Benedict’s Resignation – Bringing the Church into the Modern Age

So, here’s my two cents about B16′s resignation. In a piece in the Washington Times today, I maintain that this is part of John Paul II and Benedict’s vision for the future of the Church. You can read the piece here.

Additionally, I think it’s important to note that Benedict will be remembered for influencing two consistories conclaves. The last with his homily on the dictatorship of relativism and this with his extremely clear signals as to what the leadership of the Church should look like.

Exciting times! I do hope Benedict gets a cat when he steps down…



34 thoughts on “Benedict’s Resignation – Bringing the Church into the Modern Age

  1. Jeffrey Lyons says:

    Excellent forward looking article Pia. Thank-you for posting it.

  2. News reports state he met with Napolitano regarding a arrest warrant for crimes against children and protecting pedophile priests. He agreed to step down, and resigned the next week. No guarantee he won’t be arrested. Interesting to see how this plays out and how much of a cover job they do on this.

    1. Southern Catholic says:

      What news source?

      1. abadilla says:

        Probably one that attacks the Church and this Pope!

        1. Even better. This “International Tribunal” is nothing more than some self-appointed hacks based in England, with no referent authority whatsoever, who recognize no law but their own (they claim “common” and “natural” law). They speak of their officers/agents, but from what I can tell, that would be mercenaries, perhaps some misguided activists. Utterly ridiculous.

          1. abadilla says:

            I lost you. Would you tell me what international tribunal you are writing about?

          2. Sure! This whole thing is apparently being put on by an organization (?) that calls itself the “International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State,” or ITCCS. Honestly, it looks like some hacks based in England. They do not appear to be attached to any government, the UN, anything. I was concerned at first, but my husband and I dug a little deeper, and had a great laugh! He may even blog about it – to do a takedown. You can see more at You may want to pop some popcorn first! :-)

          3. abadilla says:

            That I did not know, but I know that some folks in Europe went as far as accusing the late John Paul II of hatred for gay people and wanted him to appear in a court of law. Can you imagine the Successor of St. Peter before a court of law accused of hatred when he represents the Lord of love?

          4. Seriously. Not to mention that they cite things he was clearly no part of, and state a plan to arrest his successor and attempt to sizeseize Church assets… I just find their choice of charge especially offensive, given His Holiness’ obvious passion for that issue both before and during his pontificate.

          5. abadilla says:

            I think it is a grave unjustice to accuse this Pope of somehow permitting the sexual abuse of children when he has done everything possible to clear our church of this disgusting sin.
            It is even more offensive when so-called Catholics get into this forum to spread such lies.

    2. I’ll be honest – I saw that ITCCS thing yesterday, and my first reaction was “holy tinfoil hats! What a crock…” I see on His Holiness’ schedule that he is indeed meeting with Napolitano, but if this isn’t a complete sick hoax, it’s clearly a trumped-up attack against the Church. Not the first. Not the last.

  3. tranxtian says:

    Huh? “B16″ will be remembered for the child molestation scandal that he helped cover up, leading the church backwards decades, driving faithful from the pews, and closing parishes.

    Anyone that thinks the church is in better shape today that in was a few decades ago needs only to look around at the empty pews and the dwindling donations. We can’t continue to rely on illegal immigrants and third world countries to grow the church.

    1. These are all standard LIES. I’d hate to imagine YOUR vision of what the Church should be. And, I must go to a different parish than you do (assuming you go); our pews are NOT empty, we do not have dwindling donations. The less “backwards” (your word) churches are dying out; they’ve made themselves irrelevant. I worked in a liberal protestant church where they bent over backwards to ‘grow’ the church, accommodating every modern aberration. They were lucky to get the same attendance at their one and only Christmas service, that we get at each of our 5 Masses EVERY weekend. They had forgotten that it was Christ who will draw all men (I’m not PC) to Himself.

      1. tranxtian says:

        My churc announced it was closing last Sunday. I don’t know where you live, but the vast majority of Catholic Churches are shrinking.

