LOOP: Trump endorses Romney for Senate run



TRANSGENDER VS. FAMILY  Parents in Ohio just lost custody of their teenage daughter who wants to ‘transition’ to a boy. Author and policy expert Ryan Anderson explains that cases like this are likely to increase in the future. http://cvote.it/2EDVAMC

GIVE NO OXYGEN  A news website announced it will no longer publish the names or pictures of mass shooters. They cited a study which suggested that these killers thrive on media attention. “Instead, we will continue to focus on the victims of such awful attacks, and the heroes who all-too-often must give of themselves to stop them,” said Ben Shapiro, editor of the DailyWire. http://cvote.it/2EFPV8A    

GUN-VIOLENCE RESTRAINING ORDERS  Many conservatives instinctively oppose gun control regulations. But one policy they might consider is a gun-violence restraining order. Such a statute would permit a spouse or parent living with a troubled person to petition a court for a temporary order preventing a person from acquiring a gun — similar to the method of acquiring a restraining order. http://cvote.it/2CwkrMq 

SENATE 2018  President Trump endorses Mitt Romney, saying that he has “my full support” for the Utah Senate seat. http://cvote.it/2EE1vBk

HOUSE 2018  A new court-ordered congressional map delights Democrats and enrages Republicans. If kept in place, the new districts would likely give Democrats about four new seats in Congress. http://cvote.it/2CyG4vh 

HOUSE 2018  Democrats don’t plan to put more money into heated southwestern Pennsylvania race. CatholicVote endorsed Rick Saccone in this Rust Belt seat. http://cvote.it/2CyykJO 

SUPREME COURT   From digital privacy to government union fees, here are the four cases to watch before the Supreme Court this month. http://cvote.it/2EDWs3Q  

MIDEAST CHRISTIANS  Iraqi archbishop: Christians in Iraq are ‘scourged, wounded, but still there.’ http://cvote.it/2Hurysh

PROTECTING KIDS  Despite earlier criticisms of Pope Francis, Cardinal O’Malley of Boston was reappointed by the Holy Father to the Commission for Protection of Minors. http://cvote.it/2HrMGQ1

SAINT OF THE DAY  Two young children who died early in life, Jacinta and Francisco Marto, gained the attention of the Church and world when Mary appeared to them at Fatima.   http://cvote.it/dailysaint

DAILY MASS READINGS  “From all their distress God rescues the just.” (Ps 34:18) – http://cvote.it/Daily-Readings

INTERESTING  A major Protestant YouTube star announces she’s converting to Catholicism. “I fought so hard to get out of this intellectually…. I wanted to be anything but Catholic.” http://cvote.it/2CymoYx


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