After WikiLeaks, Catholic Democrats Must Choose


Catholic leaders were outraged this week when WikiLeaks exposed the anti-Catholic views of Hillary Clinton Campaign insiders. Not only do the leaked emails show bigoted, disdainful sentiments toward Catholics; they also expose conspiratorial efforts to disrupt the integrity and moral teachings of the Church through an orchestrated “Catholic Spring” from within the Church. called for the resignation of Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri after an email exchange showed her joining Center for American Progress Fellow John Halpin in mocking the Catholic faith of two prominent men.

“Friggin’ Murdoch baptized his kids in Jordan where John the Baptist baptized Jesus,” Halpin jeers in an email to Palmieri. He goes on to speculate that conservative converts to the faith “must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations and must be totally unaware of Christian democracy.”

Palmieri replied that perhaps these converts also think the Catholic faith “is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion. Their rich friends wouldn’t understand if they became evangelicals.”

Halpin agrees with Palmieri, and gets in a couple more jabs at the Catholic moral tradition: “Excellent point. They can throw around ‘Thomistic’ thought and ‘subsidiarity’ and sound sophisticated because no one knows what the hell they’re talking about.”

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia slammed the “contemptuously anti-Catholic emails exchanged among members of the Clinton Democratic presidential campaign team…. A sample:

Sandy Newman, president of Voices for Progress, emailed John Podesta, now the head of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, to ask about whether “the bishops opposing contraceptive coverage” could be the tinder for a revolution. “There needs to be a Catholic Spring, in which Catholics themselves demand the end of a middle ages [sic]dictatorship,” Newman writes.

Of course, Newman added, “This idea may just reveal my total lack of understanding of the Catholic Church, the economic power it can bring to bear against nuns and priests who count on it for their maintenance.” Still, he wondered, how would one “plant the seeds of a revolution”? John Podesta replied, “We created Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good to organize for a moment like this … likewise Catholics United” (emphasis added).

Another Clinton-related email, from John Halpin of the Center for American Progress, mocks Catholics in the so-called conservative movement, especially converts: “They must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations and must be totally unaware of Christian democracy.” In a follow-up, he adds, “They can throw around ‘Thomistic’ thought and ‘subsidiarity’ and sound sophisticated because no one knows what … they’re talking about.”

Many other Catholic leaders have weighed in as well. It is gratifying that so many prominent Catholics are speaking out on behalf of our faith. But it is worth noting that the strongest statements we have heard so far are from Catholics who were never politically or professionally aligned with the Democratic Party or the Clinton Campaign.

There are Catholic leaders who, despite the Democratic Party’s aggressive promotion of evils such as abortion and the desecration of marriage, cannot bring themselves to roundly rebuke it. In fact there is a way in which some Catholic leaders have passively encouraged support for the Democratic Party. One way of doing so is known as the “Seamless Garment” or “Consistent Life Ethic,” which, as Crux’s John Allen recently reported, is making a comeback after a brief loss of clout.

Put briefly, the “Seamless Garment” view:

a) Places abortion, homosexual “marriage,” and attacks on religious liberty on equal moral footing with other evils

b) Exhorts us to politically support whomever opposes the highest number of evils

Armed with the Seamless Garment, all Catholic Democrats have needed to do is make the case that, though the Democratic Party is pro-abortion, anti-marriage, and against religious liberty, it nevertheless opposes the highest number of perceived evils. And so the Seamless Garment offers all the necessary factors for a calculus that recommends a pro-abortion, anti-marriage vote.

One would think Catholic Democrats should be expected to make the strongest statements in reaction to the leaks. It seems to me that they really must choose: Do they love their faith, or the policies of the Democratic Party?

After all, Halpin’s and Palmieri’s jeers were directed at core aspects of the Church’s sacred tradition and moral doctrines—from dismissing Catholic teachings on sexuality to mocking the Sacrament of Baptism and the Holy Land itself.

And Newman and Podesta’s comments went to the heart of the Catholic Church’s public witness, clearly with an eye to thwarting it. Their discussion about “planting” a “revolution” or “Catholic Spring” was written in the context of the Church’s opposition to the historic government overreach of the Health and Human Services Mandate, which required Catholic organizations to fund the provision of abortifacient drugs despite their moral objections.

