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Thompson: “Fears for the health of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI”

Damien Thompson at the Telegraph is reporting that concerns have emerged for Pope Emeritus Benedict’s apparently rapidly fading health. Thompson writes: I think all of us were distressed by the fragility of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI when we saw him greet his successor, Pope Francis. The footage was almost too painful to watch. Now, according [...]

JP in Rome: Triduum at St. Peter’s

This morning at Saint Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, Pope Francis celebrated the annual Chrism Mass for the Diocese of Rome. It was the first time he presided over a pontifical Mass inside the basilica, amidst all its interior splendor. Previous Masses – such as the Mass of Installation on March 19 and the Mass [...]

JP in Rome: When Francis met Benedict + Palm Sunday at St. Peter’s Square

Over the weekend, Pope Francis visited Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI at Castel Gandolfo. That meeting was unprecedented. No Bishop of Rome has succeeded a living predecessor since St. Clement V in 1294, some six centuries ago. At that time, the New World had not been discovered, Christopher Columbus had not been born, and Martin Luther’s [...]

JP in Rome: What I Saw at the Installation Mass

On March 19, Pope Francis celebrated a Mass commemorating the inauguration of his pontificate. Of course, Pope Francis became the head of the Catholic Church after accepting his election inside the Sistine Chapel. And so, the Mass did not mark the actual beginning of his reign. Some details about the events of March 19 appear [...]

JP in Rome: At Pope Francis’ Installation

Ciao di Vaticano! Folks, at the moment we’re seated on top of Bernini’s Colonnade inside the Vatican. That places the papal altar just a few hundred feet below us. From this vantage point, we’ve got a great shot of the crowds, now flooding into St. Peter’s Square; the interior of the Vatican, wherein cardinals and [...]

Video: The Moment I Called the Conclave in Advance

It’s amusing to see the mainstream media react to the shocking news that the new pope is … catholic. Of course, I had that one figured out right away. In fact, I knew even before the announcement about Pope Francis was made. See for yourself — this segment was taped and aired on CBN TV March 12, [...]

A Quick Note to Benedict on Pope Francis’ Inauguration Day

“Behold, a faithful and prudent steward, whom the Lord set over his household.” – Entrance Antiphon, Joseph, Spouse of Mary, March 19 Dear Benedict, Emeritus Pontiff; There is so much to thank you for after your decades of service to the Church, but today, on your name day, the feast of St. Joseph, we owe [...]

JP in Rome: Pope Francis’ First Angelus

This afternoon, Pope Francis delivered his first Angelus address. He appeared at the window of his papal apartment, which is still being prepared for him. Crowds started arriving inside St. Peter’s Square hours in advance of the event. When the Pope appeared, crowds numbered around 100,000-200,000. The crowds were larger than those inside the square [...]

The Demographics of a Changing Church: The First Pope from the Americas

In his most recent column, Pat Buchanan reflects on the recent conclave and what has happened in Europe to usher in the first pontiff from the Americas. (He is not, as Max Fisher of the Washington Post points out, the first “non-European pope.”) Buchanan writes: “The Faith is Europe. And Europe is the Faith,” wrote [...]



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