A French Martyr, and the West in Denial


Father Jacques Hamel, an 84-year-old Catholic priest, was martyred in France today by men shouting “Allah Akbar.” A nun is said to be in critical condition.

According to the Daily Mail, two men with knives “stormed into a church…Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray near Rouen during mass shouting Allahu Akbar.” They evidently took five people hostage, butchered the elderly priest and nearly killed a nun.

The knifemen were ultimately killed by police, who are looking for a third suspect. According to police, the church is on a “terrorist hit list” of Catholic Churches.

I have no doubt that Father Jacques is in heaven today. I also have no doubt that his martyrdom was allowed by bad government policies which, to be honest, confound me.

What is driving this determination toward suicidal immigration policies in the West? I am honestly trying to figure it out.

In my long years in politics, I learned that when people push policies that are illogical and, in this case, suicidal, and they won’t quit lying, bullying, and refusing to accept reality, you need to look for the money to figure out what’s driving them.

That’s like a political rule. In all my years of messing with chickens, it’s never been wrong once.

So, where is the money behind the disastrous immigration policies that are setting up the Western world for terrorist attacks? Or, more directly, who is making the money?

The recent Brexit vote gave us a sort of road map for figuring this out. It appears that corporate interests on both sides of the Atlantic are operating together and hand in hand with their puppet governments to drive this.

When the President of the United States goes traipsing across the big pond to try to interfere in a British election, and he explicitly tries to use economic bullying to make his point, it’s not exactly hard to figure out that money is the engine that’s powering things.

Meanwhile, an 84-year-old priest was butchered this morning. He is clearly a martyr. I pray that the nun who was so gravely injured recovers, but I know that if she doesn’t, she is a martyr who will go straight to heaven as well.

We add their names to the list of innocent people who have been brutally murdered by Islamic Extremists — a list that is getting far too long. At least the president of France is not claiming that the terrorists were other than what they obviously were. He isn’t calling his enraged citizens bigots for being angry about the slaughter.

That’s a sort of start, I guess. But it’s too little, and way too late. France has a huge problem, as does the rest of Europe and, to a lesser extent, America. It was caused by policies that were so obviously bad that even a small child could have seen this coming.

The political alignments that came out of World War II are changing. That’s because the threats to civilization have changed; or at least they’ve changed how they operate. The governments of the West have been taken over by amoral international corporate interests who clearly have no loyalty to anyone or anything.

This kind of upheaval is always threatening to the little people like you and me, and rightfully so. There’s an old saying that when the buffalo fight in the swamps, the frogs lose. Like most old sayings, it is reality-based. The ordinary people of the Western world have been the losers in these disastrous policies all along.

We’ve lost jobs, security, our social order and our voice in our own governments. Now, it appears that our governments are willing to also offer up our lives.

The problem for them is that they may have gone a bridge too far.  The bullying and baiting that they use against their citizens to cow them into silence may be losing its effect. You can only call people who disagree with your policies bigots for so long before a least a few of them start to see through you.

When that happens, then what are you going to do?

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  1. Shameful article , take a terrible crime, and uses it for the author’s selfsh political agenda. Is completely contrary to Decent Christian principles on so many levels .. who are these govts the author says ” allowed” this heinous crime? Please name them specifically, and show proof how named gov’ts actual actions “allowed”…I could go on, to summarize. Advocating hatred is a cardinal sin. Lying is a sin. It is absolutely discussing to see the terrible tragedy abused by this author .. and Catholic vote .org is responsible for aiding this kind of behavior.

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