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Grammys confirm that anti-Catholicism is still in vogue

Two words came to my mind after watching Nicki Minaj’s bizarre exorcism hip-hop performance (click at your own risk) on last night’s Grammy Awards: talentless and coward. From a mock confessi... More

Farewell to Camelot: The Pervert in Chief

Mimi Alford’s interview with Meredith Vieira on NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams was shocking, fascinating, and infuriating. According to the very believable Ms. Alford, President John F. ... More

Henry Waxman’s “Operation Snookie”

Last year whistleblower Lila Rose, made national headlines when she went undercover, posing as a teen sex worker seeking abortion services at Planned Parenthoods across the country. The incriminating ... More

A 13-month old was left by herself in an Occupy DC tent

On a cold, rainy day this week, a 13-month old baby girl was found alone in an Occupy DC tent.  Thirty minutes after police officers arrived, the little girl’s father returned.  He was subsequentl... More

Kids say the darndest things

This morning I watched this heartwarming story of the second smallest preemie to survive in the U.S. with my own one-year old sitting on my lap.  When born, Melinda Star Guido weighed a mere 9.5 ounc... More

Gloria Steinem: Aging, and living for someone else

In a recent interview with Gloria Steinem for the UK’s Guardian, the unwavering feminist icon recounts her abortion at the age of 22: “I used to sit and try and figure out how old the child would... More

Why Herman Cain will survive the Accusations

Yesterday, one of Herman Cain’s accusers stepped forward to offer the face and juicy details his detractors on the left had been waiting for. Since Jonathan Martin of Politico first broke the... More

Is sugar the real culprit in teen violence?

Does soda pop make kids more violent? According to a recent study of Boston high school students, kids who had more than 5 sodas a day were 15% likelier to engage in aggressive behavior.  Researcher... More

Mom of eight explains why she shouldn’t have any kids

[caption id="attachment_22153" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Brave or foolish? My six kids and I leave our home and visit the House. "][/caption] In her excellent blog, “Why I never sho... More

Parents need to say no to Tattoo Barbie

In an attempt to boost sales and draw attention to the aging Barbie brand, Mattel hired an Italian designer to “update” Barbie for their collector’s line. The end result? A chic pink bob and a s... More



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