Words of wisdom from President Obama?

President Obama has opted to participate in the “It Gets Better” campaign, where high-level celebrities record short videos for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual teenagers telling them that whatever discrimination they face now, “it will get better”.

What “universal principle” does the President employ to communicate his message of tolerance and acceptance? See for yourself:

“Each of us deserves the freedom to pursue our own version of happiness.”

If ever there was a mantra of radical relativism, this would have to be it. This is untethered, false freedom taken to its logical limit. Does the rapist have the “freedom” to pursue his happiness if he decides it involves molesting others? Does the murderer deserve the freedom to pursue a personal version of happiness that includes senselessly murdering innocent people? Seriously?

In the video that the President recorded on this topic, he repeats verbatim the same message about “each of us deserves the freedom to pursue our own version of happiness” and expands it “[each of us deserves the freedom] to speak our minds, to not fit in, most of all, to be true to ourselves. That’s the freedom that enriches all of us. That’s what America is all about.”

We have a President who is an expert in expressing … pablum.



  • bernard citron

    It is sites like this that make me concerned that organized religion may in fact be evil. Yes, i am using a harsh word like that. in the name of Catholicism, there was the Crusades, and the Inquisition.
    Muslim Fundatmentalism, spurns on terroism. Zionism in the name of Judiasm spurns on the discrimination of Palestinians, which further spurns on violence.
    How can someone who claims to be a Christian profess such ideology?
    It absolutely is at odds with the Bible, and the Teachings of Jesus Christ (even if one doesn’t believe JC was the messiah)
    Wasn’t Mary a ‘women of the night”…yet she is ‘blessed”
    What happened to turn the other cheek?
    This ideology is as evil a statement as was Hitlers, or any other despotic ruler of the past.
    You should be excommunicated for thoughts like this. Maybe then, when you are not hiding behind perverted organized ‘religion’ you will possibly gain real enlightenment.

  • mattyd

    I think sentiments like those expressed in Peter’s post go a long way in keeping people from getting closer to Jesus. I hope that any prospective Christians — especially young and gay — who come across this blog will understand that Thomas Peters does not speak for the Catholic Church. And that his narrow insensitivity is not necessarily representative of the larger Catholic community.

    • Thomas Peters

      mattyd – by the same token, your grade-school level knowledge of the faith does not debunk mature expressions of it. pax.

      • Upset Catholic

        As a young Catholic who happens to be gay, I think I have liscense to speak here. I’ve been around intolerant people who preach the same message as you Thomas. I’ve also been around people like Leigh. If you want young people to embrace God’s love, you’re doing it completly wrong. Thomas, call me disordered because I was born attracted to the same sex. Call me morally wrong because if I see a good looking guy, I get turned on, in the same way that any man does when he sees a good looking girl, and vice versa. And go call a kid in a wheelchair since birth disordered and morally wrong because he/she was born different than you. Thomas, I know my LORD and my LORD knows me. You don’t. And to be fair, I don’t know you. You could be a decent peson for all I know. But from your blog posts, you come off as an insensitive, hate filled individual who is using religion and “the letter of the law” as St. Paul puts it, to bully around people who are only different than you in what gives them a boner (and you can call this a childish statement all you want. We’re adults. We can use adult language with each other.) Not everyone has doctricts in theology. But some of us know more about love than others.

      • Upset Catholic

        You know what? I’m going to take a higher road. Thomas, I offer to meet with you one on one so that we can have an adult discussion about faith, Church teaching, and being gay. I am a student in DC and quite frankly, I feel that this would be beneficial for both of us. Will you meet your brother half way? Readers of this post, reach out. I dare Thomas Peters to. And I dare you to as well. Just as I am doing right now.

    • Bruce

      Who speaks for the Catholic Church?

      • Irishtroubadour

        All those who follow the truths of the faith. Remember, this isn’t a Church that got into a squabble with its parishoners and decided to found another church, it is a Church that has been around for a long time, and has taken the time to look at a great many things and voice the concerns and statements of God through prayer and thought. That is why the Truths of the Catholic Church are so powerful, becuase they’ve been researched, thought out, and prayed about. So go ahead and bash her (the Church) becuase Jesus is still at her head.

      • Bruce

        Still waiting for a reply here, Matt. Who defines the doctrines and dogmas of the Catholic Church? Who speaks for the Church?

        • David

          The pope and the magisterium speak for the Church.

          • Bruce

            Yes, David, and how do we know that? Why is that a reasonable assumption to make? From whence does their authority come?

    • Irishtroubadour

      mattyd, I would also ask how much studying you’ve done in Theology. I don’t see you posting your backing of what your saying, nor do I see any evidence that you’ve taken the time to study Theology. At least I see that Thom does have the backing and the lettering after his name for the degrees in which he’s achieved to study Theology. So those prospective Christians, guess what, you have to fight the good fight. Fighting inclinations such as Same-sex attraction is fighting the good fight. Just like a heterosexual person would fight against lusting after someone, or another person after pornography. Thomas does have the credentials to speak on topics that the Catholic Church teaches, so he’s not narrow minded, and his words can be misconstrued as being insensitive becuase our culture had decided “that you can be happy in whatever you want” which simply is not the case. The only person who can give you true happiness is Jesus Christ. I think that is a given. Biologically we can see that God created man and women to compliment eachother, esepcially in Sex. Sexual relations in Gay relationships simply are not complimentary. Give me proof that Anal-intercourse was made for recieving like a women’s gential structure is. Everything about intercouse between man and women was made to compliment eachother; the rectum was made to deficate. Man has the ability to do whatever they want, but that is why rules were put into place so that we wouldn’t live like animals or in chaos. If someone liked to have sexual relations with their pet becuase it made them happy, would we allow it? I’m not an animal hater, but look how much money people spend on them. Why shouldn’t there be a law passed saying that if someone genuinly loves their animal, why can’t they marry it?? These are just some thoughts to throw out for you to think about, and why we talk about these things. Especially when the Church talks about these things, its not amongst stupid people, but quite learned people.



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