move on to other topics and forget about this one…or care a little less, and a little less, and forget…but the Edict of Obama endures. We must get him out of power.

    If I may point out a blog I started, in order to chronicle these events, and provide one place for the many articles and much news about this upheaval of peace…and in order to do something to help:

  • Brian English

    Can we focus please. I consider Ron Paul’s foreign policy views to be delusional and dangerous. However, if the election came down to him and Obama, I would not hesitate for a second to vote for Paul. People have to remember we are electing a president, not a king (something the current occupant of the White House appears to have forgotten). If you don’t like certain positions of the GOP candidate, the House and, hopefully, the Senate, can restrain them.

    • Dave

      I could have written exactly what you said, except substitute “Rick Santorum” for “Ron Paul”

      To be honest, though, I think we need a prayer crusade. Right now, it doesn’t look hopeful, from a human perspective, that any of the GOP candidates will defeat Obama.

      Please join me in praying the Rosary and/or Divine Mercy by pledging your prayers at http://www.rosariesforlife.com, that the leader who would best lead us back to God’s plan for America would be elected.

      That said, I think the Paul/Santorum discussions are helpful, as if people could coalesce around one candidate, it would make things a lot easier. I recognize that this, too, will probably not happen without divine intervention.



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