What we are talking about here is forcing the Body of Christ into the form of a slave to the Culture of Death. The bald malevolence of the leaked emails make this so apparent that it is no longer possible for Catholics of good will to think of the Democratic Party as the rightful political home for Faithful Catholics.

Are we Democrats or Catholics? In the coming weeks the reactions of fellow Catholics, especially those in positions of leadership and public authority, will tell us.

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Stephen Herreid is Managing Editor Online at, and Executive Producer and Host of the CatholicVote Radio Hour. He is a Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus. Follow him on Twitter @StephenHerreid.


  1. Look, a very liberal candidate is going to have very secular people working for her. To my mind what they said sounds little different that what you hear from mondernist, extreme liberals in our Church. The choice Catholic Democrats must make is whether this anti-Catholic diahreia of the keyboard by two underlings is enough to give the Presidency with all it’s powers – including the nuclear codes – to an individual who , with each day, shows himself more and more to be truly unbalanced.

    • This political year, you can NOT be Catholic and a Democrat. It is competing “IDEOLOGIES”. Currently the Democrats are PRO DEATH (for and promote Abortion… the #1 Holocaust of our time). God gave us the 10 Commandments. Clearly HE said, “Thou shall NOT Kill”. Our Catholic faith forbids us to Kill. So, you cannot be both Catholic and vote Democrat. If you do or even claim to be a Democrat, How SAD for you. Aren’t you embarassed? Life is short, ETERNITY is FOREVER! Save your soul and those you love. Already, lets get with it people. I say this out of LOVE! Care about one another and lets help each other get to Heaven. Pray for the enemy of God but CHOOSE GOD and definitely choose Life! Amen and pray hard for the Holy Spirit to Guide you.

      • Not only this political, but ANY political year. Let me just clear things up here – there is no such thing as a “Catholic Democrat”. The two things are in DIRECT OPPOSITION TO EACH OTHER…! Any Democrat who believes they are Catholic is actually a heretic. This includes Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and John Kerry, who should be publicly excommunicated. The only reason they haven’t been, is because those in authority are lacking courage and a backbone. The truth is, only one who is fallen away from Church teaching would support a political party that is boldly against everything the Church teaches. If you take offense at what I am saying, you really need to take a step back and ask yourself where your loyalties truly lie.

    • Know your Faith on

      What is more dangerous than giving Presidencial power to a person who thinks Killing is ok, promotes it, wants a One World Order (please research this, it is NOT a conspiracy theory but is true), is Anti-Faith / Anti-Catholic / Anti-Christian, is only interested in power-surging, has essentially put the button of a nuclear weapon in close range by her horrible Iran deal (alongside crony and Anti-American/Anti-God acting Obama), and oh, so much more. Michelle Obama blasts Trump for tapes yet supports a Fan of Killing Babies and is one herself. Horrific. Yes, if you are Pro* Choice, you are Pro*Death. Many a prisoner behind bars use this same line, I have a right to choose…. to choose to steal, to choose to rape, to choose to extort, to choose to arson, to choose to kill, etc. BUT THEY DO NOT and are serving time for those crimes against society and crimes against GOD. Please pray for God to come into your Heart…. You do not have God in your Heart if you think Killing a Baby and Voting for anyone who condones and promotes that Killing is good and ok. Think about your Soul… the TRUTH will set you FREE. God Bless You.

      • I was ready to vote for McCain largely on the basis of his pro life positions and overall fine character. Then he selected Palin and I could’t risk having an older president with serious health problems and a crazy fool next in line. Next time around I hoped for Huntsman but he got shunted off the stage for Romney. His robotic answer”I-was-pro-choice-but-now-I’m pro-life” convinced me that abortion was a check that box issue only for him. Then Trump, at the last debate, after Hillary said she’d look for justices who would protect Roe vs Wade deliberately ignored a golden opportunity to make a pro life statement. He doesn’t care about the issue! As for gay marriage, it’s a done deal. Furthermore, Trump adheres to the libertine Playboy philosophy and saw nothing wrong with the Mrs. doing a “lesbian themed” nude photo shoot. I will say in their defense however that at least she didn’t marry the other model.

