Heroes & Zeroes of the Month


Harrison Butker, kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs

We would be remiss if we did not include the month’s most prominent Catholic, Harrison Butker. 

Though normally a kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs, Butker found himself playing defense this month on behalf of traditional Catholic beliefs and values. In a commencement address at Benedictine College in Kansas, Butker addressed the young Catholics present with conviction and pride in his faith. 

He emphasized especially the values of marriage and the beauty of the traditional role of homemaker for a woman. The young father even came to tears while describing his wife, and her incredible devotion and dedication to their shared faith and family. 

Far from commending such sentiments, the liberal media took to their keyboards, condemning Butker as sexist, bigoted, and a member of a radical cult. Butker stood strong however, refusing to apologize for his beliefs, and standing by his own words to the students: “to be authentically and unapologetically Catholic.”

Samuel Alito, Supreme Court Justice

Not just once, but twice this month has Supreme Court Justice Samual Alito made a splash in the Catholic news. Firstly for his own commencement address at Franciscan University of Steubenville, and secondly for flying yet another “controversial” flag – the pine tree flag. 

Addressing the students, Justice Alito emphasized to the students the importance of their contribution to the culture of their country. Alito encouraged the students to engage with fundamental principles in a world that is growing more and more confused and hostile to its Christian roots. 

“In the same way, your challenge during troubled times will be to distinguish between dedication to principles that never change, and mere nostalgia for the past,” he told the graduates. “In order to engage our society and try to make it a better place – that is essential. And that requires judgment and prudence.”

Alito also made the news for displaying the pine tree flag outside his home in New Jersey. When Democrats demanded Alito recuse himself from cases involving January 6 (because said flag had been carried by some of the protestors), he said no. Alito’s refusal to take the knee to the reigning elite showcases his grit and devotion to his country, and makes him a hero in our book!

Senator Marco Rubio, R-FL

Have you watched the video yet? Senator Marco Rubio R-FL has spoken out against Biden’s rejection of the “roots” of America. Instead, Rubio has emphasized that the roots of America are  what make us American! 

“Faith in woke ideology cannot replace faith in the Almighty God,” Rubio said. “Government programs and bureaucrats cannot stand in for family, and political echo chambers on social media are no match for real community.” 

Through this video, Rubio emphasized the importance of keeping our nation under God, and remaining rooted in the values which are so important to the identity of Americans. It is only by clinging to these roots that Americans can foster unity and community instead of division. 

Because of his wise words, and bold statement, Senator Marco Rubio has certainly made our list as one of the heroes this month!


Bishop Paprocki, Diocese of Springfield, IL

American Catholics have been hurt by President Biden’s sacrilegious mockery of our faith. Bishop Thomas Paprocki of the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois, made a video statement this month calling out President Joe Biden for making the Sign of the Cross at a recent pro-abortion event.

“To misuse this sacred death is to make a mockery of our Catholic faith,” the bishop added. With these bold words, Bishop Paprocki fulfilled his role as a shepherd of the Church, pointing out sacrilege and leading his flock towards the truth. 


“Sister Barbara”

In an interview with NPR, Sister Barbara declared that she disagreed with the Church’s teaching on abortion. “I just don’t see it in just real absolute terms,” she declared.

NPR capitalized on the anonymous sister’s comments to characterize her beliefs as both brave and representative of the majority of American Catholics.

“I want to put a sticker on the car that says, don’t like abortion? Don’t have one,” Sr. Barbara continued. Sister’s complete disregard for the importance of human life and the false impression she gave of the teachings of the Catholic Church make her a zero in our book.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. 

The presidential candidate interviewed with podcast hostess Sage Steele, who asked Kennedy if he preferred leaving abortion “up to the states.”

“No, I wouldn’t leave it to the states,” the candidate answered. “I believe we should leave it to the woman. We shouldn’t have [the] government involved.”

“Even if it’s full-term?” Steele asked.

“Even if it’s full-term,” Kennedy agreed.

If any Catholic was thinking of voting for the independent candidate, perhaps they’ll think again when they find him amongst this month’s zeros. 

Bishop John Stowe, Diocese of Lexington, KY

On May 21, the Diocese of Lexington, Kentucky, issued a statement about a hermit who identifies as “Brother” Christian Matson, a woman who announced on Pentecost Sunday that she is “transgender.”

The statement added that Bishop John Stowe of the Diocese of Lexington “accepted his (Matson’s) profession and is grateful to Brother Christian for his witness of discipleship, integrity and contemplative prayer for the Church.”

Bishop Stowe has proven that he has no true love for this woman. Instead of helping her come to terms with the gender God gave her, Stowe instead allowed the woman to become a victim of woke culture. His failure to uphold the teachings of the Church, and the words of the Bible itself, “male and female he created them,” has proven Bishop Stowe to be a poor shepherd and another CatholicVote zero this month. 

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