Big corporation’s ad shows a priest and his parish in a positive light


We’ve all suffered for our church as late-night comedians and Hollywood movie makers have used the Catholic Church and the priesthood as a source of ridicule.

These attacks have started to slow down a little lately from their high water mark of a few years back.

But I have to say: I didn’t expect something this positive:

Here’s a restaurant giving a glowing view of a Catholic parish’s fish fry — with beaming faces, a friendly priest, and there’s a statue of Our Blessed Mother.

Yes, of course, Long John Silver’s is just trying to sell some more food. Other companies (movies and TV shows especially) have tried to make money, too, but they did it by attacking our faith. Give credit to this company: They are complimenting the parish fish fry and hoping you will get that same great feeling when you eat at their restaurant. Even if their motive is to make money for themselves, this company is spending their own money telling people that parish celebrations are fun. For at least 30 seconds, many people are finally getting a message about our Church that isn’t negative.

I’ll take it.

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