        • Greg, please be assured that the pro-life community will hold Trump and Pence to account on SCOTUS nominations. Trump has already provided a list of judges that would uphold the constitution as written, until such time that it is amended, “like Scalia”. Hillary is 100% pro-abortion until actual birth. On Meet the Press, and later confirmed on The View, according to her babies have no constitutional rights until the minute they are born and that is the way the law should be she adds. Her platform says she will pick only pro-abortion justices. Hillary has also explained how deeply held cultural and religious beliefs need to changed in the context of reproductive “health care” here and abroad.

    • Get real. your spewing Democratic talking points. Trump is not speaking like a Politian because he’s not one. He wouldn’t be able to just push a button without some discussion. I think your smart enough to realize that. As far as the wikileaks information which hasn’t been reported much, you are who you surround yourself with. Would you want your kids hanging around other kids whose behavior you would not approve of? Certainly not and why is that?
      Yes this election has gone down a different path then those in the past and the issues need to be discussed more. I’m sure however the Clinton machine ( media bias ) has nothing to do with that. Trump at least took time to answer questions on several occasions. Compare that to Hillary. once maybe twice.
      She’ll lie and say whatever she has to so she gets elected. Just look at how Bernie was treated. Poor guy never had a chance.

    • “Choice cstholic democrats”? What is this ridiculous euphemism hiding? You mean pro-abortion Catholics. Be honest, just admit it. What are you afraid of? Or, more accurately, ashamed of?

    • Greg Smith
      Are you a psychiatrist? How bigoted you are.
      Stop your hatred. Mr Trump was never a politician. The left wing media can only try to debase his character. That is all they have and they are grasping at straws. Stop being such a lemming and look at the background of his opponent. Quit trying to make her seem like a sweet grandmother. She is a lying greedy socialist who wants power.
      Mr. Trump is excellent at picking good people to run his company’s and will do the same as president. He will pick the best for his military as well as his supreme court justices. If you want our country to be the same as it has been for the last 8 years than vote for her and she will continue with the transformation of our country. Think about that when we have a dictator. No thanks I don’t want that for future generations. Our country will be destroyed because people like you refuse to think and are so filled with hatred that you refuse to look at the facts when they are staring you in the face. Hope the Holy Spirit can enlighten you before it’s too late.

      • Carol is absolutely right. For example, consider who Donald Trump has chosen for a running mate, Mike Pence . . . a very successful and well regarded Governor and former member of Congress. When Greg says ” I couldn’t risk having an older president with serious health problems and a crazy fool next in line”. And, you don’t think Hillary Clinton does not have serious health issues? And, a crazy fool next in line in the person of Tim Kaine? Seriously??? Trump’s words many years ago may be cause for concern but not nearly as much as Clinton’s more recent actions: Benghazi, unsecure emails jeopardizing our nation’s security, selling half of our nation’s Uranium to Russia, taking money from terrorist countries who kill Christians and Jews and treat women with total disdain. I could go on and on!! Voting Trump-Pence 2016 to Make America Great Again because the past 8 years under Obama have been a major disaster and a Clinton presidency would be just more of the same. Our nation with its 20 trillion dollar debt can’t afford it. God help us if she’s elected!

    • Bill Strasburg on

      Greg Smith: That’s moral relativism to allow yourself to vote for someone like Clinton because you perceive the other person to be worse. Our election system is screwed up in part because the parties know that they can put anyone up there and still count on the brainwashed sheep to vote for them to keep the other person from being elected. And how are you able to convince yourself that Trump’s foolish statements are worse than Clinton’s corrupt actions, anyway? It’s a good thing we at least have an electoral college to shield ourselves from the people who shouldn’t be voting.

    • Yes, indeed!! Also, let’s not “forget”-Billary’s ” selective memory losses. Donald Trump should hammer her with this, and ask the American People, “Do you really want someone who frequently says that she “can’t recall”, with our Nuclear Weapons Codes??!!!??? He should also mention the fact that when they were co-presidents, Slick Willie’s motorcade left behind the guy carrying “the suitcase”; the one with the launch codes.

  2. A Clinton Presidency, administration and the ideologically aligned public advocacy groups, with protection from Clinton Supreme and Federal Courts, will label 1) Christians who believe in the “one flesh union” (Genesis 2:24) as “extremists” and 2) member institutions as “Hate Groups.” Expect an uncompromising effort leading to an unprecedented attack on religious freedom in the form of persecutions and penalties.
    Here is a web site that aggregates several articles to support this prediction.

