Year in Review: Church Teachings that Pope Francis has changed


pope frankIt’s been a year since Pope Francis was elected, and what a year it has been.

First, he said “who am I to judge?” and then…well, he’s in sharp contrast to his predecessors and…um…he’s ushering in a new age of tolerance, and uh…let’s see, what else did that AP article say…?

Whatever.  The point is, no more mean Church with doctrine and morality and stuff.  Pope Francis is changing all those old, rigid teachings.  It’s like a dream come true.

So let’s review the teachings of the Church that Pope Francis has changed.











That was fun.

Check back next year – and keep right on dreaming!



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73 thoughts on “Year in Review: Church Teachings that Pope Francis has changed

  1. Wolday woldeyesus says:

    Keep me updated the Pope Francis teaching

  2. Rebecca says:

    The problem is that Pope Francis has insinuated with his remarks that changes are taking place and has caused much confusion for Catholics who are not well informed about their faith. Many sites keep stating what the Pope ‘meant to say’, but the Pope has not gone public with any clarification. His silence, in the face of what the media is publishing, is speaking louder than the articles themselves.
    How sad for all those who have poorly formed consciences and are living in a state of mortal sin, who will not know the difference because they believe what the media’s version of what the Pope has said.
    Time for simply stated and truthful clarification Pope Francis himself.

  3. Janet O'Connor says:

    Oh and by the way in the response about him making the cover of many magazines we find out today he mad the cover of Forbes as the MOST EFFECTIVE LEADER today. This can be good except like the other magazines they think he is or will change moral teaching. It is time to face this.

  4. Janet O'Connor says:

    Well how about this although Francis personally has not changed anything officially yet he will. This does not come from him but from those closest to him including Walter Kasper. Some have suggesting he gut all Moral teaching

  5. Del Agda says:

    Did it ever crossed your mind that maybe this reforms that Pope Francis is implenting was started or recommended by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis following his own judgment, implements them accordingly?

  6. Steve says:

    Zero credibility here when so much is edited. Very similar to mainstream press

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