Candidate Fund Endorses Alex Mooney for Congress

Contact: Joshua Mercer, 517-212-0419, Candidate Fund Endorses Mooney

Urges Voters in WV-2 to send Alex Mooney to Congress

CHICAGO — Brian Burch, President of Candidate Fund, issued the following statement:

alex_mooneyWe are proud to announce our endorsement of Alex Mooney in the West Virginia primary. Alex Mooney has long been a champion of life, faith, and freedom. He attributes this dedication to his parents. His father, Vincent, was awarded the Bronze Star in the Vietnam War and his mother Lala was a refugee from Castro’s Cuba. This inspired Alex to dedicate his life to freedom and public service.

Alex has long been a strong advocate for life – from his days as student president of the Dartmouth Coalition for Life through three terms as a State Senator from Western Maryland. He also previously served as Secretary/Treasurer of the National Conference of Hispanic Legislators.

Alex Mooney combines leadership with a solid voting record. We encourage Catholics and all West Virginians to support him in the May 13 primary.”


Paid for by The Candidate Fund, the political arm of, the largest Catholic grassroots organization in the country with 600,000 members, including over 3,000 members in West Virginia. 




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5 thoughts on “ Candidate Fund Endorses Alex Mooney for Congress

  1. morganB says:

    Pope Francis recently said regarding gays “who am I to judge”. He also began a thrust on evangelism. Does that not present a dichotomy? Am I expected to evangelize a homosexual person in order to save his soul?

  2. Janet O'Connor says:

    Sean you are dead wrong. Homosexuality is not about Love as you claim but it is about a grace disorder that violates the natural law. Religion per se has nothing to so with it. Same sex couples can’t naturally procreate can they. They cannot reproduce.

    1. Sean Argir says:

      You are dead wrong Janet. Do you know any homosexual couples?

      I sure do and they love each other the same that heterosexual couples can.

      Many people marry and never have children. Thus, marriage is not about procreation. If it was about procreation, then people would be required to have children or become sinful for not creating children.

      If marriage was about natural order, then same-sex individuals would not have gotten together in a loving relationship in the first place.

    2. Sean Argir says:

      Another point you fail to see is that those who are born without the ability to procreate. Females without wombs or eggs, males without sperm or other parts needed for procreation, and shemales would not be able to marry according what you have said.

  3. Sean Argir says:

    Champion of freedom?!?! What you fail to say is that he is against homosexuality. That is not freedom.

    Religious people do have the freedom to be heterosexual but they don’t have the right to tell others how they can love and who they can love.

    Marriage is not about children at all. You have to be able to love and cherish your spouse before you focus on the children. But people can marry and never have children whether it is by choice or not. Thus I disagree with his stance on marriage as being between a man and a woman.

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