Call your Senators and urge them to #ConfirmGorsuch


The Senate Judiciary Committee is in the midst of hearings on Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch. So far, he has excelled, especially in his defense of our First Amendment right to religious freedom. These hearings have confirmed what Judge Gorsuch’s record showed: he will be a superb Supreme Court Justice.

Soon, the full Senate will debate the confirmation of Judge Gorsuch. If you live in one of these 9 critical states, please contact your Senator ASAP and tell them you support the confirmation of Judge Gorsuch.

Capitol Hill Switchboard: 202-224-3121

Senator Claire McCaskill
Office: 202-224-6154

Senator Joe Donnelly
Office: 202-224-4814

Senator Jon Tester
Office: 202-224-2644

North Dakota
Senator Heidi Heitkamp
Office: 202-224-2043

West Virginia
Senator Joe Manchin
Office: 202-224-3954


Senator Tammy Baldwin
Office: 202-224-5653

Senator Sherrod Brown
Office: 202-224-2315

Senator Bob Casey
Office: 202-224-6324

Senator Debbie Stabenow
Office: 202-224-4822

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  1. Match 27, 2017

    Hi to everyone:

    Keep up the good work ! Please continue to urge everyone to contact ALL Democratic Senators about the Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court Justice vote.

    I was able to get through to several Democratic Senators offices (via phone) in Washington D.C, including Chuck Schumer’s office and to 7-10 Senators that you’ve been targeting.

    Also tell readers to come down hard on these folks for not participating with Trump and Republicans in the Affordable Care Act reforms – a mess that was created by the Democratic party.

  2. I am a former Catholic, pro-choice, but would love to see Republicans press the easy button to overturn Roe v Wade overturned quickly so we can all join hands and work together.

    The easy button is the Sanctity of Life Act, which declares that life begins at conception, and automatically removes jurisdiction from the Supreme and federal courts, which effectively overturns Roe v Wade immediately.

    If this law was passed, then then Catholics concerned about abortion would never again have to worry about makeup of the Supreme Court. We would immediately revert to pre-Roe v Wade, and all the attention would turn to the states where the laws would be made to outlaw abortion.

    In theory with a Republican majority, it would be easy to pass this bill, but the truth is that it would put Republicans in a tough position. They have been pretending for four decades that it is hard to protect the unborn, so they would have to explain why they haven’t done it already if it is that easy to do it. They have gotten away with all talk and no action for decades, and action would be scary for them. Finally, they have poisoned their brand with Donald Trump in the White House, so if there was nothing more for them to do about abortion, then why would pro-life voters need them any more?

    For the good of the country, I strongly request that Catholics ask their lawyer friends about this bill, and pursue it with as much force as you can muster if you are convinced, as I am, that it is the silver bullet that you need.

    I was a Catholic. I know that you are decent, moral people and that you would never tolerate a man like Trump in your lives, much less the White House, unless you absolutely had to. If you get this done ASAP, then you no longer need people like him. At that point, we can all work together to help our nation heal.

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