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  1. First: Contraception and abortion are ANTI-reproductive and therefore cannot be accurately called “reproductive health care.” “Reproductive Parts Treatment” would be more accurate. Causing healthy body parts to function contrary to their natural healthy state is not a healthy medical action.

    2nd: I am constantly insulted by being regarded by men as a weak-minded rabbit who can’t control biological urges and by women as one of them in accepting that horrific status. The other status some women want me to embrace is a woman so empowered by my freedom that I can’t NOT choose to have sex when it is irresponsible at that time in my life.

    3rd: According to these politicians:
    1. Everyone should be able to have sex whenever they want – it has no greater meaning than going to the movies
    2. The natural outcome of sex should not be what it biologically is: The creation of a human person’
    3. Everyone who pays taxes should be paying to try preventing the natural outcome of the sex that everyone (including non-tax payers) should be having whenever they want
    4. When the protection fails, taxpayers should pay again for someone to kill the human created by an act everyone knows is intended to create human life.

    Under these regulations
    Everyone having sufficient restraint to engage in sex only inside marriage and when open to raising a child will never benefit from the taxes paying to support someone else’s choice of entertainment.

    1. Eliminate paying for contraceptives and label it truthfully: Entertainment Benefit. Everyone can collect it and use it for the entertainment they choose.

    2. Label abortion payments correctly: Lemon Benefit. If the entertainment doesn’t turn out so well, perhaps the movie we saw was horrible, there is an additional payment greater than the original, proportionately equal for all entertainment (if abortion is 100x more costly than the contraception then the Lemon Benefit pays the ticket holder 100x the price of their ticket).

    Those wishing to save taxpayer money could form a committee to study how many people attend “Lemon” movies, and if the number is lower than the number of abortions, nationwide ads could promote movies as better entertainment than sex. Sensing a rise in income, the media industry would likely assist in this promotion and might even encourage it by representing “good” sex as “making love” between married persons who look forward to a child revealing their mutual love to the world.

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