  3. You claim that you’re Catholic, yet you would vote for Clinton and her hardline opposition to almost all Catholic doctrine. Jesus was clear about hypocrites like you. Giving her your vote surely stains your soul with her sins. Any Catholic who votes for Clinton does so at their own immortal peril. Catholics, please don’t fall under the spell of these pied pipers of death and their twisted logic.

  4. Sadly, we’ve seen the “seamless garment” tactic or trick used all too often by too many U.S. “catholic” bishops in order to help the evil Democrat candidate get elected, such as Obama. This year, some of them have tried to look oh so righteous as they tried to use the “seamless garment” trick. They also employed the trick saying that one candidate is just as bad as the other, so they recommend that people abstain from voting to feel self-righteous or waste one’s vote on a 3rd party candidate who does not have a snowball’s chance in the fires of hell to win. One of the bishops named in your article has been extremely confusing and back and forth in this election season! The last 2 USCCB voters guides were pathetic & filled with wordy obfuscation.
    All I can say, is that God is NOT mocked and if the American people are too selfish & ignorant to vote for life, (for the pro-life candidate), then, when the ISIS invaders come for them, they will be reaping what they sowed.
    Clinton is backed by pro-death/pro-abortion, pro-selling of baby body parts, Planned Parenthood, along with other pro-death/pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia groups. Don’t vote for Clinton, or countless babies will be slaughtered!
    Trump is backed by many solid pro-lifers and pro-life groups like Father Frank Pavone and Priests for Life. As a pro-lifer all of my life & a pro-life sidewalk counselor for many years, I’m voting for Trump! Vote for Life! Vote for Trump!

    • Gail: If Trump were pro-life he would have said that was a priority for appointing justices when the question came up at the last debate. Again the GOP has selected a candidate who was pro-abortion but switched when it was politicaly convenient. In 2020 I hope the Republicans don’t again fall for the “A’m against abort’n too” ploy

      • Greg, please take time to read the platform of both parties. It will be clear after you read them which one supports the views of the Catholic Church.

    • All Catholics must vote for life if not they vote for abortion and other evil’s clinton embraces and they will have to answer before God for doing that

      • Aside from abortion what evils has Clinton embraced and if we do a balance sheet who what make you think Trump won’t come out far worse.

          • Greg, it is Hilary who wants to start a war with a nuclear power. Trump said in the debate that he will select pro-life judges who will return abortion to what it is legally–a state’s rights issue.

            It is amazing to me to see the cognitive dissonance among so many Catholics. It is the GOP, this time led by Trump, who is the only party willing to stand for religious liberty. Making a baker or photographer participate in a so-called same sex wedding is just one step away from the Left’s ultimate goal of taking away our tax exempt status. We have no other viable choice but to vote Trump, for at least he seems willing to work with us. How else can we make sense of his selection of Mike Pence for VP?

        • Uhm- Religious Freedom? Clinton wants Catholics to change their faith to suit her “faith” to kill babies? She will continue persecutinging Christians because they believe in Marriage as between a man and woman, and loosing their livelihood? Universities loosing tax status because they believe bathrooms should be separated? Jobs – Clinton wants to sign more agreements so company leave the country and/or hire cheaper labor from India, China, Mexico etc. leaving American workers without jobs? – Immigration Clinton wants open borders so millions come here un-vetted , given welfare money for food, education, housing, and jobs to the detriment of our own unemployed?

  5. Unfortunately, Trump is NOT pro-life. He has fallen in line with the Republican platform to become the nominee, but he has said many times in interviews from the past that he supports a woman’s right to choose. Who know what position he would take if elected…

  6. By all means catholic voters, support thar criminally corrupt abortionist over her opponent. After all, he said offensive things a decade ago. How ironic that the Catholic laity will prove to be the saviors of Roe v.Wade.

