Thomas Peters

September 3, 2018

If the US Bishops Don’t Fear God, They Should Fear the Government

We learned something important in the past week: Pope Francis has no intention of coming clean. Like the short tale of Hans Christian Andersen, in the
August 27, 2018

7 Reasons Why I Believe Archbishop Vigano’s Accusations To Be Credible [Updated]

Make no mistake, we are living through a historic moment in the Church’s life. I was deeply disturbed when I read the 11-page letter of the
July 15, 2017

Updated: Pope Benedict’s Dramatic Telegram to a Dubia Cardinal (Original Translation + Commentary)

Cardinal Joachim Meisner’s funeral was celebrated today. Cardinal Meisner was one of the four Cardinals to submit a dubia to Pope Francis asking the pope to
June 26, 2017

Waving a Rainbow Flag is Not a Neutral Act

Some Roman emperors didn’t like Christians. To flush them out, Roman authorities would often force people suspected of being Christian to do a public act that
March 2, 2017

This Papacy is in Crisis and in Need of Urgent Prayer This Lent

The papacy is meant to unite the Church, not divide it. Almost four years into the papacy of Pope Francis, the division his teaching (or lack
January 16, 2017

Break Your Silence: Speak About Amoris Laetitia!

It has been 600 days since I last composed a blog post, but this is so important I am breaking my hiatus. Almost exactly 1600 years
April 2, 2015

This Triduum, Pray for Those Fomenting Hatred Against Christians in Indiana

Honestly, did anyone expect the situation to get this bad in Indiana? Every single day seems to bring worse news. The situation of the O’Connor family
March 3, 2015

Signs of Hope: The Benedict Bishop Bump

One of the memes currently circulating is that Pope Francis is in the midst of radically changing the American episcopate in a leftward, “progressive” direction. And