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Quinnipac Releases Poll on Catholic Attitudes Toward Abortion and Same Sex Marriage

Earlier this month, Quinnipac University released a poll on Catholic attitudes on a range of issues, including abortion and same sex marriage. To their credit, Quinnipac separately reported results for Catholics who attend Mass weekly and Catholics who attend Mass less often. Often times, survey research firm lump consistent Mass attendees with infrequent Mass attendees. This often creates the misleading impression [...]

Bishop Paprocki: Saying the Rosary for Gay Marriage is Blasphemy

  Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, IL has already demonstrated his ability to stand tall against hostile advocates of gay marriage. Maybe it’s a certain toughness bred from his experience as a hockey goalie.  More likely it’s a rock-solid commitment, born out of love for Christ and his Church, to defend the souls he is [...]

On marriage fight, Chris Christie throws in the towl

The lawless New Jersey Supreme Court last week refused Governor Christie’s request for a stay (or temporary stop) on their ruling which said that same-sex “marriages” had to become legal in the Garden State. Today, Christie gave up. He withdrew his appeal. He said that the state’s high court “had left no ambiguity” as to [...]

11 Saints for the Single Catholic (And Married Catholics Too)

The flashing on my chimney needs fixing. Or it needs to be re-pointed. I don’t know which yet. All I know is that there’s a damp spot the size of me on the wall behind my bed. It appeared seemingly out of nowhere last night. I walked into my room around 10:00, looked up, and [...]

Did the boycott against Home Depot’s gay activism work?

As many of you know, Home Depot has been an active and vocal supporter of the gay agenda, making large financial contributions to the cause for homosexual marriage and sponsoring floats in gay pride parades. In response, a number of people opposed to the radical gay agenda chose to boycott Home Depot. I just received [...]

For God or For Country?

Perhaps you have heard about the story of Senior Master Sergeant Phillip Monk, USAF? Then again, with the media’s attention dominated by Syria, maybe you haven’t. Here’s his story: Monk, who is a devout evangelical Christian, said he met with the young instructor and told him that he was fighting for him. “He was really [...]

Why give up when we’re still ahead?

  I’ve read many of the responses to Jody Bottum’s article and many of them are very good. But I wanted to add a few thoughts that I haven’t seen addressed just yet. It seems that Jody is saying instead of protecting the definition and meaning of marriage, the Church should evangelize the culture and [...]

“Same Love” Ain’t About Love

Maybe you’ve heard it on the radio. Or maybe you saw Ellen Degeneres laud the singers of “Same Love” as her “heroes” for being the first hip-hop musicians to speak out in favor of gay marriage. Or maybe you’re new to the game and only heard about the song “Same Love” after Macklemore and Ryan [...]



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