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SENATE 2018  CatholicVote endorsed the following candidates for the United States Senate: Mike Braun in Indiana, Josh Hawley in Missouri, Kevin Cramer in North Dakota, Matt Rosendale in Montana, Rick Scott in Florida, Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee, Martha McSally in Arizona, Dean Heller in Nevada, Karin Housley in Minnesota, Lou Barletta in Pennsylvania, and John James in Michigan. If you live in one of those states, make sure you vote!  
REVENGE OF THE RINOs?  Henry Olson was one of the first conservative thinkers to understand and appreciate Donald Trump’s governing coalition of blue-collar voters. Olson offers a deep dive of election predictions. He thinks the GOP will keep the Senate, but lose the House because of suburban districts. The GOP thought pushing for a big tax cut that motivate Romney/Clinton voters back to the GOP. But that was a “folly” he said. The better plan would have been to continue on Trump’s realignment. “They could have gained a number of House seats from Democrats representing Obama-Trump districts… Unfortunately, they did not. Only one Democratic-held Obama-Trump seat looks likely to flip.”  READ
TRUMP REMAINS OPTIMISTIC  Hours before Election Day, President Trump said that voters would defy the pundits and that Republicans will do “better in the House than anybody expects.” He added, “Nobody’s ever had an economy like we have. I think we’re going to have tremendous success tomorrow.”  READ
ONLY CERTAIN KIND OF WOMEN   Marie Claire magazine published an article called “50 Influential Women and Why They’re Voting in the 2018 Midterm Elections.” But Kelsey Harkness notes that not a single voice of these 50 that was a conservative woman. READ
MEDIA BIAS  A Michigan newspaper reporter was leaving a message for Republican John James’ senate campaign. Then she thought she had hung up the phone. But she didn’t hang up the phone properly and could be heard complaining about a possible victory by James and how “that would suck.” (Warning: story quotes the reporter’s use of profanity and blasphemy.) READ
GUBERNATORIAL RACES  There are 26 Republican governors today. But that number looks likely to decrease as Democratic candidates look well-positioned to win in Michigan, Illinois, New Mexico, and Ohio. Other states with very close gubernatorial races include Florida, Georgia, and Iowa. READ
FORTHCOMING DEAL WITH CHINA?  Chinese leader Xi Jinping vowed to lower tariffs and open up access to markets. Xi made the comments at a trade expo to show goodwill in the midst of the U.S.-China trade war.   READ
GEN Z IS BYPASSING COLLEGE  High-school students are increasingly taking a pass at four-year colleges and discovering the benefits of blue-collar trades. READ
INCREDIBLE INSPIRATION  A visual set designer at Pixar said that God and his Catholic faith inform his work, which he said provided inspiration for him for the movie Incredibles 2.  READ
CATHOLICS ON ELECTION DAY  After you vote, here are 14 Catholic survival tips for Election Day.  READ
SAINT OF THE DAY  Saint Nicholas Tavelic and his companions were martyred in the Holy Land in 1391. While their method of evangelization is different from what we would use today, their zeal and courage are evident in their actions. They stand alone as canonized Franciscan martyrs of the Holy Land. READ
DAILY READINGS  “I will praise you, Lord, in the assembly of your people.” (Ps 22:26)  READ
BOOM!  The International Astronomical Union has voted to rename the Big Bang Theory to give recognition to Fr. Georges Lemaître. READ

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