LOOP: State Dept: Abortion is not a human right









GUNS AND BANKS  Citigroup and Bank of America have refused loans to gun manufacturers. Some Republicans say it’s their right as a business to do that. Others want government agencies to cancel contract with the banks. READ
SENATE 2018  At the Utah GOP convention, Mitt Romney failed to secure the Republican nomination for the senate seat vacated by retiring Sen. Orrin Hatch. He will now have to compete in the June primary, which he is expected to win. READ
ATTACK ON RELIGIOUS LIBERTY  A lawsuit in Chicago wants to end a federal tax provision used by religious churches to help religious leaders live in the communities they serve. Religious leaders in Chicago rallied to oppose the lawsuit. Ed Peecher, bishop of Chicago Embassy Church, said: “It’s hard to have a relationship over distance… there is no substitute for proximity. You have to be there.” READ
FOREIGN POLICY   When asked why the State Department doesn’t monitor abortion “restrictions” around the world, Ambassador Michael Kozak said, “We don’t report on it, because it’s not a human right.”  READ
PROMOTING MARRIAGE   A new Utah law offers a $20 discount on marriage license for couples who complete at least three hours of premarital classes at least 14 days before applying for the license.  READ
CULTURE  Rapper Kanye West tweeted his support for black conservative Candace Owens. Liberals freaked out. READ
ADOPTION  “We haven’t bought the crib yet… or car seat… or stroller… or even a pack of onesies. In part, that’s because I don’t quite trust this will happen. August is a long way away, and birth mothers change their minds… Welcome to the process of domestic infant adoption,” writes Emily Stimpson Chapman. READ
KEY TO VOCATIONS  86% of men about to be ordained to the priesthood this year say that they were encouraged from a parish priest, friend, or another parishioner. On average, four different people encouraged them to consider a vocation. READ
FAITH IN NORTHERN IRELAND  Catholics likely to outnumber Protestants in Northern Ireland by 2021.  READ
SAINT OF THE DAY  Slayer of dragons, rescuer of a king’s daughter, and other legends seem to cling to Saint George. What we do know for sure is that he was willing to shed his blood for the faith. Even though the details may be sparse, the fact of his courage and holiness is enough. READ
DAILY MASS READINGS  “Athirst is my soul for the living God.” (Ps 42:2) READ
TRUTH  How the Barbara Bush cartoon took on a life of its own. READ

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