LOOP: Illinois finds 500 more Catholic clergy accused of abuse



SEX ABUSE REPORT   Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan issued a preliminary report on clergy sex abuse that indicates that the state’s six Catholic dioceses have not released the names of least 500 clergy accused of sexually abusing minors. READ
CALIFORNIA BISHOP RESIGNS  Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Auxiliary Bishop Alexander Salazar of Los Angeles after the archdiocese found a credible allegation of misconduct with a minor. READ
TRUMP: TROOPS TO LEAVE SYRIA  President Trump announced victory over ISIS in Syria and said he would begin bringing home the 2,000 U.S. troops in the country. The announcement comes after the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces declared victory over ISIS in Hajin. But some lawmakers expressed concern over the sudden announcement, while others worried about Christian minorities in the country. READ
SENATE PASSES GOV’T FUNDING  The Senate passed a two-month spending bill by voice vote. The House is also expected to quickly approve the funding bill. But President Trump has not said whether he would sign or veto it. The spending bill does not contain the $5 billion for a border wall that President Trump had demanded. READ
FED RAISES RATE AGAIN  The stock market took a big hit as the Federal Reserve announced a quarter-point increase in the federal funds rate. While the increase was expected, investors were surprised that the Fed indicated that fewer rate hikes are in the pipeline. The Dow closed yesterday at its 2018 low. READ
ABUSE IN RELIGIOUS ORDERS  The Cardinal Bea House on Gonzaga University’s campus has served as a retirement home for at least 20 Jesuit priests accused of sexual misconduct that mostly took place on Indian reservations across the Northwest, according to an investigation published in America magazine, a Jesuit publication.  READ
SINGER THANKS GOD   When his son got liver cancer, singer Michael Buble put his career on hold. The singer with 60 million albums sold said: “There was just, you know, come together as a family, put your head down, pray lots, and just survive… We just had the best doctors, and God, thank you, Jesus Christ.”   READ
CLOSING DOWN   Since 2000, more than 500 Catholic churches have closed in Germany, a third of which were demolished, while the remainder were sold or used for other purposes… More than 500 churches will close in the Netherlands over the next decade. A Vatican conference considers how to deal with decommissioning churches. READ
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SAINT OF THE DAY  The connection between Saint Dominic of Silos and Saint Dominic, founder of the Dominican Order, is a curious but interesting one. Separated by 1000 years, the two men were linked by a prophecy given by Saint Dominic of Silos to the mother of the other Dominic. READ
DAILY READINGS  “Let the Lord enter; he is king of glory.” (Ps 24:1)  READ
TRADITIONS  The beautiful Polish tradition of breaking bread on Christmas Eve. SHARE

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