Best Anti-Trump Tweets


The hashtag #NeverTrump was trending all week and it provided some great succinct anti-Trump arguments.

First of all, from the candidates themsevles:

Cruz focused on his tax returns …


Marco Rubio helpfully summed him up …

But there was also bipartisan criticism:

There were journalistic fact-checkers:

I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but Charlie Sheen waxed eloquent as he turned against Trump.

Bill Kristol is a wise man, and I wish his suggestion would be taken up:

Trump seems primed to flip-fop on Planned Parenthood.

Flip-flops killed Kerry. But will they even dent Trump?

He is both bizarrely pro-war crimes and anti-life at the same time. Will Catholics care?

Jonah Goldberg remembers …

This ought to be an anti-Trump sentiment. But do voters think it is pro-Trump?

Many longed for a dream candidate to take out Trump. One tweet painted the picture:

Trump, meanwhile, was comparing himself to Mahatma Gandhi:

Senator Ben Sasse, R-Neb., has become a leading anti-Trump voice. His post is a good way to end this …

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  1. An old joke tells it best RE: the incessant drumbeat here RE: Cruz/Rubio et. al.


    A big company CEO decides to launch a new miracle dog food. He calls in his marketing director.

    “Johnson! I want this new dog food in every newspaper in America! Get me the most expensive PR company you can find!”

    “Right away, JB.”

    “And I want ads on every billboard and TV station in the country. Hire me the best advertising agency on Madison Avenue!”

    “Right away, JB.”

    “And I want every office worker in America talking dog food around the water cooler — get the Fallon and Kimmel people on the phone!”

    “Sure thing, JB.”

    “Oh and find us the hottest celebrity spokesperson out there, tell them money is no object!”

    “Absolutely, JB.”

    Two months later, sales are flat. Huge inventories of dog food are piling up cross the country and the company is going broke. The enraged CEO calls the marketing director back into his office.


    “Yes, JB?”

    “This is a disaster!! Did you hire that PR firm like I told you?!”

    “Yes, JB.”

    “And what about the ad agency, did they do that Superbowl spot?!”

    “Won an award for it, JB.”

    “And Letterman and Leno? Did they do the jokes?!”

    “Every night for the last two months, JB.”

    “And Lady Gaga, she’s talking dog food, dog food, dog food around the clock?!”

    “Sure is, JB.”

    “Then I don’t understand it! We’ve done everything! We’ve been in newspapers! We’ve been on TV! We’ve shouted about this new dog food from every blasted hilltop!! What the hell is going wrong????!!!!”

    The exhausted Johnson drops his armloads of reports and charts, sits down on the desk and sighs.

    “It’s the darn dogs, JB. They just won’t eat it.”

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