Why Obama is in Danger of Losing the Catholic Vote in 2012

In an op-ed for The Hill, John Feehery nails Obama’s Catholic Problem:

The Obama administration is treading on dangerous water here. Catholics don’t vote as a straight bloc, but winning the Catholic vote is critical to winning elections.

Catholics also don’t necessarily all agree on every issue. There are plenty of pro-choice Catholic voters, just as there are orthodox Catholics who agree with the pope on everything.

But what Catholic voters don’t like is the idea of the federal government attacking the church for being what it is.

That last line is the money quote: Catholics don’t like being attacked for simply being Catholic.

That’s what the Obama administration has been doing when it, for instance, mandates Catholic hospitals to cover contraception [help CatholicVote oppose this], or when the (Obama-stacked) National Labor Relations Board decides that St. Xavier –a Catholic university– is not Catholic enough, and that it can force the university to accept labor unions.

These two issues are only the tip of the iceberg. I’ve chronicled in the past years numerous other instances where Obama has made it difficult for the Catholic Church to pursue her mission: on conscience rights, on protecting the unborn, on preserving and promoting the institution of marriage, on religious liberty — you name it. But don’t just take my word, read what Feehery writes.

In fact, there’s good evidence to suggest that Obama has already lost the Catholic Vote. The question is whether he can possibly get it back. It’s critical that he does — because, as Feehery and others point out, if you lose the Catholic vote in the presidential election, you lose. Period.

Here’s why Obama has probably already lost the Catholic Vote — or why it is at least up for grabs. Exit polling from the last national elections in 2010 show, depending on which polls you consult, anywhere from a 24-point to an 18-point Catholic swing from supporting Democrats to supporting Republicans. The Associated Press claimed Catholics supported the GOP by 58%, CNN said it was 55%, and a CNN exit poll pegged Catholic support of the GOP in 2010 at 53%.

Bush beat Kerry in 2004 with only 52% of the Catholic Vote. Which means that whatever poll you consult, Obama was already at least 6 points behind Bush’s 2004 winning-level of support in 2010, and Obama’s poll numbers have only decreased since then.

Here’s the caveat: lots of Democrats didn’t go out and vote in 2010, and off-year elections are always tougher on the incumbent party in power (in 2010 that was the Democrats). Additionally, Democrats largely neglected Catholic outreach in the 2010 elections. So 2012 will be more of an uphill climb because we can count on Democrats to have learned their lesson about not courting Catholics. But the prognosis remains favorable if the current trends hold.

That’s why we’ll need all hands on deck to keep Catholics in the column of the candidate and party that best represents Catholic social teaching on foundational issues as life, marriage, family, subsidiarity, and religious freedom in 2012.

Please visit CatholicVote’s homepage to see how you can immediately help.

And continue to prepare for the good fight ahead.




    This is the fourth straight presidential election that my Catholic Bishops have come up with a way to instruct me and the Catholic community to vote Republican! “ Vote for Life” was the original battle cry, then something else and then something else and last to preserve religious freedom. Funny, the religious freedom, lecture was given from the pulpit while we were attending Mass at the church of our choosing.

    What has voting Republican gotten us?

    America attack on 911 after it was necessary to replace the weak liberal Democrats.

    A president Bush drummed up Iraq War.

    After 911, a world sympathy for USA turned to hate and distrust.

    A world al-Qaeda movement more powerful than ever before.

    To assure reelection Bush creates the “Bush Tax relief”.

    Deficit control of the previous administration blow completely out of the water.

    Investment institutions gamble with public money then create worthless derivatives and destroy the financial market.

    Are these enough reasons to be suspicious of following the dictates of the American Bishops to Vote Republican.

    They are for me…

  • Frank Galmish in Denver

    No orthodox Catholic can for for a killer of innocent babies or any true man or woman but only a bully coward

    • tkneuer

      So you’re not going to vote … right? After all, Romney promotes abortion for rape and incest! … like the baby knows the difference! When was the last time you went to family practice and tried to talk someone out of an abortion …. what … never? Oh, so you expect the President to do it for you huh???? ….. coward!

  • Flamingo

    It’s about religious freedom. The Catholic Church shouldn’t have to lose theirs because someone wants their health care to cover a $9 a month pill or contract an abortion through a pill. If you want to be sexually promiscuous, that is your own problem. Don’t expect others to pay for your choices.

  • lone ranger

    obum, will not, I repeat not get the catholic vote..he promotes blasfamy

    • tkneuer

      He promotes the constitution of the United States, his job isn’t to promote religion! The Catholic bishops have failed at their attempt to stop abortion, so they blame the U.S. administration. BUT, the Church likes Romney who promotes abortion for incest and rape. Then it’s ok huh????



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