Weigel on the Rise of Anti-Catholic Catholics

Quote (and headline) shamelessly lifted from Joe Carter at First Thoughts:

Ecclesiastes notwithstanding, there is something new under the sun in the annals of American anti-Catholicism; and that something is the rise of the anti-Catholic Catholics, self-described Catholics who make a career (or at least part of a career) out of mounting endless attacks on the Church, its settled beliefs, its leadership, and its people. Like the Nast/rationalist anti-Catholicism of the past, today’s Catholic anti-Catholicism is a left-of-center phenomenon that, in secular guise, often reflects the critiques of the Church mounted by so-called “Catholic progressives”: The Church is hopelessly sexist; the Church is hopelessly sex-obsessed; the Church is cruel to women and gays; the Church is hypocritical. And, of course and most recently, the Church is a global criminal conspiracy of child rapists and their abettors, which “fact” validates the other charges in the standing indictment just cited. — George Weigel on Maureen Dowd’s Catholic Problem

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  • Fred

    I am a convert and came to the Catholic Church, because of the its clarity and stance on issues, for its purity and morals, and for its adherence to what was the original Church that Jesus founded – not what the protestants have been trying to make up. So, it saddens me that after being Catholic for 5 years now that I’ve discovered that there are protestants within the Catholic Church and they refuse to leave, because they are determined that God was wrong and they are right, so they want things changed to fit their twisted vision of the world. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would come home to the Catholic Church and then find a handful of people trying to shove the same garbage down my throat that I just left. Sigh. Thank God that the Pope can help protect us from this turning into the episcopalian church.

  • Kelli

    I thought the rise was Traditional Catholicism? I thought more Catholics were trending back to the “Old Ways”? Make up your mind which one it is? You look like a flip flopper when you play both ends!

    • Jeff

      Who at Catholicvote said traditionalism was on the rise? Can you provide references?

  • Patty in CT

    These taunts are as old as the Church Herself. As a matter of fact, I know I’m only living my faith well, when dissenters to my religion pelt me with these same quotes you’ve listed above.

    It’s more that people are projecting to avoid the Truth.

  • Bill

    These people are the chaff opposing the wheat. God allows this to occur. What are “Catholics” who choose not to live the teachings of the Church supposed to do if they choose not to leave? I had an elderly Catholic lady in my office today exclaiming that her son and his male “partner” had just completed 20 years of living together. I started to cite #2357 of the CCC, the last line of which concludes on homosexual acts, “Under no circumstances can they be approved.” What would be my point in mentioning this? The Traditional chapel my wife and I attend assumes that the small but increasing members who are congregants wish to be saints! The priests’ words fall on fertile soil! There is no kicking against the goad. THE ONLY POINT TO BEING CATHOLIC IS TO SAVE ONE’S SOUL. The chaff is focused on temporal, secular goals. Let them have it.

  • zach

    wow. this really is proof that its about time for me to finally leave Roman Catholicism. too bad, I really enjoyed daily Mass today with the visiting African bishop at our church today. If romanists want a purer, unquestioning, uncritizing, smaller church without room for or wanting to engage in real dialouge with their catholyc brothers or sisters, you can have it.

    • Jeff

      “If romanists want a purer, unquestioning, uncritizing, smaller church without room for or wanting to engage in real dialouge…”
      This is a straw man.
      While “purer” would certainly be preferable to “less pure,” we Papists welcome questions, legitimate criticisms, and real dialogue with anyone.
      What we don’t want is for a very vocal minority to try to redefine what it means to be Catholic for the rest of us.
      I for one would ask you to continue to attend daily mass, and to join the rest us in praying for a humble heart that is joyfully submissive to the teaching authority bestowed on the apostles and their successors by our Lord.

  • Skip

    Thomas, we shouldn’t be too surprised that this bigotry comes from our own. In Germany there were Jews (secular) who were not against the Nazis rise to power.



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