Will the FIFA Showdown Be a Papal Throwdown?


Courtesy of the very funny folks at CatholicMemes.com.

Who saw this coming? The papal craziness hits a new high on Sunday, July 13 — OMIGOSH, it’s 7/13, and Pope Francis was elected on 3/13/13, and my mind is blown — when Argentina goes up against Germany in the finals of the FIFA World Cup of Soccer/Football, in Rio de Janeiro, host city for Francis’ triumphal “Pope-acabana” phenomenon at 2013 World Youth Day.

Some are even calling it the Pope Cup and hashtagging it #PopeCupSunday.

The Catholic world now faces a dilemma of intercontinental proportions.

Team Benedict XVI or Team Francis? And if you pick one team over the other, are you being disloyal to either the Pope Emeritus or the Pope?

And we all know how much Pope Francis loves his Buenos Aires home team, but he did tell Barcelona newspaper La Vanguardia that he didn’t pray for an Argentinian win against Brazil.

He’s quoted as saying, “The Brazilians asked for neutrality. I’ll keep my word, because Brazil and Argentina are always opponents.”

So, rather than worrying about traddies taking on VII types in parish halls in psalm-rapping throwdowns, or the Latin Mass crowd busting into Gregorian chant in the middle of a happy-clappy pop Mass (although both of those would be AWESOME — and I’m not insinuating that Pope Francis approves of pop Masses, so take those hands off the keyboards), let’s take the Holy Father’s lead and see this as an opportunity to learn how to pray properly about sports.

You know what I mean, that advice that everybody ignores, which is to pray for everyone to do their best, for no injuries, and for the best team on the day to win.

Stop laughing. You can do it. I know you can.

Papa is watching.


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  • Panda Rosa

    For the last word on the subject check out Jason Back’s Cartoon blog. http://www.jasonbachcartoons.com/catholic-18.html

  • Margarita Villaseñor

    Food for thought: Miroslav Klone, Germany’s soccer hero was born in Poland. Since the winner of the World Cup is really who makes the most goals, I think we can say with certainty that Poland will also be very well represented in Sunday’s final. Having said that, this not about 2 Popes but 3!!! Truly this is the World Cup of the Popes!! Godincidence??? ♡ #Happy Catholic#PopeCupSunday#WorldCup2014



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