Yet another reason why we must fight for the unborn

Abortion does not save lives. It ends them. 55 million over the past 40 years to be precise.

But that irrefutable fact didn’t stop MSNBC host Toure Neblett this past week from thanking God that abortion is legal, and that in some ways it saved his life.

Just how did it save his life? you’re probably wondering.

I’ll let Mr Neblett explain:

15 years [ago] I was in a committed relationship with a woman who I knew was just not the one. She also knew it probably wasn’t going to work out and then she got pregnant, and I was terrified.

I knew [we] were not going to be able to form a lasting family. She decided it was best to have an abortion and days later she did, we did, and in some ways that choice saved my life

Mr Neblett went on to say he was not smart enough or man enough to raise a child at that time, so he would have destroyed three lives had this woman given birth to their child. “I thank God,” he concluded, “that when I fell into a bad situation, abortion was there to save me.”

Mr. Neblett does a nice job of putting a cheery spin on a decision no one should be proud of. But what he should have said is “Look, I treated this woman as an object in order to satisfy my sexual desires. I knew full well I might end up becoming a father, but I did it anyway. What I am truly thankful for is a handful of Supreme Court justices whose decision on a court case 40 years ago allowed me to weasel my way out of taking responsibility for my actions.”

What’s curious about Mr. Neblett’s decision to thank God is that doing so contradicts everything we know about God. Didn’t God tell us not to kill one another? Didn’t Christ say there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for another? Didn’t Christ also say that when we take care of the unwanted, the poor and the neglected, we are actually taking care of Him? And didn’t Christ say “he who seeks to save his life will surely lose it”?

If Mr. Neblett was truly a family man (as he later assures his viewers he is), then why didn’t he give up his child for adoption? Why not allow this “unwanted” child to live in a household where it would be cared for? Wouldn’t that be better than denying it the gift of life all together?

The mother of Ryan Bomberger seemed to think so.

In 1970, Ryan’s biological mother was raped. Despite her pain, she chose life and decided to give him up for adoption. He was taken in by a loving, Christian family of 15 and has gone on to do many amazing things, including raising a family of his own and winning an Emmy. But what I imagine he is most proud of is his work with The Radiance Foundation, an organization he founded with his wife Bethany. The Radiance Foundation is an organization that seeks to affirm the intrinsic value of each and every person, including “unwanted” and unplanned pregnancies like the one his mother had in 1970 and the one Mr. Neblett had 15 years ago.

Here’s a brief video about Ryan’s fascinating life

As previously mentioned, Ryan is active in the pro-life movement. Just the other day he appeared on MSNBC to discuss the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade. It’s definitely worth watching.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Radiance Foundation, I encourage you to visit their website. Bravo, Ryan. Bravo. You’ve given us just one more reason to continue the fight for the unborn.



  • Paul Sadek

    Very telling was one phrase which Neblett used: “…she got pregnant….” Sorry, but I seriously doubt that she accomplished this all by herself.

  • Marvin Derks

    Let’s end abortion by ending unwanted pregnancies and not by taking the rights of women away. The only way to do that is to bring up our children in such a way so that their self-esteem is high. This will allow them to make better decisions for themselves. This is the approach that will end abortion. Parenting skills must be taught that will help parents to understand the nature of self-esteem and how instill self-esteem in their children. It’s a long range goal and well worth the effort.

    • abadilla

      “Let’s end abortion by ending unwanted pregnancies and not by taking the rights of women away.”
      Unwanted pregnancies will always be there, so getting rid of them will never happen on this earth, What we can get rid of is abortion by returning to our nation the idea that people from the moment of conception till natural death have the right to life because of their personal dignity which is the very basis of human rights.
      The “right” of a woman to kill her child only exists in the Supreme Court Judges who made that decision in 1973 and in those who have followed that lie since 1973.
      BTW, some of the Supremes who approved abortion as a supposed “right” already died and I’m presuming they are now or have already confronted the Judge of Life, the Lord of Life. I certainly do not want to be in their shoes.

      • Marvin Derks

        I disagree.

        • abadilla

          And, what does that mean?

          • Marvin Derks

            to fail to agree; differ: The conclusions disagree with the facts. The theories disagree in their basic premises.
            to differ in opinion; dissent: Three of the judges disagreed with the verdict.

          • abadilla

            But the majority agree with legalizing the killing of the unborn and because there is a Judge higher than they and they will all die, they will have to account for their failure to protect the innocent on this earth simply because they wanted to go with the current of the times rather than with basic scientific fact.

          • Marvin Derks

            How many scientists have stated that a fetus is a person or a child or a baby or children? What scientific fact are you referring to? That fetuses have unique DNA? That fetuses are human fetuses? How many scientists have stated that women do not have the right to determine when they will bring children into the world? How many scientists have stated that abortion should be illegal? Where is all this “scientific fact” you mention?

          • Msgr. Charles M. Mangan

            J.M.J. I don’t know how many scientists state that human life begins at conception, though there are some. But the opinion of a scientist wouldn’t persuade me one way or the other. My observations of and discussions with thousands of pregnant women tell me that a new, unique human life is within them . . . something has changed for them from before pregnancy until now during their pregnancy. No reputable science can legitimately deny that human life exists within the womb.

          • Marvin Derks

            In my opinion, the potential for human life exists in the womb and life begins at birth.

          • Joe M

            We’ve had this debate before and it was pointed out to you that current scientific understanding is that human life begins at conception.

            There are people who are of the opinion that the earth is flat, that Elvis is still alive and that the moon landing was faked. You are entitled to your opinion. However, in this case it is in conflict with scientific fact.

          • abadilla

            BTW, I did you an answer and it got lost in cyberspace. I wish I had the enrgy to reply to you, but I don’t.

  • abadilla

    Wow! I find it absolutely amazing that Ryan could speak at MSNBC about his situation but I saw clearly how the host wanted to deviate the whole issue to gun control. The folks at MSNBC are masters of deception, but at the very least, they reported on the March, something which the media at large ignored.

    “MSNBC host Toure Neblett this past week from thanking God that abortion is legal, and that in some ways it saved his life.”

    Amazing isn’t it, thanking the Lord of Life for killing an innocent buman life, just amazing!

  • maryforlife

    What a clear difference in mentality before and after the 1973 debacle of Roe v Wade.

  • Ann Roth

    Thanks Ryan! Thanks to Ryan’s biological mother and adopted family! Praise be to God! God bless you all.

  • Msgr. Charles M. Mangan

    J.M.J. Thank you, Professor Kokx. I am reminded that when we see the figure 55,000,000 representing the number of abortions in the U.S.A. since 1973, it refers to “surgical” abortions and doesn’t even touch those additional abortions termed “chemical,” that is, caused by pills, injections or devices.



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