Weekend Question: Why is the Catholic Left Inactive on LiveAction?

I’ve been writing all week about LiveAction’s efforts to expose Planned Parenthood’s serial assaults on women.

I was curious to find out what the progressive Catholic blogosphere had to say about this story – a story which has garnered national headlines.

It turns out: nothing. They have nothing to say about it.

U.S. Catholic was busy with stories which contained headlines like “Celebrate Interfaith Harmony” and “Packers create scandal!”

American Magazine added a part 2 to its “Hindu Reading of the Sermon” series

Vox Nova is now asking “Did Mike Huckabee just defend ethnic cleansing?”

Commonweal devoted several posts this week to the situation in Egypt – which is completely laudable – but if they have time to blog about Mad Men, why not LiveAction?

Michael Sean Winters at National Catholic Reporter writes “Gingrich Barred from Catholic Colleges” and about Barbara Bush the Younger coming out for Same-Sex Marriage (I’m especially surprised at Winters’ silence, as he does normally care for the unborn and for common ground on the abortion issue. What is more common ground than saying abortionists ought not to exploit women illegally?)

Catholics United was simply inactive. Apparently threats to Obamacare are a five-alarm fire, but the nationwide abuse of women by the country’s largest abortion provider? Yawn.

Catholics In Alliance for the Common Good? Still in hibernation waiting for the 2012 election.

Catholics for Equality? They only care about their narrow version of “equality.”

Why do I bring this up? Obviously, no one has to write about anything. But all of these blogs claim to represent a solid Catholic perspective. Many of them particularly claim they are seriously committed to righting the wrongness of abortion. Many of them complain about the topics I tend to focus on, saying that focus makes me guilty of ignoring other serious human rights issues and abuses in our society.

And yet, when we are presented with one of the greatest opportunities in our lifetime to defund Planned Parenthood (as I have been urging) and to change people’s hearts, minds and awareness about abortion, the abortion industry, and the women it harms by simply talking about the crimes and abuses that LiveAction’s small, dedicated team has exposed…


I think that tells us something.



  • John

    Remember that a majority of Catholics voted for the most pro-abortion president in history. The reason why the Catholic Left is silent on the Planned Parenthood videos is that they support Planned Parenthood, just as they support Barack Obama, no matter what. Some of them are liberal first and Democrat second; others are Democrat first and liberal second; but all of them put their Catholic faith third, at best.

    Some of them, probably a good number, can barely be described as Catholic. They go to Mass once a week or so, spend the hour daydreaming about sports and porn, then go on their way, thinking about what devout, great Catholics they are because they put up with the drudgery of a Mass on a Sunday when they could be indulging in sports and/or porn instead. Easter Sunday isn’t celebrated in their house, because, you know, they’re not that religious. But they’re devout Catholics, for sure!

  • Adele

    Maybe, it’s because it’s not shocking. Society is going down the tubes, and who’s surprised if Planned Parenthood would help hide and encourage child prostitution. They’re killing babies after all and it’s been promoted for years on MTV. Ho hum.



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