“You’re not going to afford it…. You’re going to have to make choices.”

The choice quotes in this video are just too numerous to pull out. But note a couple things as you watch this video:
NJ Governor Chris Christie

  • Christie doesn’t try to sugar coat the reality to please the guy; he is sympathetic, honors the guy’s service, but he’s honest about the reality that the economy “stinks” for everyone, and everyone has to pitch in making sacrifices.
  • The questioner, even after getting an honest, comprehensive response with as much empathy as the situation allows and calls for, was still upset that he was being asked to make a sacrifice.

I offer this as a summary of what, essentially, is happening in Wisconsin and will have to happen in many other places to right our economic ship, state by state, and especially at the federal level.



  • NJ Cop’s wife

    I was unable to view this on my computer. But I assume the police officer was not swayed by Governor Christie’s points.
    My family is in a similar position. My husband is a police officer. My husband and I have lived our lives as faithful Catholics and have a large family. We have done our best to rely on God’s grace in providing for our family. Right now, as the first of our children are reaching college (after many years of Catholic school and its tuition) the rules will probably change. My husband has every intention of working as long as he can – well past the 25 year minimum – to continue to provide for our family. I am trying to find ways to bring in money as well.
    Over the years we have been sympathetic and supportive of those in other fields have lost jobs and savings. Now it is our turn. My husband has paid into his pension his whole career and he has been paying part of his insurance. I don’t believe this is true of all state workers. We accept that Chris Christie is doing what is best for NJ. We voted for him and will do so again if his pro-life views continue to seem genuine.
    But please, have a little understanding of where people like us stand. I believe that Governor Christie does show some sympathy and understanding of what this will do to us. But I would ask our fellow Catholics to do so, as well. My family will continue to rely on God’s grace and figure this out. But we and others, like the officer in this video, are a little scared right now.


      Dear NJ’ Cops Wife: Thank you for sharing your story. As the Guv says, I’ts about choice. Your husband chose became a cop. Governor Christie chose to become a lawyer, starting off with a medium size firm and making partner in six years. You may have chosen to be a stay-at-home mom. That was your choice, as was having a large family. Mrs. Christie chose to become an investment banker with Cantor Fitzgreald. When he mentioned his time in law enfrcement, I pictured him as a street cop or maybe a state or federal agent, on a stakeout, drinking cold coffee and eating dinner out of a paper bag with a picture of a clown on it at 3:00 AM. Alas he fought crime as a US attorney from a well appointed office No doubt putting in many 11 hour days, but returning to his family in the evening. No wonder he doesn’t understand what’s right and fair about shift differntials. It’s good that he campaigns as Pro-Life. I do question, however, as Governor, how many abortions his policies have prevented, especially considering he’s on record he won’t use the Governor’s office to “force that down prople’s throats.”
      To my mind, he would have more credibility if he reduced his salery to a dollar-a-year, cut his staff and put his family on one of the non-“Cadilac” health plans. Those kinds of choices would probably give him a litle more “street cred” when he asks the cops, firefighters and teachers of his state to sacrfice.

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  • Regina

    I think I need to say this in a public forum: I love Chris Christie. Put him and Bishop Tobin in a state together and I will move there.



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