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In Pakistan: A Christian Sentenced to Death for Blasphemy

According to the U.K. Telegraph, a Pakistani Christian has been sentenced to death for blasphemy. Apparently, the imposition of such a penalty for such an offense is not the only problem.  According to the Telegraph: Masih, a cleaner, was accused of insulting the Prophet Mohammed during a conversation with a Muslim friend in the eastern [...]

Libertarianism: A Remedy, Not a Panacea

Over the years, my personal political philosophy has followed an arc from what is commonly described as neoconservatism to a form of libertarianism tempered by a Catholic sensibility. I like the strong themes of personal liberty, responsibility, and subsidiarity that are woven into libertarian thinking, and I see the libertarian impulse as strong medicine in [...]

The Culture of Dishonesty: Abortion, Divorce, and Obamacare

Over at Public Discourse I have an essay looking into the public’s rather disturbing (to me, anyway) lack of anger about the president’s dishonesty in selling the health care law (if you like your health care, you can keep your health care). Over the decades, there seems to have been a decline in seriousness about the need for politicians to [...]

Who’s Afraid of Political Parties?

With Congressional election season upon us, we’re about to be reminded repeatedly that no political party platform conforms across the board to Catholic teaching. This is absolutely true, but I confess I judge you if you feel the need to say this, for three reasons. 1) To dispense with a pet peeve: I don’t know [...]

Progressives cite Judeo-Christian principles to dismantle what is good about society

Have you ever heard an old progressive saying? Neither have I. There aren’t any. And there never will be. Neither are there progressive great books, ancient stone monuments to progressive achievements, or any record of great “progressive” civilizations in world history. But for the progressive-minded, departing from history is an asset, not an error—it’s “progress.” [...]

Which Republican Senator Got a Standing Ovation at UC Berkeley?

After the last presidential election — one which shouldn’t have seen an incumbent Barack Obama win so handily — the search has been on for the soul of the GOP. As immigration continues to shift the demographics of the vote and the country moves left on social issues, finding a candidate who represents traditional American [...]

“If the President Can Change Some Laws, Can He Change All Laws?”

If there’s a man I don’t ever want to be questioned by, it’s Rep. Trey Gowdy from South Carolina. Gowdy was a federal prosecutor for six years, and it shows. When he cross-examines someone who has been hauled in front of Congress, you can’t help feeling just a little bad for them. Even when they [...]

Four Words that Could Doom Obamacare

Recently, George Will wrote an interesting column outlining one of the legal arguments against the Affordable Care Act.  Unlike many of the more famous legal challenges, this one is not based on the Constitution but on the wording of the law itself.  This argument, if successful–it is currently working its way through the courts–would not [...]

The ignored controversy at CPAC

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is the nation’s largest conservative conference. Every spring, thousands of political conservatives descend on Washington to listen to conservative luminaries and prospective Presidential candidates. The roster of participating groups never fails to generate a significant amount of controversy within the conservative movement. In years past, the inclusion of [...]



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