LOOP: Trump cancels Pelosi’s overseas trip



MARCH FOR LIFE   Today is the annual March for Life in Washington, DC. If you are unable to attend the March, you can watch complete coverage at EWTN. Pray for all those attending. WATCH
TRUMP SIDELINES PELOSI   President Trump canceled Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s access to a government or military plane for a planned overseas trip to Brussels and Afghanistan. Trump’s letter was in response to Speaker Pelosi’s asking the president to delay his State of the Union address because of the partial government shutdown. Trump said: “In light of the 800,000 great American workers not receiving pay, I am sure you would agree that postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate.”  READ
5TH CIRCUIT   The 5th Circuit Court said the State of Texas is permitted to cut funding to Planned Parenthood.  The court noted that the undercover videos of a Planned Parenthood facility in Houston underwent forensic review and were not “deceptively edited” as had been repeated by media outlets all across the country. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton hailed the court victory: “Planned Parenthood’s reprehensible conduct, captured in undercover videos, proves that it is not a ‘qualified’ provider under the Medicaid Act.”  READ
ANTI-CATHOLIC BIGOTRY   The U.S. Senate unanimously passed a resolution by Sen. Ben Sasse, R-NE, reaffirming the Constitution’s ban on religious tests. CatholicVote President Brian Burch said: “Catholics across America are thankful that Senator Sasse authored this resolution, and for putting the Senate on record reaffirming this essential Constitutional principle which unites all Americans.  While we hope this resolution will end these ugly and permissible inquiries, recent history suggests we must remain vigilant.”  READ
CATHOLIC HEALTH CARE?   A Catholic healthcare network settled an ACLU lawsuit, saying it covered transgender surgeries in its employee medical plan since January 2017. But John F. Brehany, a spokesman for the National Catholic Bioethics Center, said: “There is no clear and compelling evidence that gender transitioning interventions ‘cure’ or resolve the anguish of people suffering extreme distress from gender dysphoria.”   READ
SHUTDOWN  Catholic Charities of DC helps furloughed government workers amid the partial government shutdown.  READ
AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM  St. Joseph Grade School in South Bend, IN, has started an after school adoration club. The purpose of the new club is to “really deepen their relationship with Christ,” said Katherine Soper, a second grade teacher.  READ
CUA’S NEW POLICY  The Catholic University of America has introduced a new policy: All classes cancelled during the March for Life.  READ
SAINT OF THE DAY  Like many people, Saint Charles of Sezze thought he knew what God wanted him to do with his life, only to find out that he was mistaken. Instead of going to India as a missionary, Saint Charles settled in Rome where he cooked and cared for the friary and friary chapel. While being simple, Saint Charles was no simpleton as is obvious from his life story.  READ
DAILY READINGS  “Do not forget the works of the Lord!” (Ps 78:3)  READ
HUMOR  If Bible characters had iPhones. SHARE


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