    • He didn’t just say offensive things a decade ago. In addition to his lifelong track record of offensive language and behavior, the past year of his candidacy has been a parade of offensive things: mocking a disabled reporter, smearing and attacking the faith of the parents of a fallen soldier because they dared to oppose him politically, demeaning a former POW for having been captured, publicly questioning the qualifications of a judge merely because of his ethnic heritage, tweeting anti-Semitic images, proposing an immigration ban on an entire religion, criticizing the attractiveness of women who have come forward and reported on his past offensive (and illegal) behavior towards them, etc. Far worse than any of that has been his endorsement of any number of things that are directly opposed to important Church teachings: war crimes (e.g. executing the family members of terrorists, summary execution of captured enemies), torture, nuclear proliferation, restricting religious liberty (for Muslims), lifting most environmental protections, etc. On top of all that there is the issue of his temperament: his pettiness, vindictiveness, impulsiveness, inconsistency in the positions he takes, willingness to believe conspiracy theories, and other such traits absolutely disqualify him from having his finger on the nuclear button and leading the most powerful military in the world.

      So, please, don’t dismiss opposition to Trump as merely getting worked up about some offensive things he said a decade ago.

      Happily, I don’t live in a swing state, so I am voting for Mike Maturen, the candidate from the Solidarity Party. However, if I lived in a swing state I would have to seriously consider voting for Clinton. One of the only issues that comes above abortion for me is restraint in handling our nuclear weapons. The president has the ability to end life on this planet as we know it. That involves the protection of a lot more innocent life than is at stake with abortion. As much as it would pain me to vote for someone who so fanatically supports abortion, I don’t think I could take any other vote than the one most certain to keep Trump out of power. Having observed his behavior over the course of this election cycle, I just don’t trust him to handle the awesome responsibility of commanding the world’s largest arsenal of nuclear weaponry.

      • Have you ever heard of the President consulting wth his Military staff to make these huge decisions???? Please he doesn’t just press a button. You are just looking for things to say because you are a democrat and can’t stand that your candidate is as evil as she is I pray for her soul. She has lied so much and is so pro-choice even in the last trimester it’s sick. I am so concerned for our country and what she will do to our constitution. He has never been in political life so you DON’T know what he will do. WE DO KNOW WHAT SHE WILL DO. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

        • 1) I am not a democrat.

          2) Actually, he can just press a button. That’s why 10 former nuclear launch officers just signed a joint public letter warning against allowing Trump to be commander in chief:

          3) Have you noticed Trump’s pattern of acting without consulting with his staff? Or his pattern of deciding to take his own course anyway after discussing with his staff? This has been a consistent pattern in this campaign. He routinely says and does things without notifying his staff first.

          • It is Hilary saber-rattling the Russians, which could potentially be massively devastating in terms of lives lost on both sides (just war theory anyone?). Trump has never claimed that he wants war with a nuclear power. it is Hilary, representing the neo-liberal/neo-con establishment, who wants war. For war is the health of the state. Don’t you get that? Or do you really think the Russians all of a sudden represent an existential threat to the US? If so, you have accepted the propaganda of the mainstream media…

        • The President ( and ONLY the President ) has the authority and the responsibility to determine ON HIS OWN WITH NO INTERFERENCE FROM ANYBODY whether to give the Launch Codes to the Military officer who follows him around 24/7. He, by law, carry’s those codes on his person 24/7. He has all of SIX MINUTES to make a decision to Launch, and the only thing that could stop him is a Military Coup. The final decision is in his hands alone. This was the recent explanation of how it works , when a reporter asked a question, from General Hayden (sp?) when the Republican General, who worked for both Republican and Democratic administrations as a National Security Adviser in the War Room announced on TV, and cable that he could no longer support Donald Trump, and would not vote for him as Trump was a “real and present danger ” to the security of the United States. Yes, Abortion is evil and has been around the the beginning of mankind and we need to educate to stop it. But nuclear war is a newer threat that will kill billions and make the issue of Abortion a non-issue if billions of mothers and children are dead or dying. A calm , steady hand is needed , not theatrics, because there’s no return from Nuclear war and Trump already asked three times in a briefing “if we have nukes, why haven’t we used them?” You want that sociopath in the White House? You really believe that voting for President comes down to one issue? We do not live in a theocracy. We must look at the big picture, pray, and then vote for that person who will do the least harm ( reminder – they do not see it as evil and sin and culpability for it is determined by the conscience of the person committing the act ) . No election is a one issue election. Also, be careful not to judge others as though she grew up as you did. She has done many good things for children and families over her lifetime, while Donald was avoiding the draft and having affairs ,going through wives shedding one as soon as a younger model became available. Nobody’s perfect but one candidate at least has the knowledge, and respect of both politicians in this county and others to do the job. This election isn’t just about us. We can’t go back to “leave it to Beaver” as though that were a perfect time. It wasn’t.

