Democrats sue to save Obamacare



OBAMACARE COURT BATTLE   Attorneys general from 17 states have filed a motion to challenge a ruling by a federal judge in Texas that ruled Obamacare to be unconstitutional. READ
NO SHOW   The House remains in GOP hands for just a few weeks. But President Trump’s hope to get them to vote for a border wall is proving difficult because retired House Republicans haven’t been showing up for House votes.  READ
COMEY BLASTS GOP  Former FBI Director James Comey had what he called a “frustrating” closed-door meeting on Capitol Hill where he answered questions on the Russia and Hillary Clinton email investigations. “Someday, they’ll have to explain to their grandchildren what they did today,” said Comey. READ
GUN CONTROL  Nancy Pelosi said Democrats “will act boldly and decisively” on gun control laws when they take control of the House next year. Pelosi is expected to be elected Speaker of the House on January 3. READ
FEDERAL WORKERS  Few employers are as generous as Uncle Sam. Federal workers receive 40% better compensation, 43 days off, and 18% retirement match.   READ
FEMINISM AND TRANSGENDERISM   In the Miss Universe competition, Miss Spain was represented by a person who was born male. Alexandra DeSanctis notes that this contestant highlighted the contradictions of progressive feminism: “The wholehearted embrace of transgender ideology necessarily, and quite intentionally, erases womanhood. It allows biological males to don the mantle of femaleness simply by asserting that it is their birthright. There has never been a more patriarchal claim.” READ
PRIEST’S FUNERAL HOMILY ATTACKED   Fr. Don LaCuestra preached at the funeral of a young man who committed suicide. The priest’s words were twice interrupted by family members for failing “to celebrate the life of the deceased.” But canon lawyer Ed Peters says the priest was right to emphasize both the mercy of Christ and the moral gravity of suicide.  READ
CARDINAL PELL’S TRIAL  Crucial new details of the trial of Cardinal Pell have emerged. This article from Catholic News Agency is incredibly comprehensiveREAD
PROPHETIC 1930 ARTICLE   The National Catholic Register uncovered an article published 83 years ago, which carries a warning from Fr. William Bolger in which he states that “birth control is one of the greatest moral menaces.” READ
SAINT OF THE DAY  Blessed Anthony Grassi had a deep devotion to Our Lady of Loreto from his childhood. He joined the Oratorian Fathers at 17, and was known as a very good student. Struck by lightning at age 29, Anthony was paralyzed for a few days before recovering, and becoming somewhat a changed man. READ
DAILY READINGS  “Justice shall flourish in his time, and fullness of peace for ever.” (Ps 72:7)  READ
NEAT  Nearly 100 nativity scenes are on display near the Vatican. SHARE

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