All the Stars in the Abortion Galaxy


Who ever said you can’t mix business and pleasure?

This Thursday, President Obama will deliver the keynote address at an annual gala for the undisputed world leader in making unwanted babies “disappear”: Planned Parenthood. The President revels in spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on Planned Parenthood every year ($542 million last year), and Planned Parenthood spent millions of dollars to get the President reelected.

Now, you might think that playing booster for the abortion industry isn’t something the President of the United States should be doing. And when even pro-choice folks are queasy over the grisly details of the Kermit Gosnell trial, you might think it’s the kind of thing he wouldn’t want to be seen doing. But if you thought that, you don’t understand President Obama.

Don't know much about taking tough questions or governing, but I do love me a good comedy show!

All the stars of the abortion galaxy will be in DC this week to celebrate the…er…fruits of their labors. Rocsi Diaz of Entertainment Tonight, and Planned Parenthood’s new Youth Ambassador, will be playing host. (As an aside: did you know Planned Parenthood has a “Youth Ambassador”? They do.) Lena Dunham will be receiving an award for, you know, whatever. Estelle will be performing. And of course, Obama himself is the Abortion Celebrity par excellence.

When it comes to the President glad-handing with the abortion industry’s biggest supporters and brightest stars, the question isn’t, “Why would he go?” but, “How could he resist?”

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