      • Trump/Pence has.a great chance in all states.. landslide!
        Go ahead and shoot your blanks for a third party.. hope that makes you feel good. I’m sure there is a connection with the Republican Party Globalist elites.. the Never Trumpers and this political blog.. maybe it will come out in the Wikileaks’s. …Julian Assange just set in motion for all to be revealed is what is being reported.

      • It is Clinton who is saber-rattling the Russians….how can you not see that? This is going to be Iraq on steroids. Do you really think Trump is going to nuke a bunch of nations? Seriously?

  7. It isn’t just those around Hillary tying to overthrow Church teachings. Hillary herself speaking on reproductive health says “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”
    She believes that an unborn child even on their due date has no Constitutional rights (and she wants to appoint SCOTUS members that agree) and while abortion (e.g. dismemberment of a living viable child) in such a case is sad, that is the way the law should stay (Meet the Press and confirmed on The View)

  8. Ms. Trump voter (Texas) on

    ” it is no longer possible for Catholics of good will to think of the Democratic Party as the rightful political home for Faithful Catholics.” No longer ? No longer ??!! Just because some information has become public ? It has pretty obvious for a long time that no Catholic of good will could support them. Not holding my breath to see which way the “latino” – “Catholic” vote continues to go. If they’re the future of the Church in this country as the hierarchy has attempted to drill into us for decades, then God help us…

  9. While this article’s description of the “seamless garment” is an accurate depiction of how some people have tried to abuse the concept of the consistent ethic of life to downplay the importance of abortion, it isn’t an accurate or fair description of the teaching itself. The core idea of the consistent ethic (symbolized by reference to the seamless garment that Jesus wore) is that the minute you begin to pick and choose among life issues you begin to undermine the principle that all life is sacred. Properly understood, this actually cuts against disregarding abortion in favor of concern about the death penalty or extreme poverty. The Church is asking us to consistently stand for life rather than play life issues off of one another. That is precisely why St. John Paul II chose to include the issues of Euthanasia and the death penalty alongside abortion in his great encyclical Evangelium Vitae.

  10. To show the moral gravity of abortion and how it outweighs all other moral issues, consider the following response to a question on abortion.

    “A day without abortion would be enough, and God would give the world peace to the end of days.” – Padre Pio

    Holy Father Pio of Pietrelcina (1887-1968), answer to a question by Prof. Francesco Lotti on abortion.

    • George Kadlec
      A day without abortion would be a day on which all drivers towards such a decision have been neutralized. Income inequality would be much less. Gender inequality would be finished. Racism would have ceased. Contraception would be freely available as well as education on its use. Support would be available for all in distress. It would definitely not be a one issue day.

      And by the way, almost no one is pro-abortion. We should vote for policies which support and enhance life, not ones which remove choice from people’ lives. Then watch more favourable choices be made.

    • I fail to understand how abortion could possibly outweigh nuclear war which has the possibility to end most or all human life on this planet. As seemingly remote as that possibility is, we should not forget that it really is a possibility. It’s not that I don’t think abortion is a big deal. I have been an active part of the pro-life movement for decades and have worked hard to change minds, hearts, and laws on abortion. Unfortunately, I think a few decades of detente with Russia have lulled us into forgetting how quickly all of us could be gone. Whoever wins the election will be one of only a few people on the planet who have the authority and capability to launch a nuclear strike. By comparison, the president’s ability to set abortion policy is actually fairly limited.

      • If you are concerned about nuclear war, which you rightly should be, then it presents an ever stronger case for Trump, who has questioned the US’s consistent policy of interventionism. It is Hillary and Obama, seconded by Ryan and Mitchell of the GOP elite, who want World War Three with Russia. Trump has never once said that he wants this. Why can’t you see that?

