LOOP: Latest Obamacare repeal bill gets traction



HEALTH CARE GAINING STEAM? // Se  Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, R-TX, is counting votes in the Senate Republican Caucus to see if there’s enough interest to make a push on the Graham-Cassidy partial Obamacare repeal. The bill would defund Planned Parenthood, enact other pro-life provisions, end the individual and business mandate, and block grant Obamacare money to the states. Senator Graham said: “I can tell you this, if we had a vote right now, we would get 47, 48 votes.” A press conference with Republicans governors is being planned to give a big boost to the bill. http://cvote.it/2xostI3

AUSSIE CHURCH PRAYS FOR MARRIAGE // The bishops in Australia call for a month of prayer ahead of a vote on “marriage” for same-sex couples. “We pray and fast in a special way for our nation’s leaders, we pray that they will uphold God’s plan for marriage in our nation,” said Bishop Michael Kennedy of the Diocese of Armidale. “Our Scriptures and our Church’s history are full of so many examples of the miraculous results that can be achieved when a community pray and fast together.” http://cvote.it/2xnEr4N

NORTH KOREA FIRES MISSILE AGAIN // Memb  Communist North Korea has fired another missile from their capital in Pyongyang over Japan’s airspace before landing in the Pacific Ocean. “United Nations Security Council resolutions, including the most recent unanimous sanctions resolution, represent the floor, not the ceiling, of the actions we should take,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said. “We call on all nations to take new measures against the Kim regime.” http://cvote.it/2flZjj0

“STUDY HARD, BUT PRAY HARDER” // Msgr. Stuart Swetland is president of Donnelly College, a Catholic school of higher education in Kansas City. He has good advice for helping students grow in faith and wisdom. http://cvote.it/2fm3RWG

WHAT DOES THE CHURCH SAY? // House Speaker Paul Ryan offered CNN’s viewers a catechesis on Catholic social doctrine during a recent national town hall. George Weigel looks at what happened when a Dominican Sister challenged the Speaker with a “gotcha” question. http://cvote.it/2xoal17

HARVARD HIRES A TRAITOR // Bradley Manning (who calls himself a woman) has been hired by Harvard. That was too much for former CIA chief Mike Morell, a senior fellow at Harvard, who sent his resignation over the decision to hire Manning. He cited the crimes of espionage Manning committed by leaking sensitive information to WikiLeaks. http://cvote.it/2fly6Nk 

YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR // He’s 11, and he’s already making a name for himself mowing lawns. Frank from Falls Church, VA, he wrote to President Trump, offering to mow the White House lawn. “I will do this at no charge.” The president said yes. http://cvote.it/2xojBCf

MUST-READ FOR FRIDAY // It’s not just Catholics who are talking about Rusty Reno’s latest article. It’s getting lots of reactions (positive and negative). His essay notes the recent passing of Catholic author and economist Michael Novak, whose seminal work The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism gave many a clear distinction between Western capitalism and Soviet socialism. But Rusty notes it isn’t 1980 anymore. And Catholic thinkers need to understand the challenges of our time. Agree or not, this is worth a read: http://cvote.it/2fmPZeN

IRAQIS FOR TRUMP? // Chaldean Catholics came out strong for Donald Trump in Michigan — a state he won by just 10,000 votes. They voted for Trump because of his promise to take out ISIS and help displaced Christians return to Iraq. “We hope that we are not let down. It’s a life and death situation for us. We still have hope for him and we are praying every day that he will follow through.” said Nahren Anweya. http://cvote.it/2xo9nC7

SAINT // Our Lady of Sorrows  – http://cvote.it/dailysaint

DAILY MASS // “You are my inheritance, O Lord.” (Ps 16:5) – http://cvote.it/Daily-Readings

DOWNLOAD // Listen to the premiere episode of Catholic Vote Radio Hour. Amanda Prestigiacomo, Nicole Stacy, and Joshua Mercer join host Stephen Herreid to discuss anti-Catholic bigotry, Shapiro-shaming, and DACA immigration policy. And in our special spotlight, we sit down with Jason Jones to discover the life-changing tragedy that motivated him to dedicate his life as a human rights activist. http://cvote.it/2xnnYxo


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Joshua Mercer is a co-founder of CatholicVote.org, where he serves as Political Director. Mercer is also regular contributor with Catholic Pulse. Mercer previously served as Washington Correspondent for the National Catholic Register and Chairman for Students for Life of America. He lives in Michigan with his wife and six children.

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  1. LOL to the utter lengths you will go to to defend conservatives. Paul Ryan’s answer to the nun was one of an ideologue, not a Catholic.
    For starters, you, and Weigel, all conveniently ignore the fact that Ryan was able to go to college through Social Security death benefits. We as a society decided those who have a breadwinner that passes away shouldn’t become destitute. And so he went to school paid for by his fellow citizens.
    Yet listen to eat Paul Ryan says. Public assistance programs disincentivize people from working.
    1) The actual data indicates most people on TANF and SNAP are working, and
    2) Why was Paul Ryan not disincentivized from working?
    As Catholics, we should all object to his stereotyping of the poor.

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