a coincidence?


Justice Brett Kavanaugh is already at work!

He hired his clerks (all women). And he’ll participate in oral arguments before the Supreme Court tomorrow.

Just one week ago, Democrats were talking up Kavanaugh’s so-called “intemperate” behavior, accusations of perjury, and the need for an extended (never-ending) FBI investigation into every accusation and accuser, credible or otherwise.

…until justice was finally delivered.

Kavanaugh was confirmed 50-48 on Saturday.

HERE’S THE TRUTH: Democrats played hardball. And when they do, they usually win. But not this time. This is not the Republican Party of old. President Trump and Senator McConnell stood firm. They refused to abandon a man when there was absolutely no evidence to back up all the wild accusations. Furthermore, despite our deep disagreements with her, Senator Collins deserves huge credit for seeing through the charade (and reckless behavior of the mob), to provide a key vote to secure Kavanaugh’s confirmation late Friday.

But most importantly, Judge Kavanaugh refused to surrender to the left-wing bullies. His emotional testimony in defense of his integrity and family rallied the nation. When the facts were known, nearly 60% of the country supported his confirmation.

Catholics rallied behind Kavanaugh!

You helped CV kick off the confirmation process with a letter of support signed by over 17,000 Catholics. We then ran a continuous stream of ads in key states pushing back on every left-wing lie. To top it off, our “Moms for Kavanaugh” campaign went super-viral on Friday and was watched over a million times across major social media sites (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter).

I received calls, texts, and emails from around the nation thanking us for standing up for Judge Kavanaugh. Moms especially wrote us to say “thank you for saying what I wanted to say in such a powerful way.”

BIG TAKEAWAY: Americans remain decent and fair. Hollywood leftists and paid-for protesters don’t represent most Americans, even when the media pretend otherwise. Facts, honesty, persistence, and courage win debates. We cannot take our foot off the gas. We now have three weeks to use this momentum to deliver more victories on Election Day.

The confirmation of Kavanaugh proved the old adage right 1000%: Elections have consequences. Boy do they!

Final thought…

It’s rarely a good idea to try and assign divine meaning to the things of this world. But I couldn’t help but note that Susan Collins took to the well of the Senate to deliver her decision to vote for Kavanaugh at 3 pm eastern time — on a Friday — on the feast of St. Faustina — the source of the Divine Mercy devotion, prayed around the world every day for the unborn.

Then the Saturday vote happened…

While spending time at a Wisconsin farm picking apples with my family that afternoon, my phone buzzed in my pocket. I glanced at the news alert: “Brett Kavanaugh confirmed 50-48.” 3:00 PM. On the dot. On the eve of Our Lady of Victory.

St. John Paul II famously wrote: “In the designs of Providence, there are no mere coincidences.”

I’d say so.

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