      • I can. The impeached Bill Clinton. The same Bill Clinton who carried on with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office and then lied to Congress about it. The same Bill Clinton who has been guilty of raping and/or sexually abusing many women. If you want to pass judgment on Donald Trump you must give equal time to Bill Clinton who actually lost his license to practice law because of his reprehensible behavior as President of the United States. As for me I will not be voting for Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife.

    • HRC has shown a lifetime of deception, correct? She was a fan/follower of Saul Alinsky, he who gives a “thumbs up” to lucifer in his book dedication (see Rules for Radicals). I’ve not heard HRC denounce that. Not to mention, HER team – with which nothing goes on without calculation – simply doesn’t like Catholics.

  11. We Catholics frequently hang on a single issue. Well, my single issue will shock you. After observing Donald Trump on TV through the campaign, we came to the conclusion that he is mentally unstable. He displays many symptoms of bipolar disorder, an illness that I have been diagnosed with years ago. Trump denies any responsibility and can’t say he is sorry. His temperament and demeanor and lack of control is extremely dangerous. He needs to be medicated and must save the country by withdrawing from the campaign.

      • Oh Susan..I’m could use some extra cash for Christmas. Who in the Clinton campaign do I call to sign up as a paid troll.

        • Why don’t you call George Soros he is the one paying for the Hilary/ Kaine campaign and all the projects for the Democrat party.

    • Trump is a buffoon, but Clinton is evil. I vote for the buffoon. The Left is the most dynamic and damaging world religion of the 20th and 21st centuries, and it simply must be stopped. The power the media has in its role of kingmaker must be eviscerated. The same media destroying Trump today is the same media which has made it impossible for the likes of a Santorum, Buchanan, or Keyes from ever mounting a serious charge for national office. Beat the media, fellow Catholics, and you just may have again a seat at the table. Cower to its demonizing of Trump, and remain at the fringes to which they have assigned you.

    • If you are truly diagnosed with bipolar disorder you would know how wrong it is to make such a diagnosis of someone you’ve never even met personally not to mention having a mental illness in no way qualifies a person to diagnose someone else. Wow!

  12. This shouldn’t be a major shock to the Catholic Church here in the USA. No matter which — Republican, Democrat, Independent, etc., the deterioration of Catholicism in the USA has been starting from within! Many in the pews have disagreed privately, openly and publicly about any Church teachings on moral life and morality — abortion, same-sex marriage, euthanasia, etc. Some are infamous — Biden, Pelosi, Kaine, etc. These folks and many others make it their normal foundation, mission, vision and goal to go against the church openly and total defiance. So this news of leaked emails shouldn’t be so much of a big news for the Catholic Church here. I’m waiting for the moment when someone takes a knee, stay seated or even walk out temporarily during the Profession of Faith.

  13. Bernard Grabowski on

    It is depressing to see how many “Catholics” have swallowed Clinton’s “Kool Aid”. The President can not launch Nuclear Weapons on a whim. The choice Catholics face is between a power hungry serial liar who supports abortion, has condoned her subordinates trying to subvert the Catholic Church and its teachings, who will appoint Supreme Court Judges who will destroy Religious Freedom in America and an elderly Frat Boy. An Elderly Frat Boy who is prolife, will appoint Supreme Court Judges who will adhere to the U. S. Constitution when making rulings thus protecting Religious Freedom. This is truly the most important election in the last 100 years. America will either go to the right or to the left. If it goes left the liberties you enjoy now will either be lost or severely restricted. People of Faith can determine who the next President will be. If you are Prolife it’s an easy choice.

    • Bernard..Once this nightmare of an election is over we Catholics will need to work to form a rational and humane public policies, most likely with a Clinton administration. I ask that you and CV help by not calling people names like “catholic” CINO or RINO.

      • Greg Smith- do you oppose the name calling buried in the WikiLeaked Clinton campaign emails regarding Catholics?

        Your double-standard is showing.

        If the name fits….

      • P Edward Murray on

        Why not?

        Look, this election could not be more clear cut…

        The Republican Platform, always pro life, is even MORE pro life today.

        Compared and contrasted to The Democratic Platform which not only supports Planned Parenthood…and I might add…selling baby parts…But a call for…



        What does that mean?

        That every tax paying American male MUST pay for every strange woman’s abortion:(


        And then there are the things HRC has said…That we, as Catholics, simply MUST change our viewpoint on Abortion…That we are BACKWARD and that, as Trump supporters, are DEPLORABLE:(


        Buddy, my entire office was OUTSOURCED…

        Now, what IS your problem?