    2. In all charity, this comment shows a great deal of ignorance (not to mention a very large axe to grind). I live in a parish with a large immigrant population – so large that it’s nearly its own parish – and whose support do we rely on? Three very parishioners you seem so ready to attack. The “old, white” ones. It usually takes two to three generations before many of our immigrant brothers and sisters give, because they’re not used to it, coming from countries where churches get state money. (and are rather poor. Go figure.) At any rate, “growing the church” for the sake of growth is how we get new-agey and moral relativist rot. It is not the church’s job to “appeal to the masses.” Not ever, and praise God not in this culture. As a teen and young adult, I thought Cardinal Ratzinger’s “mustard seed” comment was harsh. Now I see the truth of it.

    3. I understand where you’re coming from, and I’m not going to argue with you. But if you’re willing, would you consider reading this article in the Post today?

    4. JenniferStevens says:

      Hi tranxtian, you lie sir. Benedict coverd up nothing, you use your hate filled lies with no proof at all.

      1. Frantastic1 says:

        No, I’ve had to go to three different churches in the last decade because the parishes keep closing. I now have to drive 40 minutes to my “local” parish.

        1. abadilla says:

          Keep driving to the nearest Episcopal church. It probably suits you better!

          1. Frantastic1 says:

            That’s disrespectful. You are not my judge and you shouldn’t be allowed to comment on this board if you are going to continue personal attacks against anyone that disagrees with you.

          2. abadilla says:

            First of all, you should be thankful I am not your judge, but the Lord of Life might be even harsher than I am dealing with people who should know better and reject the truth.
            Over and over again you and others have posted diametrically opposing beliefs to Catholicism and that’s what I have called you on. You might think that is uncharitable; I don’t, I call it “a statement of fact” given what I have read from you and others. How is that a “personal attack?”
            If you were to say now, “You are old and Hispanic”? I would not think that is uncharitable or a personal attack, that is a statement of fact, I am old and Hispanic, so what?

          3. tranxtian says:

            I think you need to find a hobby that doesn’t involve judging others.

          4. abadilla says:

            And you need to find a hobby that doesn’t involve getting into Catholic websites pretending to be Catholic.

          5. tranxtian says:

            I actually am catholic.

          6. abadilla says:

            Then why do you object to every major teaching of the Church?

          7. abadilla says:

            See what Karen Pansegro says to you. Apparently, I’m not the only one. Should she find another hobby?

        2. Jeffrey Lyons says:

          Catholic churches in the Northeast are closing all over the place. They’re being turned into office buildings, libraries and restaurants.

    5. abadilla says:

      Only in sick minds like yours will he be remembered for the child molestation cases all over the world, since any informed Catholic knows that Benedict did more than even his predecessor to clean house. You do this Pope a terrible unjustice by stating what you just did, but you are worried about folks here being uncharitable when what you just wrote is the most uncharitable comment made against our Holy Father. Shame on you!

      1. Jeffrey Lyons says:

        Holding someone accountable is not uncharitable.

        1. abadilla says:

          The Church is not a democracy. “We” don’t hold the Pope accountable, Christ does.
          Now, having said that, since this Pope has done more than even his predecessor to address the scandal and put into place policies that would make it almost impossible to molest children, it is patently unfair to accuse him of any dereliction of duty.

          1. Jeffrey Lyons says:

            Holding someone accountable is not about a democracy, it’s about being human. I believe this Pope would want to be held accountable by us if we did indeed, believe that one or more of his actions were not for the common good. He seems to be a “common man” with a good heart. I have no idea whether he contributed to the sexual abuse coverup and I also believe that he’s done the best he could. I do agree, however, that the pope will be remembered as “being in charge” when the coverup was exposed. He will also be remembered as a wonderful human being with a great heart and a great smile.

          2. abadilla says:

            The are more than 1 billion Catholics worldwide, so, I don’t know how one can be held accountable to 1.200 million Roman Catholics.

            ” I have no idea whether he contributed to the sexual abuse coverup and I also believe that he’s done the best he could. I do agree, however, that the pope will be remembered as “being in charge” when the coverup was exposed.”
            No, he didn’t contribute to such ugliness and no Pope in the modern era would. The sense that the man who occupies the Chair of Peter must be “holy” has grown in the last century an on this ocentury more than ever.
            This Pope was elected in 2005, and the scandal broke in Boston in 2002, so it is historically impossible to say that the scandal broke under his watch, it simply didn’t!

          3. Jeffrey Lyons says:

            I stand corrected.

          4. abadilla says:

            I’m glad but there are far too many people out there, even ignorant Catholics, who still attribute to this Pope the sins of bishops who moved victims from one parish to another.

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