    • Bernard Grabowski,

      So tell me, exactly whose permission does the president need to order a nuclear strike? The legal answer is “no one’s”. Now, I hope we have military personnel with enough integrity and humanity to refuse such an order, but legally the president is the commander-in-chief. If there is one thing that Trump has demonstrated in spades during this campaign, it is that he is not able to restrain himself. His impulses get the better of him. He speaks when he wants to speak, grabs when he wants to grab, insults when he wants to insult, and doesn’t seem to have too much concern for what his advisers are telling him. Is that the sort of person that can be trusted with being restrained with the most powerful weapons in the world?

      As I said in a previous comment, I’m not voting for Hillary. But I would choose her over Trump if I had to choose one of them. He’s too impulsive and unstable.

  14. Trump is a true aberration. He really does not know the definition of “Pro-life”, nor does he really care. Yet we Catholics continue to hang on to him with the most delicate strings in hopes that he will not favor the mother, but the fetus only. That very litmus test is making it more difficult to apply to secular candidates.

    • Morgand; Trump appeared to get that definition, when talking about dismembering full term babies during their birth, at yesterdays debate.

      The aberration that supports this barbaric act, as well as selling baby parts to the highest bidder, as well as not tending to those aborted babies that survive the attempted murder, was standing just to the left of him on that stage (right to viewers). You appear to be very confused- you must suffer from the “progressive” cancer.

      • Trump selected Pence, and gave us a list of pro-life jurists (something which no candidate has ever done BEFORE ascending to the White House). I guess that’s not enough for the Pharisees of our time. Throughout salvation history, many a odd people have played a monumental role in its progressing forward. Have we forgotten of Cyrus the Great, who allowed the Jews to return to their homeland? Was Cyrus a well-studied, practicing Jew? Of course not. Did he play a massive role in the movement of salvation history by allowing the Jewish people their homeward passage. Undoubtedly.

  15. 'SconsinPatriot on

    Listen people…
    WITH GOD’S HELP…WE CAN DO THIS… or maybe I should say trust God to do it with our help in the voting booth! … it for the babies, for law and order, for the legal immigrants, for the economy, for the military and veterans, for the victims of Benghazi and their families, for the victims and consequences of the 33,000 lost emails, for minorities who get lip service and no action, for American jobs, for a safe, terrorist-free America, for all inclusive U.S energy (coal, wind, natural gas, oil, solar, and nuclear), for a path against government corruption, lies and overreach, for a SCOTUS that won’t rule from the bench, for 2nd Amendment rights, for religious freedom and freedom of speech. For ALL our FREEDOMS and the Constitution of the United States of America. WE CAN DO THIS…do not listen to the polls, do not follow those who would abandon the principles of our forefathers, do not listen to the lies and hate being spewed from the slanted papers and news media. We are not only voting for the above, but for an ideal, for the reasons this country was founded, NOT for a personality. LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS FOR ALL PEOPLE…the unborn included.

    WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE…Do not give up, do not quit. It’s when you’re the closest to victory you MUST NOT QUIT. Above all PRAY… then GO OUT AND VOTE FOR THE FUTURE OF THIS GREAT NATION, FOR YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN. If you sit it out you have no right to complain later.


    Trump/Pence 2016

  16. God is Pro-Life. Abortion is a mortal sin. President Obama says we are NOT a Christian nation. He is right as president he has taken GOD out of America.

  17. We should all pray, for both candidates,
    that they will better themselves. They both have suffered from the human condition. Let’s pray that they will find God, and allow him to lead them when making decisions for us and in their every day life. Then when one is elected as president, let us all pray for our new president that he or she will be graced with the power of the Holy Spirit when making decision for our great country. Neve underestimate the power of prayer.

  18. I believe strongly that Democrats embody the outrageous “politically correct” stuff. It is thorough that they do not only force people in the real world to keep their religion shut down if they are Christian, but also through the school system. “Christmas” is now Cris-mus. Teachers and pupils alike are not allowed to say one word of our Saviour. Blasphemy has its consequences, and those politicians will have to either go to Confession or face said consequences. All you blasphemers, read this.

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